The President Goes To Hell!

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Oct 2, 2020, 4:01:01 PM10/2/20

Hello Friend,

Here is our current 29 minute radio show: The President goes to Hell

The Stop Shopping Choir perform at Fire & Earth with Defend Democracy in Brazil, NYC  Sunday Sept 26

The Stop Shopping Choir perform at Fire & Earth with Defend Democracy in Brazil, NYC Sunday Sept 26

The natural world is the unnoticed frame for the presidential illness, the debate and the election.  Trump denies the Earth completely. He is obviously a Climate-denier, but even more that he is an Earth-denier. He doesn't believe that the eco-system in which he is standing is real, or powerful, or a life that he is a part of. This is his essential evil, the seed of his violence.

Understanding him this way, our activism is changed at its root. We don’t sing our way through the walls of racist police and into the Amazon loading docks because we are courageous, or correct, or crazy. We do it as an expression of the Earth inside our own bodies and souls. We carry the Earth's Wildness, so do you. We express the Earth’s crisis with passion because it’s a life and death emergency. Common sense. Earthalujah?

Tell us how you are managing these last days of the election, or are these the last days of life as we know it?
We are planning some October Actions, please be in touch if you wish to join.

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Vote!! Vote-a-lujah!
Rev, Savi & the whole Choir

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