What Devices to Acquire?

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Sep 25, 2012, 8:39:01 AM9/25/12
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I'm a native app developer so had a few devices (iOS and Android) used already for testing that started off our Device lab. 

I also purchased outright a Blackberry (pre webkit) a Samsung Bada(dolphin browser) phone and Windows Mobile 6 (both Opera Mini+mobile and IE) phone. We've also had a few donations of older phones.

I suspect that most developers test on their own devices as they go, and thats a (relatively) modern smartphone. The more edge cases the lab can represent the more worth it has for local developers. 

There was a great post from a few weeks ago discussing mobile usage around the world, http://generatedcontent.org/post/31441135779/mobileweb-row which was great reading. 

I have a look through game and electronic exchange shops for older & obscure devices to get my hands on for the test library. We ask for donations either of devices or cash to purchase missing devices and look for either main stream non-webkit or non-touch screen phones. Apart from phones we'd also like to get hold of a Nintendo DS (or similar) for testing. 

Are there any other devices that should be on the lookout for that aren't phones or tablets? I know Clearleft have a smart TV as part of their lab. 



chase courington

Sep 25, 2012, 12:52:45 PM9/25/12
to devic...@googlegroups.com
In light of Anna Debenham's recent article on A List Apart we're keeping handheld game consoles (like Nintendo DS and PSP) in mind for people to bring as well as XBox, PS3, etc. The location hosting our lab has tvs that we can use, it's just a matter of getting someone to bring one of these devices when we hold the lab night (due to our different nature). I always go to BagCheck.com to see what kinds of devices others have in their test lab. Brad Frost has a good bag with details of the devices.
- Chase

Jason Grigsby

Sep 25, 2012, 6:50:15 PM9/25/12
to devic...@googlegroups.com
There’s a good list of resources in Viljami’s Smashing Magazine article on setting up a device lab:

BTW, if you didn’t catch the article, it is a good read.

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