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Re: 49 Tage Geisel-Hamas-Horror: Endlich wieder vereint mit Mama und Papa

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Nomen Nescio

Nov 25, 2023, 11:19:00 AM11/25/23
Fred Alph schrieb:

>_Herzzerreißende Szenen_

| Who are the Palestinian prisoners Israel released on Friday?
| 24 Nov 2023

| However, it also includes individuals like Shorouq Dwayyat, who was
| arrested in 2015 and is serving the ninth year of her 16-year sentence.
| Dwayyat is currently serving the longest sentence among Palestinian
| female prisoners in Israeli jails.
| She was 18 when she was arrested and held in the Damon prison in Haifa,
| accused of stabbing an Israeli settler with a knife. Her family,
| anxiously anticipating her release, denies these accusations. “Shorouq
| is delicate and cannot harm an animal,” her father, Salah Dwayyat, told
| Al Jazeera at the time.
| Why are they in prison?
| Like Dwayyat, many other prisoners have been convicted of crimes
| including carrying and manufacturing knives and daggers. Other common
| offences detailed in Israel’s list include:
| threatening security
| illegally entering Israel without a permit
| throwing stones
| supporting terrorism
| associating with hostile/unknown organisations.
| “The main alleged crime for these detentions is stone-throwing, which
| can carry a 20-year sentence in prison for Palestinian children,” said a
| report published in July by children’s rights organisation, Save the
| Children.


Danach würden die Putzgruppen-Jungs hier lebenslänglich einsitzen.

| Palestinian children abused in Israeli detention: NGO
| Some of the abuses are sexual in nature, in addition to being beaten,
| handcuffed and blindfolded, a report says.
| 10 Jul 2023
| Palestinian minors arrested by Israeli forces face immense emotional and
| physical abuse, according to the rights group Save the Children, which
| has revealed the tragedy minors go through as detainees in a new report.

| The study said 86 percent of the 228 former child detainees surveyed
| were beaten in detention, and 69 percent were strip-searched, adding
| that 42 percent were injured at the point of arrest, including gunshot
| wounds and broken bones.
| They were also interrogated at unknown locations without the presence of
| a guardian or caregiver and are often deprived of food, water and sleep,
| the report says.
| In addition, they were often refused access to legal counsel, according
| to the research.


Israel, die einzige Demokratie im Nahen Osten. Nicht wirklich.

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