Slow restore / copy from SDFS volume

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Marco de Groot

Mar 27, 2020, 8:04:01 PM3/27/20
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I am recently testing a bit with Opendedup/SDFS on Windows.
I use it on my Hyper-V host on a separated 2 TB simple drive.

So on our Hyper-V Host we run a RAID system and run 1 VM on it.
Within that machine we have attached 2 TB SATA SSD Drive and have installed the SDFS volume on that drive.

Then on the newly created volume by SDFS we are backing up to (Only the VM)

A "normal" backup without SDFS takes like 18 minutes for 390 GB. (Average 350 MB/s)

The first backup on SDFS volume took 28 minutes for 390 GB (Probably because the chunk database had to be filled)
The second backup (and from now on every day) it takes again 18 minutes for 390 GB

So far , great and OK.

But now, when I try to copy the VM back from the SDFS volume to the RAID drives; it is quite slow.
Backing up is doing (average) 350 MB/s - But when restoring it is only using 20 MB/s

I can expect / live with a longer restore time because of the deduplication.. But this difference is too high.
I am aiming on atleast 150 MB/s.

Any suggestions? Is there someone who also experience this? Is it normal?

Regards Marco

Marco de Groot

Apr 17, 2020, 6:32:56 PM4/17/20
to dedupfilesystem-sdfs-user-discuss
Any help? Someone?

Marco de Groot

May 3, 2020, 4:08:36 AM5/3/20
to dedupfilesystem-sdfs-user-discuss
Is there someone who can help?

Rinat Camal

Jul 20, 2020, 7:48:18 AM7/20/20
to dedupfilesystem-sdfs-user-discuss
I had similar issues on linux. I fixed it , but those config options is not available on windows version, I think.

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