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Pauline Brooks

Feb 9, 2024, 6:43:22 AMFeb 9
Hello everyone, I’m Pauline Brooks from Stuttgart, Germany. Losing one's Digital Assets or Cryptocurrency to Scammers tends to be complicated and Frustrating too. I happened to fall victim After being swindled off €130,000 of Crypto by a fraudulent Company's website that had guaranteed me to double my Investment in a week. When I finally came to realize I had lost my funds, I immediately took action as this was all my savings, that's when I came across CAPTAIN WEBGENESIS, a legitimate Crypto Expert specializing in Cryptocurrency and Assets Recovery. I immediately contacted the Expert through
email (Captainwebgenesis@ hackermail. com). Even though the Expert was only able to retrieve 80% of my Crypto, I’m nevertheless happy because I didn’t think it would be possible.
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