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Dustin Blake

Jan 27, 2019, 12:31:07 PM1/27/19
to Decloner
I've been doing some large-scale Decloner cleaning - scanning through dozens of top-level folders at a time, sifting through hundreds of GB of files. Most of the time, Decloner works great, but sometimes, especially if the app somehow freezes, and I restart it, or if I restart it but one of the Folder paths is no longer on a drive mounted on my computer, Decloner launches but then suddenly utilizes 100%+ of CPU, the interface window doesn't appear (sometimes I'll see the Decloner menu appear, but sometimes not), and I get the lovely "Application Not Responding." No matter how long I let it go, or how many times I Force Quit and re-open, I'm not having any luck getting it to reopen again (yes, have tried numerous restarts, etc.; all of the potential file paths are re-attached to the computer and mounted, and I even tried deleting the all of the files here: 

/Users/dustin/Library/Saved Application State/com.pixelespresso.Decloner.savedState/

in hopes that it might flush out whatever Decloner is stuck on and allow it to reopen again. I guess my next step will be to completely uninstall/reinstall… but is there anything I can do for the next time this hiccup strikes?


Gleb Dolgich

Jan 27, 2019, 12:48:34 PM1/27/19
to Dustin Blake, Decloner

Decloner tries to load the results of the last scan when it starts up. If the number of duplicates found during the last scan is very large Decloner appears unresponsive, and you have to wait until it finishes loading the list of duplicates, which can take tens of minutes. To discard the last scan and load Decloner in a fresh state, you can delete Decloner database file in its Application Support folder. The location of the file depends on whether you bought Decloner on the App Store or directly from us.

For the direct version the file is:

~/Library/Application Support/Decloner/DeclonerData.db3

For the App Store version the file is:

~/Library/Containers/com.pixelespresso.Decloner/Data/Library/Application Support/Decloner/DeclonerData.db3

Hope this helps.


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