Big brother is watching You, or... Where is my human rights gone,- when SIS & MI-6 target civilians

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The great dane

Sep 18, 2010, 12:29:14 AM9/18/10
to Defeating Terrorism
Hello, my name is Jesper.

About 2 yers ago, the news reported about complaints from civilians
who had their privacy and safety of their homes jeopardysed by the the
SIS and MI-6, due to the way they approached targets of an offensive
recruiting campaign, aimed at potential operational officers.

I, for one, have tried to ask for help,- asking for a simple change of
name to relocate in safety,- but to no avail.- I do not think it is
healthy to be associated with any "intelligence"(HA) agency.
I'm afraid the department doesn't bother to care about any human
rights, nor do they regard the safety of individuals worth even a
letter as reply. Complaints, it seams, are disregarded,- so,- just
because I didn't roll over and apply, I am left without any safe

Please Inform me of any organisations that might be useful to contact.

God save the Queen.



Ps.:Having Your human rights ignored is no good time,-guess I might as
well pack a bag and leave this country for another, then.
I'll hurry, don't worry.
Sorry the bother.- Who cares anyway!? Welcome to this world.
Treat people as they treat You,- or is it,- as I wish to be treated?
All them sayings, eh?
Take it easy.


- I guess the SIS or MI-6 will not bother to contact me, if one of
their own decide to sell out on any kind of possible operatives.
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