Source for E3D-style hotend blocks which can hold two thermistors?

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Haydn Huntley

May 31, 2020, 1:50:33 AM5/31/20
to Delta robot 3D printers
A few weeks ago, my production printer had a problem -- in playing around with it to figure out why it was jamming and wouldn't print nicely, I touched the wires going to the hotend thermistor and noticed that the temperature displayed jumped up to over 300C!

I immediately shut off the power, disassembled the hotend, and replaced the heater block with a new one.

This really caught my attention because it could have caused a fire.
Even though I keep several fire extinguishers handy, I still felt uncomfortable about it.

In looking at the source code for various firmwares, I've seen that often times they'll function with two thermistors on the hotend, but I don't ever recall having seen a hotend which was designed for that setup.  That's why I'm asking if anyone knows of a source for them.

Edward Simpson

May 31, 2020, 1:23:45 PM5/31/20
to Delta robot 3D printers
I've only seen that done once with one of Ivan Miranda's old builds, he drilled an old-style volcano to take double thermistors on one of his early 3D printer builds but it was using the old glass thermistors, not the current-gen cartridges. Only hot-end I've seen that can take duel cartridges off the shelf is E3D's SuperVolcano or Chimera+ based on the drawings.

David Crocker

Jun 1, 2020, 2:27:25 PM6/1/20
to Delta robot 3D printers
Good firmware will detect when the thermistor readings are out of kilter with the power being applied to the heater, making a second thermistor unnecessary.
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