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Oct 23, 2022, 12:20:23 PM10/23/22
explorator 25.27 October 23, 2022
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Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

DNA from Neanderthal remains found in a Siberian cave suggests they were a family:!preferred/0/package/1129/pub/1129/page/34/article/NaN


A study of assorted sites in Central Asia suggests its importance for human ancestral migration:


Study suggests Neanderthals may have been carnivores (?):


More on Neanderthal-Sapiens coexisting and 'sharing' ideas:

More on the conclusions being reached from 'extinct human species' remains from Tunel Wielki cave:

Something about the 'rescue' of 38 000 years bp geometric designs on a rock in South Africa:
Plenty of items relating to the 100th anniversary of the find of Tutankhamun's tomb, starting with an overview of his life and death:

... 10 things to know:

... assorted artifacts, including his 'hunting box':

... lots of footwear:

... some figurines:

... his shrine:

... some earrings:

... assorted other objects from his tomb:

... and features on Howard Carter:

... and others who worked on the excavations:

... and opEds on how Egypt seems to have been written out of the Tutankhamun centenary story:

More on calls for the return of the Rosetta stone (mostly from Zahi Hawass):;s-Zahi-Hawass-mobilises-for-the-return-of-Ro.aspx

More on that falcon shrine recently revealed in Berenike:

Another feature on the deciphering of hieroglyphs:

Folks were in Aswan to see the sun alignment at Ramses II's temple there:

A study of 12 000 years bp obsidian artifacts from Iran:

A nice overview of Iranian history:

Restoration work at Mosul's Mashki Gate have revealed some 2700 years bp reliefs among the damage caused by ISIL:

13 reliefs from 2700 years bp from an 'archaeological park' in northern Iraq (I think this is different from the above):

More on the drone survey of Lagash:

A 3000 years+ bp clay tablet from Buklukale is shedding light on Hittite-Hurrian relations:

Feature on the Epic of Gilgamesh:

2600 years bp Med Kingdom finds from Oluz Hoyuk:

A 6th century CE Balbal from Kyrgyzstan:

Using drones to located the site of the 1071 Battle of Manzikert:

More on the apparently recent (?) find of the location of the tomb of St Nicholas of Myra:

Feature on one of the people working to restore artifacts from Pergamon:

Press coverage of a conference in Jordan relating to the archaeology of Zoara:

... and a paper on excavations at Tell Zira'a:

Feature on the Khatt Shebib wall in Jordan:

Graffiti from a 15th century Swiss knight in the 'King David's Tomb' complex:

More on the ivory plaques found at a 8th/7th century BCE palatial structure in the Jerusalem Walls National Park:

Feature on the Timna Mines:

Feature on Arab archaeologists working in Israel:

Feature on digging at El Araj:

Feature on Tell-es Safi:

This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

Recent finds from the Sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko:

10 Etruscan tombs found in the Monterozzi necropolis near Tarquina:

Overview of recent finds from the Etruscan site of Podere Cannicci:

From Phanagoria comes a burial of a woman believed to be a priestess of Aphrodite (and other things):

A 2000 years bp whistle from a child burial in Assos:

A Roman villa with a bathhouse from Trottiscliffe:

A Roman military town find from northern Morocco:

Not sure if we mentioned this statue torso find from Amphipolis (last year):

Those ancient Israeli opium containers we mentioned a week or so ago were made in Cyprus:

Somewhat vague item on recent Roman-era finds from Antiocheia:

A late Roman-era silver pin find by a metal detectorist in Norfolk:

A palimpsest of the Codex Climaci Rescriptus was found to also have Hipparchus' (long-lost) star catalogue:


In case you missed the 1600 years bp mosaic found in Rastan:

... and apparent concerns for neighbouring properties:

A pair of erotes from Smyrna are going on display:

One of the longest Latin inscriptions from Roman Britiain is going on display:

Assorted projects in Malaga are delayed because of the find of a Roman-era hypocaust (it seems):

A 'synagogue' found in 1991 in Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park is now considered more likely to be a Roman temple:

More on the Roman ford (maybe) revealed at Evesham last week:

More on the Bronze Age village destroyed by Vesuvius some 4000 years bp:

More on the Medusa 'medal' from Perre:

More on the origins of soldiers who fought on the Greek side at Himera:

More on the possible find of a temple of Poseidon at Samicum:

Review of Peter Stothard, *Crassus*:

Feature on Margaret L. Laird:

Marking the 30th anniversary of Dona Tartt's *Secret History*:

Feature/study of the fresco in the Tomb of the Diver in Paestum:

Feature on displays at Thessaloniki's metro stations:

Feature on Sardinian nuraghi:

Feature on Amphipolis:

Feature on (looted) Greek shipwrecks off Albania:

Feature on a Greek helmet dating to the time of the Persian wars which was found in Israel back in 2007:

Feature on Phaistos:

Feature on the Lion of Kea:

Feature on women in Greek myth:

Feature on Phryne:

Feature on some ancient Greek woman's footwear:

Feature on the Persian burning of the Acropolis:

In case you missed the story of the Roman bust at an Austin Goodwill a few months ago:

Feature on the Parthenon Project:

OpEd on returning the Parthenon Sculptures:

A majority of British folks are in favour of the Parthenon Sculptures' return:

Something about a 'loophole' that would allow the Sculptures to be returned being blocked (or about to be):!preferred/0/package/1126/pub/1126/page/31/article/NaN

Latest Pasts Imperfect:

Roman Archaeology Blog:

10 000 years bp 'bog bones' from a site in Germany:

A study suggests milk was being consumed/used in Central Europe some 7400 years bp:

A 'mysterious structure' found in Cork Harbour years ago is now identified as a megalithic dolmen:

A study of the diets of Saqqaq people on Greenland beginning some 4500 years bp (and going for a few thousand years) suggests they had a varied diet:

An Urnfield Culture (maybe) gold belt/diadem from the Czech Republic:

A study of remains of an Orkney woman from 1800 years bp suggests she had a high seafood diet:

A Pictish cross find from Perthshire:

Using various techniques to determine whether Justinian's plague made it to Uppakra (Sweden):

Study suggests that Vikings' self-image was influenced by ancient Rome:

A 10th century 'Thor's Hammer' amulet from Sweden:

A study of medieval bones of upper class types in Norway suggests they had stronger bones:

A study of medieval Islamic glass from Caerlaverock Castle:

Overview of work at Bedrule Castle:

More on the 10 000 years bp infant burial from Liguria:

More on the 280+ burials found beneath a department store in Wales:

More on the various footprints from the Formby coastline:

A campaign to save a possible medieval church in Norwich doesn't seem to be working:
Archaeology in Europe News:

Viking Archaeology Blog:

Turkic petroglyphs depicting mammoths (?), among other things from the Gobi desert:

Feature on the Shuomen archaeological site:

Feature on Liu Bang:

More on the 6000 years bp hunter/gatherer skull found in a cave in Taiwan:

Damage to Japan's oldest toilet:

The fallen face of an aspsara at Angkor's Ta Prohm temple was restored:

Excavations in Vembakottai are revealing centuries-old trade links with Afghanistan:

Kids digging in Madhya Pradesh came across a hoard of 282 British era coins:

Mohenjo Daro is showing signs of recovery from the recent floods:

... but there appears to be damage to the Ranikot fort in Sindh:

Feature on S Paramasivan and their work preserving Chola bronzes in the 1930s:

Feature on the history of kantha in India:

Not sure where to put this one on Aboriginal artifacts returning for exhibition in Hobart, but they're only a 'loan':

Seven Sisters Dreaming narrative has been identified in petroglyphs in the Marra Wonga rock shelter:
A First Nations fire pit (and more) at a Williams Lake mall excavation site:

A 'significant' Wampanoag site from the Plymouth waterfront:

What the wreck of the Guerrero slave ship is revealing:

More on the 19th century shipwreck revealed by a low Mississippi:

... and apparently people have been taking souvenirs:

Plans for DNA tests on human remains revealed during repair work at a Norfolk basilica:

A 142 years bp Catholic church in New Jersey has been saved from the wrecking ball:

The wreck of the whaleback Barge 129 has been identified in Lake Superior:

Feature on Hopewell views of the afterlife:

Feature on a 17th century account of demonic possession in New France:

Feature on belief in vampires in colonial Connecticut:

Feature on preserving 'privies' in Virginia:

Review of Stacy Schiff, *The Revolutionary*:

5300 years bp human remains from a site in the Dominican:

500+ obsidian mine shafts near Teotihuacan in the Sierra Nevadas:

A Late Classic (I think) dual Maya stele from Uxmal:

Study suggests the Isthmus of Tehuantepec was used as an inter-oceanic passage as early as the 16th century:

More on 1500 years bp Maya 'salt kitchens' in Belize:

More on the wreck of the Dolphin off the coast of Argentina:

More on non-elite use of chocolate among the Maya:

Feature/review of an edition of the Maya Codex:
Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas Breaking News:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas lecture channels on Youtube:

Ancient MesoAmerica News:
Not sure where to put this one on paleography of various ancient handwritten scripts:

Feature on work being done on Ottoman-era manuscripts at the Mount Athos monastery:

Feature on Mary and Elizabeth I:

Feature on the history of bataireacht:

Feature on the origins of the 'wicked stepmother':

Feature on the hunt for 'elusive' shipwrecks:

Feature on the Gospel of Judas:

Feature on fear of the number 13:

Feature on the history of cholera:

Feature on Katharine Augusta Carl's portrait of Cixi:

A Minneapolis church still has services in Norwegian:

More on concerns for the Endurance:

Review of Malcolm Gaskill, *The Ruin of All Witches*:

Review of Sean Connolly, *On Every Tide*:

Review of Joseph Sassoon, *The Sassoons*:
Feature on ancient Europe and Ukraine:

Feature on Howard Baskerville:
Feature on the worst ideas of five big-name philosophers:
Afghan History and Art:

Alexander the Great:



Salem Witch Trials:


Rosetta Stone:


Herculaneum furniture:

Feature on security in museums which are being targeted by activists:

Feature on the 'research side' of museums:

Possible financial concerns for Beirut's National Museum:

Feature on the GEM:

Feature on the Detroit Institute of Arts:

Tunisians want the Bardo Museum to reopen:

A 'lascivious' Titian is heading to auction:

Big bucks for a Shang dynasty marble frog:

More on the auction of those 1880s Levi's found in an abandoned mine:

More on the auction of coins found during kitchen renovations in North Yorkshire:
A DNA study suggests that exposure to the bubonic plague may have affected immunity to other diseases:


A study of plant DNA from sediments of the Armenian Aghitu-3 cave is shedding live on early plant use:


Latest piece on tourists behaving badly in Italy:

... and another:
Feature on four American composers:
Authorities seized three ancient sculptures from a shop in Madurai:

Egypt foiled a fairly large smuggling attempt at the port of Nuweiba:

Four arrests at an illegal dig at a site in Macedonia:

A guy in Italy was trying to sell three 2nd century CE amphorae online:
conflict antiquities:

anonymous swiss collector:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Looting Matters:

Illicit Cultural Property:


307 antiquities were returned to India from various US sources:

The US also returned 46 artifacts to Pakistan:

Maori human remains were returned from a museum in Austria:

Turkiye is returning seized items to Iraq:

Feature on Seminole efforts to recover some human remains at the Smithsonian:

Indonesia is seeking the return of 'Java Man' and more from museums in the Netherlands:

Cambodia continues to check out museums (now in Singapore and Asia) for looted objects:

More on the Smithsonian returns of Benin bronzes:
Latest e-Sylum:

... and the one which should appear later today:

Coin Week:

Ian Hamilton:

Roger Welsch:

Peter Schjeldahl:
Audio News from Archaeologica:
Archaeology Magazine News Page: Archaeology:

Archaeology Briefs:

Atlas Obscura:

Heritage Daily:

Sapiens Archaeology:

Taygete Atlantis excavations blogs aggregator:

Archaeology Podcast Network:
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