Is it possible to trigger Debezium signals simply via sending messages to a preset Kafka topic?

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Brandon Hsu

Jun 16, 2022, 11:15:42 AMJun 16
to debezium
Hello, all,

As far as I know, Debezium signaling mechanism works by setting signal table (or signal collection on MongoDB) in source databases.

But it is somewhat not convenient if there are many databases set up with Debezium functionality.

I guess that these signal tables/collections are actually sending to the corresponding Kafka topic and monitored by Debezium tasks.

Is it possible to directly sending signal events to these topics?

Or will Debezium support sending signaling directly to specified topics in the future?

Best Regards.

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Chris Cranford

Jun 21, 2022, 8:00:00 AMJun 21
to, Brandon Hsu
Hi Brandon -

So whether we implemented the Kafka topic signal solution for all connectors (currently only MySQL supports it) or you used the database-table approach, there is configuration changes for each connector required.  In addition, each connector would require its own topic.  It isn't just something that gets auto-enabled based on some inspection. 

I think you did raise an interesting point and that is whether we could rely on a single Kafka topic for multiple connector consumers.  This would streamline the configuration for multi-connector deployments on the Kafka side, but unfortunately won't reduce the configuration needed on the per-connector deployment tho.

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