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Garfield WTF

Feb 7, 2011, 6:45:59 PM2/7/11
To Whom Who It May Concern,

Hi, I am from DebMal (Debian User Community Malaysia).
I am writing this email to you with some hope and I do hope that my wish can be granted, for the benefit of a lot people in Malaysia, especially those who are using Linux as their primary operating system for daily use.

Here, I would like to request for Debian Linux mirror to be hosted by your University/Company/Datacenter.
I wish that you can host both archive repo mirror and cd images mirror for Debian Linux.

Debian Linux is a well known operating system which its project was started since 16 August 1993 by Ian Murdock and his wife Debra Lynn.
It is currently widely used on servers as well as desktops/laptops.
There are currently a lot of Linux distributions are actually built based on Debian Linux.
Example, they are Ubuntu, MEPIS, Dreamlinux, Knoppix, Linspire, Linux Mint and a lot more.

You may read the detail history of Debian Linux at these two links at below.

Debian had just released its version 6 (Squeeze) at 6th February 2011.
And it is expected that the Education version (Debian-Edu/SkoleLinux) as well as the Medical version (Debian-Med) will soon having a new version release as well.

By having Debian Linux mirror in Malaysia, it will be benefiting a lot of people, especially for academic purpose as well as for those who are doing R&D using this Linux distribution.

Here is the website where you can refer where to rsync the archive from.
It is great to have all architectures archive to be host by you.
But if the disk space is something to concern about, I would hope that at least the i386 and the amd64 archive can be hosted by you.

I hope that I will hear good news from you, and I would like to thank you in advance.

Debian User Community (Malaysia)

Garfield WTF

Feb 7, 2011, 7:13:06 PM2/7/11
to Komuniti Pengguna Debian
Guys, please help me to forward this to any Malaysia datacenter you
know to increase the chances to have someone to host a Debian mirror
in Malaysia for the benefit of everyone.

Thank You!

*GarfieldWTF <>*
Debian User Community (Malaysia)

Garfield WTF

Feb 8, 2011, 2:50:45 AM2/8/11
to Zamri Besar,,,,,,,
I am glad to hear that Debian is in your planning list.
Hopefully, it will be implemented soon.

Thank You.

Debian User Community (Malaysia)

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 12:00 PM, Zamri Besar <> wrote:

Dear Debmal team,

As part of community service, Debian is included in our long-term planning, but the target date to serve it is still unknown. Probably the other local mirrors with better resources will be able to cater above request.

Thank you.

Zamri Besar
Network and Telecommunication Unit (NTU)
Multimedia University

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