Deft JS vs ExtJS 5

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Aug 22, 2014, 12:25:17 PM8/22/14

I have been hearing lot of buzz about Deft JS - I looked at Sencha Blog and Deft JS website.I have few newbie questions - what makes Deft JS different from ExtJS 5?

It seems ViewController and router made to ExtJS 5. Inversion of Control - can you explain what this means? Injection: CompanyStore example - how is this different from saying store: 'CompanyStore' - what is happening behind the scenes?


Brian Kotek

Aug 22, 2014, 3:39:14 PM8/22/14
to deftjs
There's a pretty good explanation at wikipedia:

But the basic idea is that instead of creating or directly referencing some external object, your code asks for the dependency to be provided by the IoC container. This introduces a layer of indirection, which makes it easy to change what is given to the object when it asks for a dependency. So you can swap out implementations, dynamically determine what the IoC container provides, or even use a different IoC configuration in different environments (test vs. production, for example).

Finally, you can inject any dependency into any class, so you aren't limited to just the places Sencha provides lookup properties (like store name).

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