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Jason Grigsby

Oct 15, 2014, 8:18:36 PM10/15/14
I'd like to revisit the way we're charging devices. We've got ~50 devices now. 

For those of you with a lot of devices, what are you using? Are you happy with it? What was the approximate cost?

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Ben Seven

Oct 16, 2014, 5:24:08 AM10/16/14
Hey Jason,

Hope you guys are good!

We’ve built two labs now. In our ODL, we use tall 12-way power towers and use the charger provided with the device. It’s messy, but we don’t really have the budget to change it. That’s for around 55 devices.

In the lab we just built for the Scottish Government (fancy, eh!) we went for the same approach, but this time each stand quite often has these Lindy power adapters that provide a 2.1amp charge from four USB ports, which saves an awful lot of space - (UK Amazon link I’m afraid, I didn’t spot them on .com).

I think if I was doing it over, I’d try and source a powered USB hub that provided 2.1amp charge for each port, and was maybe 7-way or even 10-way. The issue is you’ll always need a power strip or two anyway as some devices ship with proprietary adapters that are fused to the plug, rather than a USB slot.

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Andre Jay Meissner for LabUp!

Oct 16, 2014, 9:30:46 AM10/16/14

we used Cambrionix 16-Port chargers for two conference ODLs at both beyond tellerrand and From The Front and have not been disappointed. When I last checked they had multichargers (and hubs) in a broad range up to 48 ports. I believe the price tag is upper class, but I know they already offered discounts for ODLs in the past, so you might want to give that a shot. Ask for Daniel Smith, he’s a BDM at Cambrionix. 

Cheers, *Jay


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