Logminer connector not creating any topic in Oracle 19c on RDS

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Emanuele Meazzo

Apr 27, 2021, 8:55:36 AMApr 27
to debezium
Hello Everybody,

I have a strange issue with the Oracle connector that is blocking a POC I'm creating.
I'm able to set everything up, I get no errors, but I see no topics in my connector nor I see any events coming in from kafka.

Here are the details of my environment:
  1. Local Docker connector built with compose
  2. Oracle 19c hosted on AWS RDS
docker-compose.yaml is attached
This is the connector configuration I'm deploying:

  "name": "inventory-connector",
  "config": {
    "connector.class" : "io.debezium.connector.oracle.OracleConnector",
    "tasks.max" : "1",
    "database.server.name" : "XXX",
    "database.hostname" : XXXXXXXXXXXX",
    "database.port" : "1521",
    "database.user" : "LOGMINER",
    "database.password" : "XXXXXXXXX",
    "database.dbname" : "XXX",
"database.schema" : "XXX",
    "database.connection.adapter" : "LOGMINER",
    "database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers" : "kafka:9092",
    "database.history.kafka.topic": "schema-changes.inventory",
"snapshot.mode": "schema_only"
What else can I check? I see no errors anywhere in the docker console output and kafka seems to have a connected session in the DB so it's reaching it for sure :/

Emanuele Meazzo

Apr 27, 2021, 8:57:37 AMApr 27
to debezium
And of course the connector is shown as registered when asking Debezium

2021-04-27 14_39_44-CONNECT.png

Chris Cranford

Apr 27, 2021, 12:47:28 PMApr 27
to debe...@googlegroups.com, Emanuele Meazzo
Hi Emanuele -

I have a couple questions, if I may.  What version of Debezim are you using?  Is your Oracle 19c environment using container/pluggable databases?  Did you setup the user/tablespaces as indicated in the documentation?  Could you enable trace logging and provide us with the logs? 

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Emanuele Meazzo

Apr 27, 2021, 1:19:00 PMApr 27
to debezium
Hello Chris,

thanks for the support, I managed to get it working now :)
For future reference, here are my specs:

  • Oracle 19c with non-pluggable dbs
User and tablespace set up as in the docs, but with some changes to the permissions due to the different RDS commands

The issue was that I didn't specify the "schema.include.list" attribute in the connector configuration, and hence it was trying to get ALL the data from ALL the schemas; unfortunately, being in a dev instance, I had some invalid objects, which made the topic configuration crash.
I've added both schema.include.list and schema.exclude.list to my config and only the desired schema was fetched, allowing the topic creation process to complete and finally the connector to work :)

I now have a weird issue where int fields are treated as strings, but I'll probably open another conversation for it

Chris Cranford

Apr 28, 2021, 11:07:18 PMApr 28
to debe...@googlegroups.com, Emanuele Meazzo
Hi Emanuele -

Just a quick follow-up, you wouldn't happen to be specifying `decimal.handling.mode` as `string` would you?

Emanuele Meazzo

Apr 29, 2021, 11:38:51 AMApr 29
to debezium
Hey Chris,

nope, I didn't modify that value.
I tried to reconfigure the connector specifiying  "decimal.handling.mode": "precise" , but that's the same.

I see something like this:

  • VALUES (1,'hey hey hey hey');

Console Output:
"payload":{"before":null,"after":{"ID":"AQ==","VALUE":"hey hey hey hey"}

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