Minimal supplemental logging on Oracle connector

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Martin Perez

Apr 19, 2021, 9:52:31 AMApr 19

I'm wondering, ant0nk tested minimal supplemental logging and raised PR #230 , then the team added the requirement for table level supplemental logging in #238 for backwards compatibility reasons. 

I think it makes sense to keep backwards compatibility. At the same time, allowing minimal logging could make sense for those cases where the consuming applications aren't interested at the before state. Would it make sense to make it optional with some connector configuration variable?

If it does I'm happy for us to contribute the change and test it. 


Chris Cranford

Apr 19, 2021, 11:18:29 AMApr 19
to, Martin Perez
Hi Martin -

Overall, supplemental logging is very similar to REPLICA IDENTITY in PostgreSQL.  We don't use a configuration option for PostgreSQL and I don't think we'd need anything like that for Oracle. 

What we should do to support this besides the connector working as expected, we should also log the supplemental logging state for each table like we do in PostgreSQL, see PostgresSchema#printReplicaIdentityInfo as an example.  In addition to that, documentation should reflect the supplemental logging mappings of minimal, full, etc to what state is to be expected in the emitted events.  For documentation, see as an example.

If you have the bandwidth for this, that would be superb and we'd much welcome it!

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