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explorator 26.20-21

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Sep 10, 2023, 1:33:52 PM9/10/23
explorator 26.20-21 September 10, 2023
You can read explorator online at:

Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley, Virginia A. Wulfkuhle,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay, John Keller,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

... a few more items to catch up with next week!
A study of Ubeidiya spheroids (1.4 million years bp):

Suggestion (controversial) that humans almost went extinct some 930 000 years bp (based on DNA models):

A study of early humans eating elephants in Israel some 400 000 years bp:

A study of the evolution of hunting weapons:

Rethinking that Neanderthal 'flower burial':

How ancient bee burrows expanded our knowledge of Neanderthals:

Evidence of Neanderthal transformation of forest into grassland some 125 000 years bp:

Possible evidence that humans were wearing shoes some 100 000 years bp:

Features on homo floresiensis:

Feature on homo erectus:
Evidence of a Mesolithic ochre culture at Porc-Epic Cave (Ethiopia):

Hyping an upcoming dig by Polish archaeologists at Ptolemais:

The earthquake in Morocco has damaged several heritage sites:!preferred/0/package/1454/pub/1454/page/45/article/NaN
Latest 'scent recreation' is an Egyptian mummification balm:


A wooden ceiling installed at the Temple of Karnak is drawing criticism:

Feature on the Egyptian concept of the 'otherworld':

Concerns about recent demolition of historic sites in Cairo:


Feature on Sennacherib's prisms:

More on extraction of DNA from a 2900 years bp clay brick from Kalhu:

Paleolithic finds from northern Iran:

A Parthian monument of some sort from Viranshahr:

The authenticity of a recently-returned relief confirms it dates to Sassanid times:

Remains of an 8200 years bp water channel near Izmir:

3700 years bp burials of two individuals with some preserved skin and brain tissue from Tavsanli Hoyuk:

Bronze Age burials (and more) from Cayonu Hill:

A 5th century BCE dice game board from Daskyleion:

An altar of a temple of Zeus in Magnesia:

Feature on the finds in, around, and beneath Zerzevan Castle (the 'beneath' seems new):

Overview of Turkish archaeological finds in August:

Possible 12 000 years bp bird calls made from bird bones:

Feature on Gaza's efforts to protect its heritage:

Channels of unknown purpose dating to the First Temple era from the City of David park:

A major section of a Second Temple-era aqueduct was revealed in Jerusalem:

Four Roman swords and a large point of some sort from a cave near the Dead Sea:

... and an item on the team who found it and why:

Steps were found at the Pool of Siloam site:

On plans to use multispectral imaging on an inscription in a cave near Ein Gedi:

Latest youth-in-an-Israeli park find is a 1700 years bp Roman ring from Sussita::

More on the Roman military amphitheatre found at Megiddo:

Latest finds from the al-Abla site (Date?):

This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

A kouros find from Despotiko:

Evidence of structures associated with an 8th century BCE sanctuary of Poseidon at Helike:

A 6th century BCE (maybe) lion's head sima from excavations at Selinunte:

Evidence of a 5th/4th century BCE Greek wall at Stari Grad:

A Hellenistic sanctuary of Apollo known in the 18th century then 'lost', was relocated at Frangissa (Cyprus):

Evidence of a 1st century BCE Capitolium at Sarsina:

Overview of the 2023 excavations at Pyla-Kokkinokremos:

A 1st century BCE Roman forum belonging to a city of an unknown name in Hispania was revealed in Zaragoza:

Remains of a 2000 years bp Roman structure complex in Switzerland:

A statue of a water nymph from Amastris:

Not sure where to put this publication of an Oxyrhynchus papyrus with sayings of Jesus:

A possible Roman bridge (maybe) from Chepstow:

A pair of Roman silver coins found at Scole have been linked to similar finds made back in 1973:

Hyping an upcoming dig at a possible Roman fort site in York:

Overview of recent finds at Caistor Roman Town:

I think we mentioned this Roman coin found by an eight-year-old in a German sandbox:

... and dating the destruction of Scythopolis by chicken bones:

The dig diary for the excavations at Magna:

Some Roman coins found in Buckinghamshire have been declared treasure:

Finds from the Roman baths dig at Carlisle are going on display:

More on the ship remains found near Viminacium:

Hype for Emily Wilson's upcoming Iliad translation:

... and an essay by Emily Wilson on same:

An interview with Kathleen Coleman:

Daniel Mendelsohn on the Odyssey:

Review of Victoria Houseman, *American Classicist*:

Pondering whether there were Jewish gladiators:

Feature on ancient Lycia and its influence on the US Founding Fathers:

Feature on Roman divinities in ancient Cologne:

Feature on Greek perception of colour:

Feature on the recreation of the colossal statue of Constantine:

Feature on Marcus Aurelius:

Feature on Nero:

Feature on the Vapheio Cups:


Latest Pasts Imperfect:
Roman Archaeology Blog:

A large collection of Palaeolithic (24 000 years bp) petroglyphs from the Cueva Dones cave in Spain:

9000 BCE lithics and microthics from Vinjeora (Norway):

An 8000 years bp encampment site near Carlisle:

A number of 8000 years bp (maybe) flints may identify a 'viewpoint' in Dartmoor:

A 5500 years bp menhir from Portugal:

Dissertation research on Middle/Late Neolithic land use in west Estonia:

Evidence of Neolithic (and earlier?) burial practices from the Galeria del Silex in Spain:

A complete Neolithic cursus from the Isle of Arran:

After 150 years of research and associated finds, evidence of a Neolithic (3400 years bp) settlement at Marais de Saint-Gond:'

A 3000 years bp (maybe) Lusatian double burial from Poland:

3000 years bp 'mummified' bees from Portugal:

Motorway work in Cork has revealed plenty of finds from various periods (Neolithic home, Bronze Age cremation burials, etc.)

A 2500 years bp canoe from a Swiss lake:

2100 years bp cremation burials from Pleumeleuc (France):

A 2000 years bp child's shoe from excavations at a Durrnberg salt mine:

A 2000 years bp 'rainbow cup' Celtic coin from Germany:

A 1500 years bp reindeer hunting site from Norway:

... but an arrow find associated with the above might be 4000 years bp:

A rookie metal detectorist in Norway came across some 6th century gold jewelry:

A metal detectorist in North Yorkshire found an almost complete Anglo-Saxon bowl:

Overview of finds from excavations at an 8th/9th century monastery in Cookham:

A 10th century warrior burial with a silver sabretache plete from Hungary:

A Merovincian warrior burial from Ingelheim (Germany):

Overview of medieval finds from a housing development site in Beaumaris:

A medieval ring found by a metal detectorist in Tetbury has been declared treasure:

A hoard of 12 silver coins, most from the reign of Boleslaw the Bold, from Poland:

A 17th century 'vampire' child burial from Pien:

Three unusual burials near an 18th century execution site in Germany:

Hyping the search for a 'lost' medieval palace in the Scottish Borders:

Some experimental archaeology involving neolithic canoes on the Thames:

A new legal challenge to the Stonehenge tunnel:

Specialists were conducting a survey of the stone in Westminster Abbey's West Towers:

Restoration of Salisbury Cathedral is almost complete:

Archaeology in Europe News:

Viking Archaeology Blog:

3200+ tombs (1500-1000 BCE) from China's Qinghai province:

A large and well-preserved lake shell midden (Shang and Zhou Dynasty) from Yunnan:

2000 years bp chime bells from Henan:

Wei Kingdon-Jin Dynasty burials and domestic building foundations from Liaoning:

Assorted Ming Dynasty finds from Changchun:

People using an excavator to 'make a path' did some major damage to China's Great Wall:

Feature on Fang Beisong's work with bamboo slips:

... related:

A 4000 years bp pyramidal structure from Kazakhstan:

Paintings on the walls of Gua Sireh cave (Malaysia) have been dated to the 17th-19th centuries:

A Bronze age burial of a girl, along with 150 animal ankle bones, from Kazakhstan:

Neolithic (?) finds from near Khajaguda:

A 2000 years bp 'gold foil' and a lotus relief of some sort from Purana Qila:

A 19th century stepwell is being excavated in Hyderabad:

Workers found 240 British-era gold coins in Gujarat (with 239 being 'stolen by cops'):

3d maps of the Swan River led to the find of an unknown sunken barge (100 years bp?) near Perth:

An unnamed company has admitted damaging an archaeological site in New Zealand:
3000 years bp woven grass mats from Alaska's Kodiak Island:

Analysis of salmon bones reveals the Tsleil-Waututh Nation sustainably fished for salmon for 2500 years:

An early 1100s CE macaw breeding site from New Mexico:

A 'copper dome' found back in 1980 near the wreck of the Santa Margarita might be a 17th century diving bell:

An 1881 shipwreck found in Lake Michigan off the coast of Wisconsin:

Drought in Texas has exposed five sunken WWI era ships in the Neches River:

... and there are thought's a town 'hidden under lake' might soon be revealed:

There was hype for the opening of a 195 years bp time capsule from West Point:

... but then we were told it was empty:

... and then we were told there were some coins:

... and a related feature on Thaddeus Kosciuszko:

No evidence of a hoped-for 1631 Dutch fort at the Lewes Dairy site in Delaware:

Overview/plans for a Beothuk site in central Newfoundland:

What a buffalo processing site near Calgary is revealing:

Feature on bellmaking in Watervliet (NY):

Remains of a 4000+ years bp adobe wall from Huaca Tomabal (Peru):

A 3000 years bp priestly burial ('Priest of Pacopama') from northern Peru:

An 1100 years bp 'nose ornament' made of human bone from Palenque:

A 1000 years bp mummified person with long hair from the Huaca Pucllana site in Lima:

A 1000 years bp War burial site (two chambers) and more from Peru's Cajamarca region:

Burials of 13 males (600-900 CE) near a Maya pyriamid at Moral-Reforma:

Heavy rains helped to expose an 800 years bp burial near the El Tlatoani archaeological zone:

A Late Post-Classic chacmool statue from Patzcuaro:

A pit of offerings of various dates (?) from the Templo Mayor in Mexico City:

An 'Atlantean' sculpture from Chichen Itza:

More on the find of Ocumtun:

Feature on the history of cochineal dye:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas Breaking News:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas lecture channels on Youtube:

Ancient MesoAmerica News:
Identifying the first person to raise the alarm about London's Great Fire:!preferred/0/package/1447/pub/1447/page/8/article/NaN

On Henry Ford's Cotswolds cottage:

Des Cheveux et des Poils:


Egyptian Writing:

Tunisia is reopening the Bardo Museum:

The Hermitage Amsterdam has cut ties with Russia and is now the H'ART Museum:

News from the British Museum continues ... first the claim that they're recovering missing items:

... but that more may be missing:

... and the BM should tell us what is missing:

... and opEds on the BM's stance on returning items:

... of which Wales wants the Mold Cape back:

... and China wants things back:!preferred/0/package/1444/pub/1444/page/35/article/NaN

... and Egypt:

... and Nigeria:

... and the Scots and Cornish:

... and lots of chatter about the Parthenon sculptures:!preferred/0/package/1443/pub/1443/page/35/article/NaN

... and items such as an Iron Age torc from Worcester:

... and concerns for the BM's reputation:

... and assorted other OpEds:!preferred/0/package/1444/pub/1444/page/70/article/NaN

The BM is calling Christos Tsirogiannis in to check for looted items:!preferred/0/package/1453/pub/1453/page/46/article/NaN

The BM also appointed a new interim director:

A study of the genome of a family who lived in the Urals some 3800 years bp:

Matching human remains in German museums to living relatives in Tanzania:

Identifying the origins of 'liberated' Africans who were taken to St Helena:

More on what we've learned from Otzi's DNA:
Using AI to argue over a Raphael:

Using 3d imaging technique to reveal 'hidden' animals in La Pasiega petroglyphs:

Using various technologies to study cremated remains in some Bronze Age urns from Austria:

Feature on Julie Dunne's work studying ancient biomolecules:

Feature on use of Raman spectroscopy to study wall paintings at Pompeii:

Feature on how Hew Morrison does facial reconstructions:

Wartburg Castle:


This week's 'tourists behaving badly' includes three tourists being fined for damaging stones at Sarmizgetusa Regia:

... and a German tourist damaging a 16th century Fountain of Nepture in Florence:

Richard Beale has pleaded guilty to charges arising from the attempted auction of that EidMar aureus (and more) a few months ago:

A man 'filmed' himself damaging a Bronze Age monument in Wales:

Evidence of clandestine digging at Heraclea Minoa:

Feature on three 'infamous' antiquities dealers:

Feature on Stefan Guericke:

The US has signed an agreement with Yemen regarding trafficking of artifacts:

conflict antiquities:

anonymous swiss collector:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Looting Matters:

Illicit Cultural Property:


The 'emperor as philosopher' statue (maybe Marcus Aurelius) at the Cleveland MoA was seized (and probably headed for Turkiye):

... and an opEd:

Similarly, a 'Portrait of a Lady' was seized from the Worcester Art Museum:

The Boston MFA is checking its collection for looted bronzes too:

A Scottish museum returned a totem pole to the Nisga'a Nation:

A dozen items from the Met and a New Jersey storage unit were returned to Lebanon:

A sacred stone that had been moved to Lawrence (Kansa) was returned to the Kaw Nation:

The Manchester Museum is returning 174 items to an Indigenous Australian community:

An investigation suggests the Michael C Carlos museum at Emory will be returning items soon:

OpEd calling for the return of Peruvian human remains at the Smithsonian and elsewhere:
Feature on patina on ancient bronze coins:

Latest e-Sylums:

... and the one which should appear later today:

Coin Week:

Joseph Russo:

Diane Harris Cline:

Amnon Ben-Tor:

James Richard Jones III:

Audio News from Archaeologica:
Archaeology Magazine News Page: Archaeology:

Archaeology Briefs:

Atlas Obscura:

Heritage Daily:

Sapiens Archaeology:

Taygete Atlantis excavations blogs aggregator:

Archaeology Podcast Network:
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