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Jun 25, 2023, 12:43:00 PM6/25/23
explorator 26.10 June 25, 2023
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Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay, Christopher Kimberley,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

57 000 years bp (or earlier) 'engravings' from the La Roche-Cotard cave are being attributed to Neanderthals:


Evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism from the Coves del Toll de Mola cave (Spain):

Evidence of bone tools at the Chez-Pinaud-Jonzac Neanderthal site:

More on the muscle reconstruction of Lucy and its implications:

More on 86 000 years bp evidence of homo sapiens from the Tam Pa Ling cave on Laos:

More on the 42 000 years bp 'phallic pendant' from Mongolia:

More on 'Viking disease' being passed on in Neanderthal genes:

More on multiple origins from closely related populations for homo sapiens:
Pondering depictions of one-horned creatures in art across southern Africa:
The pyramid of Queen Titi Sheri in Abydos has been restored:

More on evidence of hydraulic engineering along the Nile in Egypt and Sudan:

Remains of a settlement that was 'prosperous' during the Sassanid era from western Iran:

A dig at the Gabri site yas revealed Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanid-era pottery:

Feature on Ennigaldi-Nanna and the first museum:

Feature on the book of Esther as a source for Achaemenian history:

Review of Matt Waters, *King of the World: The Life of Cyrus the Great*:

More on locating sites in Iraq using AI:

More on translating cuneiform using AI:

A 1600 years bp mosaic with Trojan War scenes is being excavated at al-Rastan City (Syria):

A monument to Ishtar from Nimrud (I think this is a few months old, newswise):

Feature on the art of Dura Europos:

Finds from several eras but mostly focusing on the find of a Cimmerian settlement site in Anatolia:

An overview of the state of underwater archaeology in Turkiye:

4th century BCE pebble mosaics from a 'wealthy' building complex in Sinop:

2300 years bp burials within the city wall of Iznik:

Feature on Jordan's Roman-era water tunnel of Umm Qais:

Study suggests a Tel Shikmona factora was manufacturing purple dye in the First Temple era:

Latest attempt at identifying the 'real Bethsaida':

More on 12 000 years bp bone 'flutes' from a Natufian site in Israel:

Feature on the Amorites:

More on the suggestion that Bronze Age Jerusalem was centred on Temple Mount:

Pondering when humans first started to 'settle down' (in the ANE):

Feature on Lawrence of Arabia:
This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

Plenty of 15th/14th century grave goods from the Hala Sultan Tekke site (Cyprus):

Etruscan pottery and pieces of iron chalics from the Etruscan necropolis of Crocifisso del Tufo in Orvieto (Italian):

A 4th century BCE painted tomb burial from Pontecagnano (all coverage is Italian so far):

Early report of a 3rd century BCE shipwreck full of amphorae off the coast of Hvar:

Roman era pottery found in an agricultural trench during roadwork in Malta:

A tease of a 'relief' depicting an agathodemon being revealed at Pompeii (Italian):

A 1900 years bp silver phalera from Vindolanda:

A quotation from Virgil identified on an 1800 years bp olive oil amphora from Spain:


The site where Julius Caesar was assassinated (and the Largo Argentina cat sanctuary) opened to the public:

More on the Roman mausoleum site revealed in London:

More on coins linked to the Legio X Fretensis being found in Georgia:

Hyping the dig just getting underway at Birdoswald fort:

The DNA sequence of a pair of victims from Pompeii has been worked out (this seems to be an old story):

The dig at Carlisle (where the big heads were found) has been extended until July:

... related:

Hyping the new Metro station to be built under Rome's Forum:

An interview with Paul Cartledge about Cleopatra:

Review of Jane Draycott, *Cleopatra's Daughter*:

Review of Adam Nicolson, *How to Be: Life Lessons from the Early Greeks*:

Feature on a small bronze hand found at Vindolanda a few years ago:

Feature on how ancient Athens was 'more genuinely democratic' than modern systems:

Feature on gladiators:

Feature on the Epiacum Roman Fort:

Feature on the 'rules' of the Trojan War:

Feature on toga parties through the ages:

Feature on the Antikythera Mechanism:

Feature on ancient Greek marriage and wedding ceremonies:

Feature on the circus which was once on the site of the Vatican:

Feature on Dionysus:

Feature on Nike:

Feature on ancient Greek 'melee weapons':

Feature on the Greek Dark Ages:

Feature on the Eleusinian mysteries:

Feature on Theano of Crotone:

Feature on the wars between Greece and Persia:

Feature on Keats' 'Chapman's Homer' poem:

Another feature on headless Roman statues:

Latest Pasts Imperfect newsletter:
Roman Archaeology Blog:

7000 years bp fish traps from Lake Tesse (Norway):

A 4000 years bp 'Stonehenge-like' sanctuary from the Netherlands:

4000 years bp burials of victims of two different varieties of plague from Austria:

A metal detectorist in Poland came across a Bronze Age jewellery hoard:

A metal detectorist in Norfolk found a Viking-era bronze die of some sort:

Excavations at a 12th/13th century settlement site in Russia have revealed a seal depicting St George (inter alia):

A medieval sword found in Amiens last year has gone on display:

Latest interesting flea market find is a medieval hand cannon (!):

A medieval gaming piece with runic inscriptions from rescue excavations in Trondheim (Norway):

A study of the wealth made via slavery by past rulers in the Netherlands:

Finds from various periods from a dig near Rimavska Sobota (Slovakia):

Finds from various periods from a development site dig in Truro:

More on 4000 years bp evidence of yersina pestis in Britain:

More on viking runes found during kitchen renovations in Denmark:

More on Bronze Age burials near Stonehenge:

More on that (suspiciously) well-preserved 3000 years bp sword from a German burial:

More on the petroglyphs recently found in Norway:

More on plans to raise the 3000 years bp Zambratija shipwreck (sewn boat) off the coast of Croatia:

More on violence in early farming societies of Neolithic Europe:

More on the depiction of a Viking ship found on Iceland:

Official pondering of the future of the Scatness site:

Concerns for London's Liverpool Street Station:

Concerns/feature on St Peter-on-the-Wall church:

Conservation of some Turkish-held churches on Cyprus have been completed:

A dig near Caerau Hillfort in Cardiff has resumed:

... related:

A grant to study early inhabitants of Scotland:

Feature on 20 'Polish Stonehenge' sites (7000 years bp):

Feature on the acoustics of Stonehenge:

Feature on recreating the Viking diet:

Feature on recreating Ipswich Ware:

Archaeology in Europe News:

Viking Archaeology Blog:

Eastern Zhou Dynasty finds (including musical instruments and a wooden oar) from two site in Shaoxing:

A Warring States tomb from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region:

A Spring and Autumn period 'large-scale building site' from Shaanxi:

A 2000 years bp bunch of Zongzi from a tomb excavating in Xinyang:

What ceramics reveal about Chinese trade in the 14th century:

Overview of a recent Chinese project using a submersible to locate assorted shipwrecks:

Restoration and reinstallation of some sandstone pillars at Angkor Wat;

400 (or more) Chola-era finds from an excavation in Vadakkapattu:
9000 years bp tools found by divers off the coast of Western Australia:

More on Moluccan boats depicted on Australian petroglyphs:
Evidence of macaw breeding in southwestern New Mexico as early as the 12th century:

Possible foundations of a French and Indian Wars post in Halifax (Pennsylvania):

Latest finds being put together at the Colonial Fort Michilimackinac dig:

Human remains found at a West Asheville construction site likely belonged to former enslaved persons and parishioners associated with an African American Church:

Digging up a parking lot in downtown Montreal revealed remains of an early 19th century stone house:

Feature on a study of 16th and 17th century Indigenous pottery in McMaster's collection:

We're beginning to read of things found in that Shuyler statue time capsule:

More on early evidence of freshwater fishing in Alaska:

More on 6000 years bp 'earth ovens' in Washington State:

More on Caddo Nation ancestors' remains being found at the Crenshaw site in Arkansas:

More on evidence that Paleo-americans were hunting assorted megafauna 13 000 years bp:
A previously-unknown Maya city site from the jungles of southern Mexico:

A Maya sculpture of Cizin from Mexico (we may have mentioned this a while ago):

Burials and assorted objects found from a dig at the Toltec site of Tula:

More on the mummified person found surrounded by coca leaves in Lima:

... and the one found in a rubbish dump:

More on climate change and violence in early Andean populations:
Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas Breaking News:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas lecture channels on Youtube:

Ancient MesoAmerica News:
Not sure where to put this item on the identification of the Graz Mummy Book (3rd century BCE) as possibly being the earliest example of a codex:

Feature on Lizzie Halliday:

Feature on C.S. Lewis:

Not sure where to put this story of the British Museum not acknowledging the translator of some Chinese poetry in one of its exhibitions:

Interesting study of eye movements of folks looking at Bosch's 'Garden of Earlthly Delights':

A study of the spread of racism by former Confederates after the Civil War:


Feature on Freud and his antiquities:

What medieval manuscripts reveal about the history of whales:

Pondering whether Indiana Jones helped or hurt archaeology:

Pondering the naming of diseases:

Review of translations of Seamus Heaney:
Some of the annual coverage of the summer solstice at Stonehenge:

... and how the ancient Greeks marked the summer solstice:

... and ten monuments that align to the solstice:

On the history of abortion:

Seeking Heritage Statue for Ludwig II's palaces:

The Louvre is safeguarding some Ukrainian antiquities:

More on Egypt's anger at a Dutch museum:
A study of the origin of the Irish language:

More on the origin of Indigenous languages in South America:
Feature on Diogenes the Cynic:

Victor Nuovo on the Socratic revolution:
The Feast:


San Casciano Bronzes:

Proof of Early China:

China's Hidden Century:



Medieval Treasures:

Incas Beyond the Empire:

Return of the Gods:

Charles II associated Prayerbook:!preferred/0/package/1376/pub/1376/page/33/article/NaN

Spanish Armada Maps:



The End of the Seven Years' War:

Looking for a place to house the Yenikapi shipwrecks:

Amsterdam's Rembrandt House has a tattoo room for a while:

Athens' Acropolis Museum is 14 years old:

More on Egypt's dispute with a Dutch museum exhibit:

A preview of the expansion of Tunisia's Carthage Museum:

Feature on the International African American Museum:

Lefferts Historic House has been restored and reopened:

Interview with Zahi Hawass regarding the Grand Egyptian Museum:
The last portrait Klimt made is coming to auction:

The Louvre interrupted the auction of an Anguier sculpture:

A "Painting of Two Ladies" has been 'saved for the UK":
Latest facial reconstruction is a teenaged Anglo-Saxon girl:!preferred/0/package/1373/pub/1373/page/43/article/NaN

Four Ptolemaic mummies from the National Archaeological Museum Egyptian collection received the CT treatment:

Solstice at Sperlonga:

Standing stones in Cornwall:

Shikoku Pilgrimage:


Another tourist behaving badly carving graffiti at the Colosseum:

Douglas Latchford's daughter paid $12 million to end the case:

Arrests in assorted major art thefts from US Museums over the past few decades:

Turkish police recovered thousands of items in a major raid in Istanbul:

Iranian police seized 3680 items at Tehran's airport:

The guy who was trying to sell that EidMar aureus was charged with grand larceny:

More on the California man on trial (now convicted) for importing a looted Roman mosaic from Syria:

Review of Michael Finkel, *The Art Thief*:
conflict antiquities:

anonymous swiss collector:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Looting Matters:

Illicit Cultural Property:


The US will be returning 100 items to India, apparently:

The US returned a large number of ancient Greek coins to Greece:

The UK returned a smuggled statue to Iran:

Germany returned a pair of masks to Colombia:

Austria is working on a law to return colonial items:

More on Italy's return of a 2800 years bp stone tablet to Iraq:
Latest e-Sylum:

... and the one which should appear later today:

Coin Week:

Judith Averill:

Max Morath:

Theodore Weeden:

Henry Petroski:

Peter Harbison:

Audio News from Archaeologica:
Archaeology Magazine News Page: Archaeology:

Archaeology Briefs:

Atlas Obscura:

Heritage Daily:

Sapiens Archaeology:

Taygete Atlantis excavations blogs aggregator:

Archaeology Podcast Network:
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