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Denton area BBQ

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Cox David A

Jul 16, 1994, 10:55:38 AM7/16/94
For me the best BBQ anywhere, anytime is Steve's BBQ on the corner of 403 E.
Hickory St and Bell Ave, east of the square in downtown Denton. It is now
owned by a man named E.J. and he does it right. Steve's cooking was
good, but I honestly believe E.J.'s is better. He has kept the East Texas
style of cooking and makes his spicy sauce stand up and talk to you. My
mouth is watering just thinking about it. No I don't work for them they
just have darn good food.

Clark's in Tioga on hwy. 377 has good brisket and the Prairie House east
of Denton on 380 has good ribs and though its not all BBQ has a great
general menu. They have a chicken-fried ribeye that is mighty tasty and
the beans are good enough to make a meal of by themselves.

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