DeepaMehta v0.4 released

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Jörg Richter

Aug 4, 2010, 11:03:28 AM8/4/10
to, Daniel Müller, Jakob Oswald, Jürgen Neumann, Andreas Gebhard, Andreas Wichmann, Sven Schlebes


after 5 months of joint effort DeepaMehta 3 v0.4 is released:

It is easy to install and to deinstall. See instructions:

Focus of v0.4 was providing roughly the same features as v0.3 but adapted to a completely new and future-savvy backend architecture.

Improvements for users:

- This is the first end user release that allows to enter real data.
All data will automatically be migrated when a future release is installed.
You're no longer required to reset your database.
- Bulk creation tool. Screencast demonstrating featues and usage:
README and sourcecode at Malte "Mukil" Reißig's github:
- Hot deployment: install and update plugins on a running system.
- More browsers are supported: tested with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
- Very easy installtion, updating, and deinstallation.

For developers:

- CouchDB is replaced by Neo4j.
- Storage layer abstraction. Ready for future DB replacements.
- DeepaMehta application server in the middle-tier (Java), exposed by a REST API.
- All DeepaMehta modules are OSGi bundles.
- Framework for plugin developers.
- Plugins can contain both, application logic (server-side Java) and presentation logic (client-side Javascript).
- Migration facility allows data migration when new software is installed (core + plugins).
- Detailed documentation (to be completed).

Strategic opportunities:

- Ready for software-as-a-service.
- Open architecture as basis for meshable applications: Desktop and Web! Both directions:
- integrating DM into existing applications.
- integrating existing applications into DM.
- Community building:
- 3rd party DM extensions can be developed and hosted decentrally.
- Extensions can be written in every programing language.
- Extensions are very easy to install and update by users.
- Built on OSGi industry standard (basis of e.g. the Eclipse IDE).
- Built on Neo4j: solid open source NoSQL DB technology.

Special thanks go to:

Torsten Ziegler - for the bulk creation tool.
Malte Reißig - for bug tracking on Linux.
Matthias Melcher - for end user feedback.

DeepaMehta 3 discussion:
Issue Tracker (on the top click "Issues"):


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