Professor Mücke Idéfix als Lehrer

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Aug 2, 2022, 4:02:06 AM (11 days ago) Aug 2
Ich lese über Abels Schulzeit und komme zum Schluss, dass Prefosser Mücke vielleicht doch nicht der schlechteste Mathelehrer aller Zeiten ist:
Niels Henrik entered the Cathedral School at a rather low point in
this institution's history. The opening of the Christiania University a few
years earlier had robbed the Cathedral School of all of its best teachers,
leaving mostly the unqualified behind. The mathematics teacher in particular,
one Hans Peter Bader, was a heartless brute who terrorized the
children and often beat pupils black and blue.
In November of 1817,
however, a fateful event at the Cathedral School was to mark a dramatic
turning point in Abel's life. On November 16, a student, Henrik
Stoltenberg, was taken ill with nervous fever accompanied by typhus.
He died a week later. Eight of Stoltenberg's classmates signed statements
to the effect that the hated mathematics teacher Bader had not only violently beaten the student with his fists, but that he had continued to kick
him even after poor Stoltenberg was lying helpless on the floor. While
beating as a cause of death was never confirmed by the medical examiner,
Bader was discharged.
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