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Merry Christmass

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Dec 28, 2005, 12:04:19 AM12/28/05
Hi All,

Happy Prosperous New Year. I hope we'll make way more money in the
next year than in this year. My wish is that'll happen every year,
inflation adjusted of course.

What else I should say?

As time goes by, it'll be easier and easier to get rich. Thanks to
movements toward privatization, free market economy, and globalization.

If this keeps going, then the best and brightest among us wouldn't
have to resort to lies, prejudices, corruption and dictatorship. They
can all make their living through honest capitalistic means instead.

Even stupid naïve individuals like me can get rich too under free
market. Isn't that wonderful? However, it doesn't go as smoothly as
it could have been.

Christmas always remind me of an event 5 years ago on December 25th
2000. That's when I found out my properties lost to thieves. The cops
chose to protect those thieves from my hand and fine me rather than
doing their job slaughtering the vermin.

That was the time when I was reading a book written by Irwin Schiff. It
tells about Everett O. Lasher of Seattle, Washington. He is fined $5000
for filing a frivolous argument in court. That person commits suicide
along with his whole family. His true crime: making honest money.

For comparison, Vincent Chin is killed for doing nothing wrong, and the
murderer gets $3000+ fine without jail time. The judge said that
punishment must fit the person rather than the crime.

It's a wonder. People can get punished heavily for trivial or even
totally victimless acts. Yet, a thief, or murderers with minimum legal
knowledge, can just get away with things.

I will never forget how societies tended to be more lenient to thieves
rather than to capitalists earning their wealth honestly.

What we call compassion is nothing but fear against those who hate us,
a fear that'll get us deeper in trouble.

We may be happy and save now thinking that we're ahead of the
parasites anyway. However, we must remember that out there, there are
plenty of capitalists that are victims of envy, fraud, larceny,
robbery, lies, and prejudices. Those productive individuals are the
only ones deserving our true compassion.

Moreover, unproductive individuals often produce more kids than the
productive. They'll survive, while we'll go extinct.

Hence, rather than giving presents for less productive individuals, I
would like to implore you to care about victims of deviation from free
market and meritocracy as well as victims of violation of individual

Free market will provide prosperity for those who are productive and
useful for society while also benefiting everyone else. Anybody can
build an empire through free market.

Promotion of free market will be the gifts to the whole earths'
population way more than altruism could ever give. In fact, we owe all
of our prosperities through the free market system.

Remember, our life is in our hand. The same way, the whole world will
be in the hand of whoever realize and choose to take this

Many of deviation from free market are caused by lies and prejudices
crafted by envy motivated individuals. When some people are more
successful, those who are out competed will crave lies and prejudices
against those successful people.

I found two articles on the web that explains how to properly deal with
envy motivated lies. The articles also explain how dangerous envy
vermin are. The articles are posted to 50000 newsgroups to help save
our world from envy and unmask all those lies.

It's very sad and unfortunate, that after the prosperity capitalism
brings there are still humans that let themselves influenced by envy.
These vermin want to bring us back to the stone age where the way to
achieve greatness is to kill each other rather than providing the best
service to the most number of customers.

Their kind will be out competed out of the gene pool, but meanwhile, I
strongly encourage all of us to stay away from any envy influenced
people. Those people are not only dangerous for the world; they're
also danger for you as the 2 articles above should show.


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