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Apr 5, 2010, 11:51:47 PM4/5/10
to Deturbulator Google Group,


Another performance test flight was conducted last Friday.  This was the first test of a polyester fabric as the deturbulator membrane.  The choice was made to limit the excessive expansion and contraction of the parachute Nylon that I was using.  I have hopes that the new fabric will produce more consistent results.


The results of this test add to the mounting evidence that the extremely large, though unstable, performance increases I am seeing are in fact real phenomena.


At this point, it appears that two repeating performance patterns are emerging as the most likely ones.


For more information, go to .


With the summer months coming on, my plan is to do more parallel flying.  We have three other Standard Cirrus gliders flying from the Memphis Soaring field.  So the possibility of comparison to similar ships is a possibility.


Thanks for your continued interest.


Jim Hendrix


PS: This flight was funded by a dear friend and supporter of this work.  You too can be a part of this effort by helping to fund it.




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