30 Marketing Tips for Family Entertainers: Face Painters, Clown, etc.

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Apr 15, 2009, 11:23:51 AM4/15/09
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I got the new ebook done! Here are excerpts from:

Tips & Tidbits to Boost Your Income!
Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times
For Family Entertainers: Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians, Balloon
and More

By Lilly Walters

For 20 years I ran speakers’ bureau. I worked with thousands of
speakers, entertainers, magicians and more. I was lucky enough to work
closely with some of the great minds and experts on how to boost your

In 2003 I discovered a hobby that filled me with laughter and
fulfillment – face painting! I assisted at a few charity events and
soon discovered I could not get enough of it! It was just too long
between those great days when I got to paint. So, I started doing what
I do. I set up a website, printed some business cards, and promoted
my fun little weekend endeavor. Soon, I could not handle all of the
business! Every week I was turning leads over to my face painting

I created this book of 500 of those ideas that have been proven to
grow the businesses of family entertainers. I have them in quick,
simple short tidbit paragraphs, sorted into categories and numbered
out one at time! Like this …

1. It is better to do something for nothing, than nothing for
nothing. Do not sit around and wait for customers to call. Fill each
day with doing something to move your business into the public’s eye!

2. Start with what you are passionate about and love to do.

3. There are too many ideas in this book to act on all of them. Grab
those that ignite a spark in you. Those are the ideas that will add
the most important aspect in making ideas work – DRIVE. Will they
work for you? Not if the idea that does not get you excited and
inspired. As you go through the hundreds of income generating ideas
here, avoid the insanity. Focus only on those few that match you.
Your passions, your abilities, and your expertise.

4. On the other hand, some seemingly uninspiring ideas might seem
ridiculous - until you try them and see them work.

5. Keep a pad of paper close to you as you read the tips and tidbits
in this book. An idea here will inspire another. Many more – better
and perfect for you – will be born as you read.

6. The best ideas can be used in many ways and situations. That’s why
there are duplicates in this book. Take these as a sign that I feel
the idea is very important, and well worth repeating. For instance,
you will see many times I suggest you to gather your customers into
some kind of database. I repeat the idea, in different contexts to
help you think through how it applies to boosting your income.


8. Every beginning entertainer at first assumes the majority of their
income should come from the paid “gig.” It is what we love to do and
all we want to do. But, when times are tough, all of us look for ways
to boost our income. In addition to finding ways to get more
engagements, and perhaps higher fees, there are other “streams of
income.” Look over the 30 ideas in this chapter, and see which might
compliment you.

Fill Your Income Streams

First Things First

81. Treat this like a business. At minimum you must have: a website,
business cards, a cell phone, a way to track your customers, a way to
track your calendar and a camera.

82. Camera? Yes, ours is a visual business. They need to see lots of
photos of the audience loving you. “Photo” is very probably at the
core of more ideas in this book than any other. A picture is worth a
thousand words. Get a digital camera, learn how to use it.

83. Always take a non-refundable deposit to hold the date.

84. When you book a date, put everything you have agreed to in
writing. It shows that you are a professional, you were listening, and
that you understand what they want of you. Paperwork is a mandatory
marketing and customer service tool. Even a simple letter with the
details in bullets will do.

85. A contract can act as a way to bring other services you offer in
front of the buyer. Make sure to add all of the items from your Menu
of Services to the Agreement. This can often bring more business in
the door.

86. Soon, you will need to take credit cards. As I write this today,
the cheapest way to do this is through PayPal. People can call you
with their credit card number, then you login to PayPal and run it
through. You don’t need a business bank account or any equipment and
only costs about $30 a month. It is also very easy set up a button on
your website so they can pay on-line with their credit card, or with
PayPal. Click on this link to see more. https://www.paypal.com/us/mrb/pal=L9S5VHCDCM9MW

87. Plan on spending at least half of your time in marketing and
selling your services.

Become a Celebrity in Your Own Backyard

92. In the family entertainer’s world it much better to be a big fish
in a small pond. It is going to be very difficult to be an
international celebrity. But, you can be a celebrity in your own home
town or your own field. If you do an internet search for: face
painter Claremont, my website will be the first you see. I have
targeted myself to be the person our local area thinks of when they
want a face painter. I can do three gigs on a Saturday if I stay
within 5 miles of my house. One at 11, 2 pm, and 4 pm. All prime
party times. If I was willing to travel just 15 miles, it would make
it hard to do even two. Also, paying for ‘ad words’ is much cheaper,
as I only pay for hits within five miles of my home. (see “See More
Way To Boost Your Income With Advertising” in the Chapter on
“Promotion Strategies.”)


Where Do You Find Buyers?

110. Always assume there are one, or more, buyers watching and
listening every time you perform. Seek them out. (See more in the
chapter, “Cultivating Multiple Bookings, Repeats and Referrals.”)

Why Buyers Hire You

111. You are most often hired because you were referred by someone
known and trusted by the person hiring who made a recommendation.

112. You listen, and you find out what the buyer is looking for before
going into the big sales pitch.

114. They hire you back because you are very good at what you do, a
pleasure to work with, and most important – the audience raved about
how good you were.

Business Card Magic

146. If they give you their business card, remember they are very
proud of it. Treat it as if it were a photograph of their child. If
you don’t have a nice comment to make about it, touch it with respect
and carefully put it someplace while they are watching – and they will
be watching.

Fees and Negotiating

147. When clients say they need to negotiate and reduce your fee, do
not give them a bargain price for no viable reason. Find a way to
exchange value for value. When you do this, customers will have
respect for you and the quality of your services you offer. If you do
not value your work, no one else will.


Tracking Leads

167. One of the most important aspects of marketing is tracking how
you are getting your leads, and when to follow up with them. In fact,
if you don’t develop a system for tracking, you will not be in
business long. A contact management system will help you establish
which of your advertising, direct mail, and publicity projects is the
most effective and should be repeated. This is most easily done with a
database run from your computer, but even 3 x 5 index cards will

168. Some of the free email systems on your computer are also simple
databases which may work to sort your customers. Read the “How Tos” of
your contacts manager on your computer.

169. Keep track of potential customers who call in, even if you can’t
do the date for them this year. Get them in your database and contact
them for next year’s event. “Oh I am sorry, I am booked already, and
can’t do Timmy’s party. How about I take your information and contact
you next year a bit earlier than this?”

170. Never fail to fill out the field in tracking software for every
incoming call which tells you where and how this business is coming in
the “door.” You will only know the answer to this question if you

171. You must WORK your tracking system. It is not enough that you
simply track the leads. You must work the leads.
Business, Balance, Bravery & Bowing Out
Business Schedules - Are You Available?

172. As a performer, the dates on your calendar are your inventory.
You must have a quick efficient method to track dates, times, and
locations of your gigs and other important matters. It is a great to
lose a booking by saying, “Let me call you back.” Unless you have a
paid person back home answering your calls, emails and handling your
schedule, a Blackberry or similar device is a must and much cheaper
than paying an employee.

How Do You Keep From Giving Up?

530. Patience. It takes time to develop any business.

531. Business goes in cycles. The slow times, too, shall pass.

532. Believe in yourself. If your message has critically important
value, then you need to be doing what you are doing.

533. Remember the ovations, reread great client testimonials, and know
that if bookings are slow it is not because of your talent, but your
marketing. You can do something about that!

534. Some of your best ideas will come out of fear and necessity.

535. Goals are dreams with a deadline. When you reach those goals, aim
for new ones immediately.

Going Out With Applause

536. Plan for retirement. Do proper investing and money management.

537. If you are in this because you are following your passion, then
life after this will be the after-life.

538. Finally, walk off the stage while the audience is still

539. Always give much more than they expect, more than you promised.
So, for 500 Tips & Tidbits To Boost Your Income …


Most of us have some type of checklist. This one is for the ultra –
mega professional. This Checklist will help you think of ways to
prepare you might not have considered for in all aspects of your
career: marketing, emergency and professional situations. Some only
pertain to performing at large business events, other just at small
parties in homes.
My advice here is not the way. The next 10 pages are a grouping of
ideas you can use to create your way.

540. Take a basic first aid and CPR class.

541. Ask the hotel, or management of the venue at which you are
presenting about their emergency plans. Find out which disasters could
occur in the area to which you are going: Hurricanes, tornados,
earthquakes. Ask how to best advise your audiences if one occurs.
Find out how you would be warned of an emergency.

542. Never let your clients forget you. Send them news of new products
and subjects that relate to their interests. Let them know you
remember them.

543. When it’s all over and everyone says, “I guess this sort of thing
comes easily for you,” just smile!


From: new book by Lilly Walters, "500 Tips & Tidbits to Boost Your
Income! Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times, For Family
Entertainers: Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians, Balloon Twisters and
More" http://www.funfacepainting.com/book.html

For more information, Lilly Walters, 909-398-1228

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Saw your mail. very good tips. Thank you ! Lakshmi.

Lilly Walters

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Thank you :)

- Lilly Walters Schermerhorn
Face Painting in Claremont, Montclair, Upland, Ontario, Pomona, La Verne, San Dimas

Author of:
Face Painting Tips and Designs

500 Tips & Tidbits to Boost Your Income!
Inexpensive Rainmaking Ideas in Dry Times, For Family Entertainers:
Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians, Balloon Twisters and More

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