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Andre Jay Meissner

Jan 28, 2013, 1:44:02 PM1/28/13
As most of you have been informed via E-Mail in the past week, we've just fired out some official announcements including a few media releases on the go live of A directory of ODLs around the globe that is crafted to serve three major goals:
  • Help people to locate the right ODL for their job,
  • explain and promote the ODL movement and help ODLs to become more visible,
  • attract contributors and sponsors to help and donate to ODLs. will recommend the closest ODLs based on a given location and filter query. It will list whatever you let us (publicly) know about your ODL, and ask your users for their feedback on your ODL (look through sponsors eyes on that and you will quickly get the idea). We're also providing all that data via an API. Not only for people eager to publish a manufacturer-focussed list (hint-hint!), mainly for you guys to use and multiply it to wherever it helps the movement.

Of course there is no budget for PR support. We have our fingers crossed for a ton of good feedback, and of course we also heavily rely on your support in spreading the news. Please retweet/repost, share, blog, forward the news to any of your media contacts ...holler out of the window - do whatever it takes!!

Please make sure to mention these fragments in your posts (so we can re-tweet/-post/share):


If you're completely lazy simply re-whatever these few:

Please also link to (and mention if you like) from your ODLs website and/or social media profile!

Thanks for your support in supporting the ODL idea - let's get that going!

Thank you,
*Jay for LabUp!
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