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Aug 22, 2020, 1:42:55 PM8/22/20

Savitri D leads break-thru direct action against Billy Graham’s church

& racist police leader Patrick Lynch.

17th Episode of Reverend Billy Radio:  Preacher for the Planet!

Donation request in this time of need.

This week the Church of Stop Shopping, Savitri D directing, helped find and encircle the residence of Patrick Lynch, don in a mafia of police who shoot unarmed black and brown people. As the head of the patrolmen’s union in New York City, he has legitimized murders with skillful statements in the media and hidden violent cops from the law.

The address of his residence was found in obscure court documents, and 150 of us – including survivor families - went out to a quiet side street in Bayside Queens to sing and chant for the injured and killed. This demystification of Lynch is a new approach and is born from Black Lives Matter. Union chief Bob Kroll in Minneapolis and similar official racists in other cities should be outed in creative, nonviolent ways. The starting point is to demonstrate our lack of fear.

The radio-podcast:   Our subscribers are nearing mega-church levels after four weeks of shows. Something about the virus, fires and synchronized hurricanes is moving us to ask for a conversation with this big life – the Earth.

Please help us financially now. Many of us in the activist church have lost our jobs, being restaurant workers, nannies and dog-walkers

Pic:  In Bayside Queens, large numbers of white police secure the home of racist Pat Lynch. The perspective of the photo is from the Bayside Black Lives Matter and protesters, among them Savitri D and the Stop Shopping Choir.

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