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Negro suspect arrested in death of Arlington police officer Darrin McMichael

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Feb 14, 2024, 5:14:53 PMFeb 14

DALLAS - A suspect is in custody for the hit-and-run that killed Arlington
police officer Darrin McMichael in September 2023.

CBS News Texas is now learning new details about how detectives were able
to catch the suspect. Detectives say much of the success was thanks to

"It was like finding the needle in the haystack," says Doug Sisk with the
Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

It took six months for investigators to find and arrest 26-year-old Joshua
Watson, who is accused of running over McMichael on September 21st, 2023.
Investigators say the hit-and-run happened westbound on I-20 near Saint
Augustine Rd. around 6 a.m.

"When you have an accident, you stop. When someone is injured, you render
aid. He didn't do any one of those," Sisk tells CBS News Texas.

Investigators say Officer McMichael was driving a police motorcycle on his
way to work when he hit the car in front of him and fell off the
motorcycle. That's when police say a driver hit and killed McMichael and
then drove off. "The vehicle fled the scene out on I-20 where it happened,
plus it was very dark, which made it very hard to catch this guy," Sisk

McMichael's wife was following behind him and witnessed the fatal

According to the arrest affidavit, investigators say they were able to
find the phones near the crash site using cell phone towers. Investigators
say they were able to find a phone in the area connected to 22-year-old
Ryan Luckett of Jackson, MS. Detectives were then able to see that Luckett
called Watson frequently. The affidavit then states that Luckett told
investigators Watson had been the one driving the car that hit McMichael,
and Luckett admitted he was inside the car as well.

"The technology is out there, and it's developing super rapidly," says TCU
criminology professor Dr. Johnny Nahn. Nahn says cell phones and data
collection hubs have been crucial for law enforcement agencies to be able
to find criminals connected to cases—even ones out of state.

"If that cell phone signal left the tower and went to a general direction,
they were headed, and then they hit the next tower, and within just a
minute or two," Nahn explains, "you could probably narrow it down a little
bit more."

SISK says the success of the arrest was a group effort with the Arlington
Police Department and the U.S. Marshall's Office. Sisk says he also hopes
the arrest can start the healing process of McMichael's family. "Anytime
something happens to an officer, it hits everybody," Sisk adds.

U.S. Marshalls arrested Watson Wednesday in Arlington. Watson is booked on
a $100,000 bond on second-degree felony charges of causing an accident
with injury. Watson could face up to 20 years in prison.

The sheriff's office says it had been working with the Arlington Police
Department on tips and leads, which led them to Watson. The total pot of
reward money reached at least $35,000 for information leading to Watson's

"The Dallas County Sheriff's Office would like to offer our heartfelt
thanks to the public and media for helping get the word out about this
horrific accident and keeping Officer McMichael's family in your thoughts
and prayers," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

The Arlington Police Department shared a statement, as well:

"The death of Officer Darrin McMichael has left a permanent hole in the
collective heart of our Arlington PD family. But today's news lifts a
tremendous weight off of the entire department. We're incredibly relieved
that a suspect has been identified, arrested, and charged in connection to
his death.

We never stopped believing this case would be solved - and we're eternally
grateful for the investigative team who did not give up, even when it
looked like the odds were stacked against them. We'd like to thank the
Dallas County Sheriff's Office for their partnership. We'd also like to
recognize the efforts of the APD investigators who assisted DSO with this

Finally, we want express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has
supported us throughout this difficult time. Your love, your prayers, and
your kindness have meant the world to us and continue to uplift us as we
work to serve and protect our community."

Officer McMichael was a 24-year veteran of the force, who fellow officers
described as a dedicated member of the motorcycle unit for the last 13

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