New features for QueryPath 1.3

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May 5, 2009, 12:13:56 PM5/5/09
to devel-querypath
I'm working on several new features for QueryPath 1.3

- Automatic entity encoding. Ryan suggested this and even submitted a
great patch. I'm trying to get that integrated. This will be an
optional (= you can turn it on or off) feature.

- XSLT and XSD support. Extensions will now allow you to (a) transform
a document using XSLT, and (b) validate a document against an XSD

- Better configuration. It is now apparent that there needs to be a
way to set global (request-wide) configuration options so that all
QueryPath objects created during an instance share the same default

- Removing XML declarations. Sometimes when you output XML, you don't
want an <?xml?> declaration. There is now an option to remove this.
The xml() method also now takes a boolean argument to supress XML

These and other features exist in the GIT repository already, and will
likely (unless proven to be too buggy) be included in the 1.3 release
of QueryPath.

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