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This is the forum to ask any questions or discuss the deap project. If you find it interesting, have any ideas, want to help, just write.

A few friendly guidelines on using this group before posting :
  • The mailing-list is moderated. If it is the first time you post, expect some delay before your question is posted.
  • Read the docs
    • Read the Python docs of module you use :
    • If you find a bug in the doc, don't forget to mention it.
  • Open only one discussion on your question. We will keep the same discussion open until you are satisfied with the answer.
  • Include as much information as possible :
    • Describe the steps you achieved before facing your bug.
    • To share code with us, use a service like pastebin or GitHub Gist. It has many advantages, such as keeping the correct formatting and syntax highlighting.
    • The code must be the minimal working code to reproduce the bug.
    • Try to isolate your problem as much as possible, even more if you're not willing to provide your code.
    • You should share the whole traceback if you encounter an exception (consider using a service like pastebin or GitHub Gist).
This will guarantee a precise and rapid answer to your question.
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