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Welcome to the dev-cfengine mailing list! This list is intended to be
used for discussions on the development of CFEngine. Anything relevant
to that is allowed, like questions on the code, discussions on design
decisions, questions on old or new pull requests or redmine tickets.
Please bear in mind the following points:

* Github's pull requests are still the preferred way for submitting
code and doing code review. Same for tickets, it is preferred to keep
the discussion on Redmine.

* Nevertheless feel free to bring a subject to the list, e.g. to
attract attention to a broader part of the community. If the
discussion is relevant to a redmine ticket or a pull request, it
should be indicated on the subject. For example:
    "[redmine#1234] subject text blah"
    "[core#1234] subject text blah2"
    "[masterfiles#123] ..."

* If the email you send contains a patch, it should be indicated on
the subject. For example:
    "[PATCH] proposed fix for something"

* If you believe the content of your e-mail should be replied to by
somebody in particular or it is relevant to specific persons (e.g. a
developer that had commented on the specific subject in the past),
please add him to the CC list. As the volume of the list will go up,
this is the only way to not miss important topics.

* Generic questions and non-development discussions do not belong in
this list, please use help-cfengine for them.

* Also check out our IRC channel, #cfengine-dev, on Freenode!