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Yes, children are too young for drag shows

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Jun 11, 2022, 4:07:10 PM6/11/22

Pride Month is difficult to miss with the explosion of rainbow-themed
marketing from pandering corporate entities. It's also hard to avoid when
members (some, not all) of the LGBT community move beyond celebrating to
insisting that others actively support them. Glance at modern culture, and
it's obvious any personal opposition to the LGBT community is frowned
upon. Take, for example, the Tampa Bay Rays players who decided not to
wear a rainbow logo on their uniforms. The personal, faith-based decisions
weren't hateful, but they were perceived as such by the very people who
cheer on individual choice.

There has been a growing militancy within the LGBT community. Among other
things, normalizing gender transitioning for minors and demanding
"correct" pronoun usage have increased. So have drag queen events geared
toward children. Both "drag queen story hour" and "family-friendly drag
shows" are meant to inspire acceptance and diversity. But introducing
sexually exaggerated female characters played by men isn't at all
appropriate for children. This position should not be controversial.

Some communities, such as one in Apex, North Carolina, reject these drag-
related events. And politicians such as Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton
prefer legislation that would actually ban minors from such events.
Conservatives are right to be bothered. But the issue should be discussed
in a much broader context of parental obligation.

Rejecting drag queen events aimed at children is considered by some to be
homophobic. The truth is, there are many events children should never
attend and plenty of entertainment they should not consume. Standing
between children and mature, violent, and/or sexually explicit things is
what adults should be doing. Instead, the issue has become another culture
war topic in which the Left is said to be about diversity and the Right is
all about hatred. It's dishonest, lopsided nonsense.

It is the job of parents to set boundaries for their children. Parents are
there to guide, discipline, and raise their children into responsible
adults. It is not the duty of parents to be their child's best friend.
That modern mindset does so much damage. Saying "no" to children for their
own physical, mental, and emotional growth and safety may not be easy, but
it must be done.

No, children should not be exposed to drag shows, even ones labeled
"family-friendly." Minors aren't allowed at strip clubs, for good reason.
Movies have age requirements, too. If I allowed my son to watch an episode
of The Sopranos with me, I would be doing him a disservice. He is far too
young to view it. Protecting him is my job. It is the job of every parent
and guardian to protect the children in their care. That this needs to be
said is more than a little disheartening.

American society would be much better off if we got back into the
unwelcome task of monitoring children. It should not matter what social
media influencers, progressive politicians, or the modern LGBT movement
want. Children are not in the position to make decisions about a wide
range of things that affect the entire scope of their growth. It doesn't
matter if what is portrayed or promoted is heterosexual, homosexual, only
kind of violent, or just a little too mature. Children have inestimable
worth, and culture diminishes them and their innocence by insisting they
should not be shielded. Yes, they should be protected — and not just

Children grow up too quickly. Before long, the innocence of childhood
gives way to adulthood. The word "normalize" may be all the rage right
now, but it's just a lazy term for lazy adults who don't want to put in
the effort it takes to protect our most valuable resource.

Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) is a contributor to the Washington
Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog and a columnist at Arc Digital.

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