Injecting dependency into a class that is mixed into another?

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Dec 18, 2014, 6:10:50 PM12/18/14
Hey, here's some pseudo code of my problem:

Ext.define('A', {

    mixins: [

    inject: [

    test: function() {


Ext.define('B', {

    mixins: [


var b = Ext.create('B');

b.test(); // FAIL

b.test() fails because xy has not been injected into A. I think this is because the Injectable hooks into 'before constructor' of the class it is applied to (A). However in this case A is mixed into B and as I understood the constructor of a mixed in class is never called. What can I do here? Or do i miss something?

Brian Kotek

Dec 18, 2014, 6:37:27 PM12/18/14
to deftjs
Hmm, I really have no idea if this will work (I've certainly never tried it). You might try manually calling the mixin constructor from the target class constructor, similar to how Ext.util.Observable works (!/api/Ext.util.Observable).

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