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Oct 3, 2010, 8:00:27 PM10/3/10
to devel-q...@googlegroups.com
Over the last two weeks I have been very busy attempting to create a
PEAR channel and PEAR packages for QueryPath. I'm still working out
substantial issues with all of the nuances of the system, but a basic
PEAR channel server is up, and there are several packages (QueryPath
2.1.0beta1 being one of them) published on the channel.

(Shhh.... don't tell anyone that QP 2.1 is in beta, yet. I'll send out
an announcement once I've tested the PEAR server a little more)

If anyone has a moment to help test installing PEAR packages off of
the channel, it would be really helpful.

The server:


Using PEAR to install:

$ pear channel-discover pear.querypath.org
$ pear install querypath/QueryPath-2.1.0beta1

About the PEAR Setup

I am currently using the Phing PearPackage2 task and the Pirum channel
server to build packages.

You can pretty much see how I am doing this by looking at the
'pearBuild' target in build.xml (in Git).

I am pondering using Pyrus instead of the old PEAR suite supported by
Phing. I tested building LibRIS with Pyrus, and it's generally very
easy. However, it requires a little directory refactoring to work with
QueryPath. I'm pondering how best I might accomplish that.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on this.


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