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A Friend Not to Have

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Nov 23, 2005, 1:19:15 AM11/23/05
"Immorality: The morality of those who are having a better time." -
H. L. Mencken

People often misinterpret the meaning of equality among humans.
Equality among humans do not in anyway imply equality of capability,
performance, desirability, or productivity. The latter is simply untrue
because humans vary greatly along those areas.

When those that fail to understand see that some humans perform better
than them, they solve their cognitive dissonant by attributing the acts
causing the superior achievements as "wrong".

Hence, when some people those are a little bit different and/or a
little bit more successful, someone, somewhere, somehow got mad for
really strange reasons.

People that consensually sleep with many females, or make a tremendous
amount of money are often then considered immoral. Little do people
think that perhaps those people are simply more capable than them.

The ones that think excessive achievements as wrong are usually the one
with little achievements. Those who oppose competitions are

This preference to attribute superior achievements as wrong, which I
bet caused by some form of genetic defect, is the same preference why
the most productive minority groups in the world are the one that's the
most prosecuted.

If we want to bring prosperity to the whole world, we need to get rid
the influences of such jealous genes from our society.

The justification for their prosecution is often insignificant, hard to
understand, or totally nonsense.

For example, the Jews are blamed for killing a Jewish God some 2000
years ago. The high IQ is often beaten up in school. The Chinese are
blamed for lacking the sense of nationalism in many Asia. The
productive individuals are made liable to support those less productive
than them through welfare and tax.

All those justification totally doesn't make sense. How in the earth a
group of people is blamed for an event that happens 2000 years ago
(which is not really as it seems anyway). How in the earth lacking a
certain sense of emotion become a crime? Why being productive leads to
liability? The market will automatically eliminate poverty and reduce
disparity of wealth if governments do not regulate reproduction. There
are more humane ways to eliminate poverty without having to resort to
excessive unnatural altruism anyway if we want to think a little bit
outside the box we are conditioned to see in school.

Why many people hate the Jews, the nerds, or the Capitalists? I'll tell
you the truth. It's the nature of inferior vermins to crave lies and
prejudices against the best and brightest. It's one of their most basic
instinctive preferences. Some people survive in the gene pool by
becoming the best and productively serve everyone else like the
capitalist. Some people survive in the gene pool by getting in the way
of the best.

That's why we have exorbitant taxes and a lot of criminalized
consensual acts. It's not there to increase economic efficiency.
It's not there to help the poor. It's not there to protect women.
It's not even there for wealth redistribution. The reason is just to
prevent you from becoming too successful.

However, that nonsense gives some form of evolutionary advantage to
some who create and believe it. Many of those humans developed a
genetically hardwired algorithm for superior performances they do not
want to attribute to their own lack of capability. That preference come
in the form of a feeling called jealousy.

Those vermins then become means for who knows what.

It's dangerous to be nice to the mean. Gene pool survival dictates that
people favor those that are similar to them. Also humans are typically
reciprocal. So if we're nice to those who are mean to us we'll be
different and they'll hate us more.
We wish we can just ignore them. How can we ignore tax and thieves?

Striking them back might cause them to retaliate. But why fear the less
capable? Any group of people smart enough to earn money productively is
smart enough to rule violently. If we fight our oppressors back, we'll
find that we'll out power them by far. Those who are too afraid to die
in battle field will die in gas chambers with higher probability. At
the least, the former actions can get us win. Even if we lose, we'll
bring our opponents with us. That'll give intensives for people not
to get on our way. Without any deterrence there will be no limit on the
harm that'll happen to us.

The people must know that any deviation from individual freedom and
meritocracy will simply leads to common suffering. Put your self you
Saddam's shoes. Saddam cannot make money selling porn because the
religious fanatics would sweep him. Saddam cannot make money building
giant software empire. That's because the mere acts of making honest
money is punishable by tax. So of course Saddam made his fortune doing
the only thing still acceptable: Kill many people, rule with iron fist.
It's the people's fault. Societies that ignore fairness will get

Look at history. There is no way to cost effectively stop Karl Marx,
Gengish Khan, Lennin, Hitler, etc. The best we can do is to turn those
with huge potential to be influential into harmless Bill Gates that
also benefit the rest of us.

It's also fruitless to be careful not to make any mistakes toward envy
people considering the little magnitude of damage (if at all) required
to set one of those vermins off. Some people will explode out of
nothing. Even if you don't make any mistakes or commit any harm, some
jealous vermins will get mad somehow over very little or no mistakes.
Keep in mind that those charges are all bullshit charges.

All those prosecuted minority groups often pay too much attention to
the bullshit charge against them that they pay little attention to the
real cause of their prosecution. Some even develop a stockholm syndrom
and try to compassionately understand what's the problem with all this
ranting. That is wrong. Compassionate understanding given to those who
are not compassionate and do not want to understand will motivate
friends to be enemies.

The real issue is that some people are genetically destined to have
excessive jealous feeling that they really want to give a hard time to
the successful. What we should do is to just unmask them.

They'll find every little mistakes they can exploit. They got mad over
every little thing. And they bullshit the world to cover the true
problem of their motivation: jealousy and inferiority complex. Even the
needy only need some cash. However, these super parasites are the most
parasitic individuals in the whole world.

The best and brightest are not the only one screwed by these super
parasites. More capable individual, under meritocratic society, tend to
give far more productivity than they consume. In fact, some would argue
that only top 2% of humans population that's actually responsible for
all the productivity in the world. That opinion is overrated because it
takes into account those who earn more than global market due to
immigration restrictions as parasites too.

Many of those high paid people will also be able to earn more or spend
more as businessmen if immigration restrictions are gone. Under this
communist world where the productive are condemned to excessively
support the parasitic, often, the more money you earn, the more you
deserve every cents of it. Hence, it's still true that the minority of
the super productive is responsible for most productivity in this

Therefore, the whole world become worst of when the best of brightest
keep being harassed by jealous inferiors.

Efforts spend on defending against non sense accusation could have been
used for more productive that at the end will benefit most humans in
the world including many people that are less hostile to the more

Hence, I will show all those minority groups what they really should
have done to avoid their prosecution for their own benefits and for the
benefits of the rest of the world. Strike back!

I'll show it by a sample.

1. The importance of being hostile to any envy vermins that we found.
2. I want to prevent this from happening to other people from making
other mistake of thinking that someone like that Katherine Trimble is a
3. Clear up the name of our friend against a very determined slander
campaign made by that bag against our friend. In case you see her
slander, this is the story from our point of view so you listen from
both sides. This is only if you know my friend's name. If not never
mind. Not that it matters any more but we really feel to get this of.

I got a friend of mine that is a successful entrepreneur. He is going
to be one of the most well connected individual in the whole world one
way or another to impress his mentors. After almost achieving it one of
the person that he communicate with is that bat.

The beldam, like all the others, friendly replied. If any doesn't reply
friendly, we would have noted it and avoid problem.

My friend is so happy founding many new friends. Then he noticed a
feature in the network called "friend of friend" that refer to someone
in your network's network. He friendly contacts his "friends of
friends" while properly giving credit to his first degree friend. You
know messages like:

>Dear ****,
>I found out that you are a friend of my friend, (a person's name). Well any friend of (that person) should be my friend too.
>Hope things are working out in ...
>Happy networking,
That's it. No threat or fraud. Not even a selling or service. Nothing.
The term friend of friend is simply the official definition. My friend
just want to network. That looks friendly enough. What sort of demon
incarnated/possessed hell bound lost soul could get offended by such a
friendly message.

Apparently that biddy forgot that she is in each others' network with
my friend. So,

She got mad at him. Send him an email saying she is very angry.
She insisted that she never communicated.
She told him not to contact her again.
In public she publishes this:

>BEWARE: Spam using my name is doing the rounds
>If any of my network buddies find themselves getting a mesage from someone proporting to be "a great friend of Kat Trimble" PLEASE >IGNORE IT.
>Someone is using this ruse to get to all my network contacts -
>on the premise that he is a great friend of mine.
>This is not how I network (of course not, what's her IQ?)
>and I am sorry that you have targeted in this manner
loathe spam messages. If I connect you with any of my
>valued contacts believe me you'll get a message from me first, or a personal introduction face to face.
>This is a first for me. Be wary - you might be next
>Yours in fury!

She publish that my friend is a spammer possibly without ensuring first
that her accusation match the official policy of spam in the network.

The official rule for spam in the network is: Spam Un-invited promotion
of products and services with no thought or attention to networking.
Which is far from what my friend did. Many people emailed him showing
support telling that he did nothing wrong.

Also, let's get realistic here. Sure my friend is wrong to credit that
monster as a friend. But that is not a pretense. She friendly replied,
and the term friend of friend is simply the official definition in the
network. Also, with his connections, she needs to be a pope for
accusation of using her name to gain unearned trust and fraud her
friends to make any sense at all.

Apparently this idiot cannot differentiate between people having
fraudulent intent and those just trying to be friendly. Or may be he
knows, and deliberately use vague terms.

If she doesn't want to be credited as friend, she'll do well by not
feigning friendliness. What can be gained for pretending to be her
friend anyway? What makes the vermin think she's so special? Racism? If
there is any dishonest assholes that pretend to be anyone's friend,
it's that bitch.

And of course she doesn't network like he did. What's her IQ? Now how
can he show this attention whore all this without damaging her fragile
ego and set her off even more?

The more ridiculous an accusation, the more cognitive dissonant people
feel when you try to explain. The more intensive the accusers have to
maintain the beliefs. People don't crave the truth; they crave
prejudices that serve their interests. That's why we have religions.
Never underestimate the awesome power of bullshit accusations or

True misunderstanding can be sorted out. Prejudiced motivated ones will
provoke even more anger and violent from those who try to oppose it.
Explanation is simply not the way to go.

My friend is quite confused why he is accused of spamming despite the
official policy and why it causes so much anger given that it's kind of
harmless, but he apologized anyway. My friend then friendly apologized
and tries to explain.
>But we did have a chat before and I remember your pic. Maybe next time I should just say I am a member of Katherine's network?
>What other mistakes do I have made here?
>Just don't get too mad okay?

It is clear from my friend's friendly message that the sort of act will
not be repeated. I mean, maybe he made a mistake. The old hag reply:

>You are not in my chosen network. We have not talked/chatted and I do not
>like the way you ramp up your connections (envy seems to be her main motive).
>People are not happy (I guess low IQ must have come in package with illusion of psychic power possesion.) with what
>you have done, they are just being polite. (if they're not happy why not just say so?)
>I do not choose to be in your network and will not consider you being in
>Please do not contact me again. The damage (what damage? How much money is lost?) is already done and you are
>entirely responsible for your current reputation.

My friend is confused. He wanted to ask more questions but think that
he should just leave this crazy thing alone. At that time the old
beldam has publicly damaged my friend's reputation though. He needs to
stop the bad mouthing which he thought is caused by misunderstanding.
He also wants to keep this issue private to avoid mutual embarrassment.
All while politely pointing out that she's really not that important
for any reasonable businessman to pretend to be her friend as she
claimed. So her claim that anyone would pretend to be her friend is

So he wrote:
>I don't mind your comments about me as long as it is true. So keep in mind that we did chat in a friendly way and we were indeed in
>each other network, which you can check, before saying anything about me. Also, *******'s definition of spamming is trying to sell
>something without intent to network which is far from what I do.
>I'll try to get both of us disconnected. could have understood and tell me privately like Peter did. Then we could have really been
>friend. It's a tragedy, but I got 400+ other friends to concentrate on.

He wanted to response to the scoundrel's public accusation but at that
time, the gorgon's ranting has incited enough people to get his account
blocked preventing him to do that. Before, he didn't receive any single

Now this might have been a big mistake. What sort of thing an ugly
lonely old hag would ppppppee ppe phhheeeeeeeeeeelllllll when she
realized she's not a miss universe?... And I used to think Kobe is

Then she wrote:

>Put me in front of a concrete wall. Let my bash my head against it. What are we dealing with here? Arrogance, stupidity, a language >barrier?
>This was sent to my personal email address this morning. I would very much like to know what your response would be to this person! It >is the ubiquitous ***** AGAIN.

>I have never chatted to or had any discussion with this person. I find his spamming methods completely unacceptable. I have

>complained, but it has served no purpose.

>Our main concern is to get rid of people like this. Your smugness is a little premature

>Thanks ***** - and to all of you who exposed this little **** for what he really was

>It really is hilarious. What a sad, sad little man he is

>Have a look at yesterday's thread on this Nina. It's not as innocent as you think

>But as Jim said - some of the oddballs on here are like bindweed.

>Reputation: 0 (this is not true. As a medalist in international physics olympiad and many other math competition, and a successful capitalist that built business from scratch into one of the fastest growing business in the world, my friend naturally has a very significant reputation. He also actively promotes capitalism, free trade, individual freedom, and woman's right while preventing discrimination, frictions, church burning, and other parasitic behaviors. In the network, he got 400+ network members, 112 good rating. Which that thing has known before claiming he has 0 reputation. That is far more members and good rating in 2-3 days than what the number that harpy has built for years)

>LOL Paul! My God, does this specimen ever stop? What Planet is he on? Wil we ever see the back of him?
>As a cat lover I feel we must mount a rescue mission to save ****** from this sad, bewildered person!
>This is unreal, isn't it

All this while my friend cannot do anything to publicly reply to
explain his side of the story. It's amazing to see the determination of
undesirable old hags with nothing positive things to offer to regain
the self respect their genes denied them. Another even uglier old hag
even fantasized and publicly accused my friend, which live half a globe
away, for stalking.

It seems that the uglier the female, the more creative they are at
bumping up the little self worth they have.

Who wants to stalk those specimens? Who wants to sleep with that thing
even if he's paid? The whole point of making a lot of money is so we
don't end up with one of those even for an hour. Why in the fucking
earth that trot complaint that she's afraid of being stalked?

You can approach the prettiest goddess and the worse you get is a
"no" answer (guess what's the best?). You can claim that rich
highly reputable businessmen are your friend, and the worse you can get
is a polite objection.

Yet, you don't even have to approach ugly beldam to get stalking
accusation. And a sick fuck no body will make a big deal of friendly

Not only that, an unknown married male sympathizer, Mitch, which is
probably over represented in the gene pool, accuse my friend for not
being able to get chicks. That accusation is not true of course.

What the fuck is wrong with British people? Well, I'll tell you
straight here. Real males aim for as many females as possible. In
western civilization, that means outside marriage. Marriage is a highly
cost inefficient prostitution still done mainly due to huge
government's intervention on our private life causing one of the most
obnoxious market distortion ever. It's part of our mission to free
everyone from such stupid obsolete institution that typically last till
bitter divorce do them part anyway.

We can only wonder what sort of insidious dark whatever resides on
those vermin mind. Maybe she thinks slandering is a cheap way to get
publicity on her otherwise lonely and dark life that she turned a small
friendly mistake into a big problem. Maybe she's just dumb. Who knows?

Then my friend found a copy of Katherine's own message to her.

>Hi [My Friends' name]
>Many thanks for your message.
>Remind me what *** is again?
>There are some networks that I simply don't bother with anymore.
>Best wishes

May be this is a misunderstanding. May be she forgot. We try to solve
this peacefully by showing her her own message. Another friend asks her
whether she wrote her own friendly message or not. My friend is told to
just get a life, which is very rude.

When someone that hear about this show her message in public, she said
she's not mad (which is a lie, her private message clearly says she is
very angry). She said she ignore this sort of thing. Well, this article
wouldn't be here if she ignore small things.

We gently explain our case and ask for explanation and the bitch simply
point that my friend is so stupid he can't differentiate a friendly
reply from a "sod of". Well, she's so stupid (or pretend she is) that
she can't differentiate between people trying to be friendly and
people trying to fraud her friends by pretending to be her friend.

We don't what "sod off" mean. So maybe she's quite right that my friend
is dumb at some areas. You know what? We usually tolerate that, knowing
those who speak against us are usually just sad morons. However, now
that those morons can convince enough other morons to make quite an
impact, we don't like that.

So we call our lawyers in England only to found out that house of
common has not legalized exterminating obnoxious vermins.

We'll just have to do this the civilized way. That thing asks for
everyone's opinion and wanting some hostile public argument, we'll give
her one.

It's about time this bitch fights someone that fights back. Also we
change our anger toward compassion for any companies that waste their
money hiring this dumb thing.

Because of her act, a small number of people that have not listen to
the other side got mad. That small number of people attracted the
attention of one of the chief executive, which is the asshole's friend.
The small minded worm, out of favoritism use out of context
misquotation from almost never visited joke page of my friend's
personal homepage as a pretext to kick my friend out of the network.
That guy will need to redefine his definition of enormous damage.

Oh ya, a person that tries to sort this out peacefully are also kicked
out of the network for "Provoking issues that [the CE] has made

It's for a good thing actually. Now we do not have to tone down our
response at all. I bet this way we can write even more provoking

At first we thougth that the CE must have had another
missunderstanding. However, his reluctant to explain why he claims my
friend is spamming despite the official policy, his unusual heroic act
to prevent my friend from publishing his side of the story to protect
the bitch's reputation, and his insistence that my friend don't contact
certain people suggest that the real cause must be favoritism. Who
knows what she had on him. We're told not to contact him again. So,
we'll just find that out really soon through some other ways.

His insistence to protect that vermin's reputation forced us to
postpone doing it for 1.5 year. Of course, postponing this for 1 year
allow us to do this bigger... Why not tag along some social values we
believe in.

In fact it is quite obvious that it's the bitch that break the official
rules of
"however, we will not tolerate aggression or rudeness towards an
"Members should be polite and courteous in their written tone"
"Abusive Behavior: All forms of personal attack whether in public or
via network messaging"

All this are of course ignored by the CE due to favoritism.

My friend then lost a significant portion of his network and need to
build his own entirely different networking system. Also he lost his
reputation as problem solver that used to be able to bring big result
without any significant problem. All because of thinking that the old
biddy is her friend and making some small friendly gestures based on
that erroneous thinking.

What can set of this walking time bomb. Over what? Fraud? Thief? Rape
(not that anyone will do that to her)? No. These things blow up over a
few friendly gestures.

A long time passed and we're all busy doing other things. Strange
puzzles keep floating.

Why a friend that tries to peacefully sort this thing out also got
kicked out of the network?

Another asks what's the real problem is and no one want to answer.
They all just say that my friend is wrong without explaining objective
questions raised into it?

Why the CE works so hard to prevent my friend from publicizing his side
of the story? Why no one answer why my friend is accused of spamming
despite the official policy that differs from what he did?

Than a few stuffs start clicking into places. This is not a
misunderstanding case. They knew it all along.

They knew that my friend did not have any intensive to pretend to be
anyone's friend as accused.

Hitler also knew that the Jews didn't start the second world war. He
did. And the Germans have enough evidence to guess that too. They just
like to believe stuffs that boost their ego.

Some would argue that we should just let angry parasites to keep their

However, letting the inferiors that are on our way to keep their ego is
the very reason why parasites outnumber productive people nowadays.
We've seen that it doesn't work.

When we call euphemistically call retards: special people, we improve
their perceived market value making them look more desirable than they
really are. Then they attract sex partners and produce more retards.

I think a better way is to just show them the truth. Humans are simply
not equal and we vary in capability. Those who fail under free trade
capitalism are simply inferior.

The more offended they are the better. That means subconsciously they
know we're right. Let's hit those parasites in the only place it can
still hurt. Their ego.

In middle age, the religious leaders also knew that the Jews did not
have any intensive to kill Jesus; the religious leaders, whose
influenced are undermined by Jesus, did. The other Europeans should
have known, they just like beliefs they want to hear.

The Indonesian's officials also knew that it's not the Chinese or
capitalism that ruin the economy; the officials' corruptions and
governments involvements in economy did. And the poor knows that too...
It's just that the poor need some justification for looting which they
want to do.

All politicians and religious leaders also know that all sex laws, and
regulations, and romance indoctrination's effects are to ration females
to less desirable males. This reduces the gene pool survival of the
best and brightest while forcing females to settle for less desirable
males. The rest of the population sort of know too, it's just that they
want a share of those females so they just fell along to this
irrational romance believe. They just mumble all the way about religion
and morality that doesn't make sense.

Many of us also know that societies often have far less compunction to
slaughter the extremely productive rather than the extremely parasitic.
In many countries, the most productive people are taxed or slaughtered
to support the parasites. Yet, people would go to great length arguing
that serial killers, thieves, robbers, burglars shouldn't be put to
death or punished heavily.

The true reason is that the most productive people are, at least
arguably, "superior" more capable people they do not want to compete
with in the gene pool. They love those thieves, robbers and other
parasites because the parasites share their genes and preferences.

We can appease people' need for food and shelter. The world is so
abundance thanks to the exceptionally capable and productive. It may
still make sense to appease the true need of the truly needy.

However, when we try to we appease people's jealousy, when will it end?
There'll be no end to it short of communism and we've seen what happen
to those who go there. If we appease people's need to make kids without
affording it there'll be just more and more poverties.

When we regulate consensual acts that effectively ration human beings,
usually females, to less desirable sex partners rather than giving full
choices to those humans to give and take any kind of consensual offers,
we're not just shooting our foot, we're inhuman. When we do all of
these, when will it end? The less capable will just keep growing in
number and soon no one capable and willing enough to be productive is

To the opposite many other common irrational and subjectivity that
plagued the dumb prejudiced people explains away their behavior.

Let's get back to our sample. That thing already attacked my friend
publicly, might as well go all the way to safe her face.

Or perhaps, the real problem is that the asshole is an undesirable
lonely crazy old hag with nothing to lose and is very dangerous to deal
with. She's the kind of females, sperm donors would want to exclude
from recipient list. Our guess is confirmed by her own writing:

>"A friend of mine asked me a question today, and it made me think about this thorny subject yet again.
>"Why is it" she asked me "that women who have had children cannot comprehend women who don't want them".
>As someone who has found herself defending her choice over and over again, I knew exactly what she meant. Why should I have to >defend myself? I have been villified by men too for my choice. Is this fair?"

That bitch work as a copy writer. Maybe she's afraid that all of her
clients will go to competitors, say Asians?
We checked some of her writing and found that her writings are so
banal, forgettable, boring, drap, and insignificant, which is kind of
expected from her relatively lower intelligence. It's unbelievable that
this speciment can get away making a living as a copywriter in any
civilized nation with significant IQ.

Finally, perhaps my friend did something that offends that vermin's
feeling of importance. Well, maybe he should have been more careful
with her ego? Wait a minute. Enough is enough. He's been polite and
diplomatic enough. Excessive compassionate understanding to enemies and
parasites will convert friends and productive people to be parasites.

Compassion is a way we lure others to be good to us. Compassion toward
those with little positive to offer, and a lot of negative to pound is
just genetic genocide. Don't repeat his mistake. Why difficultly try to
compassionately understand? In many cases, obviously including this
one, I found it easier to just judge.

To the opposite, we have a better idea.

It's been years we wanted to see the world, where the best and
brightest can just soar to the sky without having to be impeded by
parasites around them. That way, smart people will get rich through
productivity rather than having to resort to corruption and
dictatorships. So it's for everyone'sgood.

I am sick and tired to see that we don't play in equal playing field.

Why some people, after receiving reasonably enough chance to build
great financial empire, doesn't have to be productive to receive money
through welfare?

Why some business, do not have to compete globally and provide the best
offer to win customers due to government's protection?

Why some humans are allowed to make more kids than they can afford
expecting society to pay for those kids. This while those that are
taxed to support those kids are prevented to make as many kids as they
can afford through various regulations?

Why the one get screwed by the law, is often the most capable and
productive, while benefiting the parasites?

If smart people don't unite against these super parasites, we'll be

Thieves, robbers, and rapists are forgiven for heinous acts yet the
productive are punished for every little infraction. Everett O. Lasher
of Seattle, Washington, for example, is forced to shot himself in Tax
Court after being told that he was going to be fined $5,000 for raising
"frivolous" arguments before the "court." This while murderers of
Vincent Chin gets off with $3000 fine.

All this effectively hurt the most productive best and brightest
humans, in favor of the less capable parasites.

This happen because the smartest of us don't strike back. If we hear an
argument that the rich has obligation to help the poor, the correct
response is not to agree with it.

The correct response is to realize that such opinion correlate with
financial irresponsibility and lack of productivity. Obviously these
vermins are not entirely objective. We shouldn't appease our
oppressors. No!

We should remove the morality handicap that we have to the extend they
remove theirs. Then we'll get down to their level and strike back.

If you're a jew, try painting Dave's star in Nazis' graves.

That's the right response if we want to ensure that the most productive
and capable humans will be the majority in the gene pool 1000 years
from now. If gene pool survival is not proportional with at least the
square root of economic contribution, what's the point of making money?
(All right, I'll settle for cubic root, we can always make more money.)
If productive people are taxed to support the parasites' kids, why not
become parasites?

We have to put others' interest in mind first if we want them to act in
our favor. If we're not selfish, why should others appease us
positively? If those that preach lies and prejudices against our
interest and cause significant damage can do so with we're answering
back, why shouldn't they?

Niceness is weakness and compassion toward enemies is a mask for fear.
Spending significant resources on nurturing others' kids is genetic

All the morality in the world and eventually everything goes back to
this common denominator bottom line.

Sure Jesus teaches us to give the other cheek and love our enemy. See
what happen to him? Unless your goal in life is atoning the sins of
your inferiors you'd better hate your enemy and love yourself.

Getting rid of parasites that is genetically preprogrammed to
instinctively get in the way those who are extremely productive will
sure helps a lot.

For years, we've advocated vengeance toward parasites. For years we've
wanted someone to steal our money again so we can set that vermin as a
sample of what happen to vermins on our way. For years, we have no good
sample... This bitch is our best sample so far. Not exactly fit our
original description of the best sample, but the best we have. How can
we promote vengeance for so many other prosecuted productive
individuals yet not doing it our selves? Maybe they fear that vermin
will strike back.

Well, if we are the best and brightest in the world, we have little to
fear. That vermins have far less capability than us. We are stronger.
We can win this. 1000 years from now, all humans will share our genes,
not them. No one should serve other humans to the point it's no longer
consensual or mutually beneficial. Na na.... They'd better pick of
weaker victims.

Anyone that can make money productively can also rule violently.

We can strike back. We have to strike back for every violation of
individual freedom that is put against us. For every prejudiced false
nonsense irrational accusation aimed at us. We just have to strike

We communicate with some of that bitches' friend and figure out that
she's counting on connections rather than service quality to get
customers. Heh heh... Weakness! Should have spied on your enemies
before blasting out your angers to them right?

Knowing that the real case could be the inferior' providers' desire to
eliminate competition, we'll give them what they fear the most.

At first, we're thinking of just screwing her life. But then, it's not
worth our time. So, we build a huge system moving any job that can be
done online, including copywriting, to anyone willing to do it cost
effectively in the other continent.

It's something that'll happen sooner or latter anyway through normal
market mechanism. It'll take a while to implement. We have quicker goal
to achieve.

No European company will ever need to cost inefficiently spend money,
and risk nonsense wrath, for the like of that bitch. We'll connect any
companies that are in need of copy writer to cheaper, better, and SAFER

It's not really our intention to destroy that vermins life. However, I
bet that's what she'll tell everyone what we're going to do.

I bet, by now, she's already telling everyone that we intend to kill
her. Hell, I bet she'll tell everyone that we intend to rape her to
increase her self worth.

Who would bother checking that we live half a globe away where chicks
10 time as pretty costs much less per session (My president will thank
me for mentioning this). Not to mention those highly intelligence,
rich, self sustaining, independent, pretty females, who are all
effectively free whores for the genetically superior best and brightest
rich smart alpha males cock. Don't belive me? Ask Matt Ridley.

That's the point of being pretty. To be able to extract higher quality
genetic material and larger amount of financial resources from superior
cocks. This is something ugly bitches won't understand. Which is why
ugly females and poor males often promote sex regulation and family
value. I'll tell you the truth. Within 5 years, you'll laugh if anyone
still swears by the moon and the star in the sky in the name of bull
shit romance.

Any males that want to survive in the gene pool have to be available to
as many females as possible. We can always donate sperm to those we
don't want to sleep with.

According to Richard Dawkins, humans maximize the interest of their
genes. So women will vote the interest of the highest quality males
they can get. So, if rich smart productive males are not available to
enough females, females that can't aim high will promote the interest
of lesser cocks in the form of socialism. Available to as many females
as possible will ensure that smart rich alpha males' causes are
supported by females vote. Then capitalism will be the norm once again.

The alpha males' burden is then to save as many pretty chickz as
possible from getting knocked up by lesser cocks. For every pretty
chickz we waste, that'll be one more chicks getting impaled by
financially irresponsible males that'll produce next generation anti
WTO commies.

The other males can go fuck them self or jerk of.

Obviously this is victimless.

Of course, if some women insist on getting lesser cocks in the name of
romance, I won't stop them. That kind of preferences will be out from
the gene pool within a few generations anyway, if it's still exist

In fact that's the real reason why we promote feminist movement and
females' freedom all the way. If you believe in your genes' quality,
you should give females the choices they've been bitching for
centuries. Then those highly desirable objects will ration themselves
to the best and brightest genes to get knocked up.

Men are not equal. Let females choose and they'll choose the best.

Nevertheless, there is no way we can explain that's not our intent to
those short tempered morons.

Might as well tell the truth nothing but the truth without bother

In fact, for an even more ego boost, we won't even bother mentioning
our name in this article. I am sure many vermins would love to boost
our ego by trying to find that out. Ah........ Ego.... Would some
vermins please boost mine? Who am I? Guess who?

We won't use our extensive credibility. The arguments should stand by
it self.

Hopefully, she'll kill herself giving more breathing room for the rest
of us. How else can we kick this thing out of our back? If we can
successfully destroy this vermins' miserable life, we can end all
discrimination in the world. Who's with me?

In fact, if you're that bitch's customers, why not email us and we'll
refer you for free plus ask discount to other better copywriters. We'll
safe you from her short tempered wrath.
If you're a copy writer that believe that you're good but need
connection, let us know.

The only companies that still use that bitch's service after this will
be racist imbeciles that want to be associated with dumb short tempered

An expert in gene pool survival techniques argues that exterminating
short tempered, mean, and intolerance people that get in the way of the
best and brightest will actually improve the economy for the rest of
us. Not that we're going to encourage that of course being that we're
the good guys even to those vermins. However, there is surely one
reasonable way to find out for those who are curious enough.

Avoiding those monsters are perfectly lawful ways to ensure that future
generations will have much less of these Nazis wannabe to deal with.
Someone got to give those Nazis a taste of their medicine long before
they got out of hand. In turn this will make the world a much better
place for the rest of us.

Tell her not to do anything stupid. Not to do anything wrong again.
Don't commit suicide. Don't hurt herself. Don't bounce her head to
concrete wall over not getting a point across. She will do that to
herself though... It happens. What a mess...

Overall, it's a good network site with many wonderful interesting
reasonable people. If it weren't that good, we wouldn't have hated that
bitch that much. If only it wasn't plagued by walking time bombs
that'll explode out of nothing. If only it wasn't led by a small minded
CE that call small insignificant issue as enormous. If only the CE
would just do his job promoting the interest of the business rather
than defending the interest of a few air headed vermins. If only it
kicks out a few air headed impolite abusive vermins in it. It would
have grown to 1 million members in no time.

If you think you are a friend of that bitch please email us so we can
spare you from her wrath and find you superior solutions. If you are a
fellow copy writer, please also email us for free referral. If you know
anyone that still use her service, please tell us so we can save them.
After reading this, anyone still using her service must be as deranged
as her, but we won't interfere with that.

Also, if you fear thieves, robbers, and burglars, and if you're tired
paying tax to support someone else kids that's genetically pre-destined
to put gun in your head one day, please tell us list of their
conviction records to be blasted on the net to help honest businessmen
separate out the chaff from the wheat. For years, we've wanted to this
but have always been persuaded from it by people that think such act
will be cruel.

Well, that vermin has so graciously convinced us that we can never be
too vindictive in this world.

Can't we see? The best and brightest will always be on top anyway. If
not through honest productive capitalist, it'll be through corruption
or depotism.

Should we fail to give the best and brigthests in the world fail to get
what they meritocraticly deserve, than the best and brightest will use
their superior brains to enslave the rest of the world rather than
productively serve society.

If we see the amount of damage Suharto, Saddam, George Bush, and Mao
Tze Tung do to world economies, one thing is obvious. Excessively
Getting in the way of the best and brightest from achieving greatness
through productivity is very dangerous. Societies will be better of to
just let the worthless die and kill parasites instead of that. Long
live capitalism!

If productive people face riots, and genocice. If honest productive
people are taxed and businessmen making a few friendly remarks ran into
bad publicity problem. Why shouldn't parasites that cause significant
damage maliciously at least face bad publicity problem?

Let the potential employer decide whether the employee is worth
employing or not based on correct information.

Let's flattened up the playing field, one piece at a time.

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