johnny cash racist roleplaying a serial murder mix..

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Jan 10, 2010, 3:39:21 PM1/10/10
to dexrow software and programming group
I don't advocate it I listen to it... The disadvantage of abusing
children using brown vs board is that you get blackmailed by other
countries for it..

I am listening to alot of abuse promoting the catholic church near the
citgo plant in corpus Christi (run by Venezuela) . This mix is
partially a johnny cash/brown vs board mix because I hear alot of
voices that seem to roleplay the johnny cash murder album and boy
named sue (i.e. someone doesn't like brown vs board so harasser's me
because of it). I am supposed to not promote the word "dex tracker"
because of abuse and therefore the press is shut down near the citgo
plant run by Venezuela just as it is in Valenzuela they must have made
some deal with the city.

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