Change of direction from QueryPath 2.1.2

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Feb 3, 2012, 7:07:34 PM2/3/12
QueryPath 2.1.2 was released today.

This marks what I hope is the last PHP 5.2 release of QueryPath.

Over the next release cycle, the following are my development goals:

- Full PSR-0 namespacing. This will expose QueryPath to autoloaders.
- Re-organization of the source code.
- Re-architecting of the extension loader. (The autoloader will require this).

Of course, other new library features will be added as requested (or
as jQuery adds them). Largely, though, I'm realizing that while the
library is stable, the organization of the library needs to evolve to
match the popular trends in PHP dev now. (Already I am trying to move
QueryPath toward Composer)

There are a few things still up in the air:

- I don't know whether to maintain Phar support any longer. While Phar
is a great idea, it seems to be gaining very little traction in the
community. Projects like Composer almost eliminate its usefulness for
a library like QueryPath.
- HTML 5 is causing headaches for me because libxml2 (the library that
ships with PHP) is just NOWHERE NEAR supporting it. Last I checked,
they had not even begun a real HTML 5 parser. I'm pondering any
possible alternatives at the moment.
- A few of you know that I have been contemplating adding JSONSelect
support to QueryPath. This would allow you to query JSON data (and
arrays!) using QueryPath and CSS selectors.

As always, your feedback is welcomed, and I really appreciate the work
ya'll have done with me over the past three years.



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