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Oct 15, 2023, 12:25:26 PM10/15/23
explorator 26.26 October 15, 2023
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Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay, Dorothy Lobel,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

A few catchup items in this one too ...

Study suggests Neanderthals were actively hunting cave lions:


Another study suggests homo erectus lived at high altitudes in Ethiopia 2 million years bp and produced both Oldowan and Acheulean tools:


Another one on the intelligence of Neanderthals, as evidence by their cooking skills:


... similar:

More on the 476 000 years bp wooden structure found in Zambia:
England's first outpost in Africa (1631) may have been found in Ghana:

A study of Garamantian water use:
5000 years bp intact wine jars from the tomb of Meret-Neith in Abydos:

More on the additional rooms located in Sahura's pyramid:

More on Old/Middle Kingdom mummified persons, statues, and more from a well in Saqqara:

Feature on ancient Egyptian beliefs about the Duat:

Feature on mapping subsurface Saqqara:

A 'royal wall' (Cyrus?) find from Persepolis:

A Sassanid-era military workshop site in a cave in northern Iran:

The search for the Laodicea Temple in Nahavand (Iran) continues:

Suggestion to dig at the 9000 years bp Tepe Ozbaki site for UNESCO registration purposes:

Reassessing the use of AI to translate Hittite texts:

Basra now has an antiquities library:

Feature on the Nimrud 'lens':

Overview of excavations at a 4500 years bp site in Soran:,-Kurdish-archaeologists-discover-ancient-site-in-Soran

An 11 000 years bp (!) painted statue of a wild boar from Gobekli Tepe:

A trio of 7700 years bp human(ish) figurines from near Izmir:

Evidence of increased violence in Mesopotamia and the Middle East (lots of cranial injuries) 4500 to 3300 BCE:

Overview of the ongoing excavation of the Kumluca Middle Bronze Age shipwreck off the coast of Antalya:

Some of the 3500 years bp Hittite glyphs in found last year in Yerkapi tunnel have been translated:

A hoard of 2000 years bp bronze coins from Alexandria Troas:

A 1700 years bp iron trident find from Assos:

More on the find of portrait head of Alexander the Great (2nd century CE) from Konuralp:

Feature on UPenn's dig at Gordion and its World Heritage designation:

Plans for a georadar study of the 2000 years bp Karakus Tumulus:

A hoard of 7th century CE gold coins from the Golan Heights:

More on the 6th century CE Psalm-inspired prayer inscription from Hyrcania:

More on the find a few weeks ago of four Roman swords in a Judean desert cave:

Feature on jar burials at Khirbet Qumran:

More on pigment and bone processing in Neolithic Saudi Arabia:


Feature on the archaeology of the Black Desert:

Feature on Iron Age dog burials in the Levant:
This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

A 4th century BCE frescoed tomb from the Pontecagnano necropolis:

An Iron Age/Roman agricultural community from near Coddington and Newark:

A well-preserved 2000 years bp decorated tomb (dubbed the 'tomb of Cerberus') from Giugliano:

A 3rd century CE Roman shipwreck off Sicily has been recovered from the sea intact:

A study has found ancient traces of paint on the Parthenon sculptures:!preferred/0/package/1487/pub/1487/page/43/article/NaN


AI has helped to read a word on a burnt Herculaneum papyrus:


More on the 2nd century CE Roman statue of a nymph from Tusculum:

More on the Roman 'fridge' at Novae:

Reviews of Emily Wilson's translation of the Iliad:

Review of Natalie Haynes, *Divine Might*:

Review of Victoria Houseman, *American Classicist*:

Review of 300 000 Kisses: Tales of Queer Love from the Ancient World:

Feature on the Grande Pompei project:

Plans for an archaeological walk linking sites in Rome:

Marie-Claire Beaulieu on assorted plant metamorphoses stories:

There's an augmented reality app for Greek monuments now:

Feature on the Ivory Bangle Lady:

Feature on the Aeneid almost being destroyed:

Feature on Roman bathhouses:

Feature on the tome of an Indian Buddhist monk in the Kerameikos:

Greece is still campaigning for the return of the Parthenon sculptures:

Roman Archaeology Blog:

Evidence of humans living at high elevations during the Ice Age in Spain:

Remains of 7300 years bp wooden structures from the La Draga site (Spain):

I think we mentioned this Neolithic cursus find on Arran:

A 3000 years bp funerary stele from the Las Capellanias necropolis in Spain:

2000 years bp dice from Poland:

Study suggests the Vikings had glass window panes:

Analysis of some runestone inscriptions suggests Viking queen Thyra may have been very powerful:


Remains of a 13th century church in Thessaloniki:

A medieval iron folding chair from a woman's burial from Bavaria:

A medieval key (and wall remains) at a housing development site in Claverham:

A Crusader-era (maybe) sword find from a medieval church in Finland:

A series of 14th century frescoes found in a Franciscan church a couple years ago have been revealed:

Foundations of a 15th century wood road from Belgium:

A 330 years bp coin hoard find in Scotland with possible connections to the Glencoe Massacre:!preferred/0/package/1485/pub/1485/page/11/article/NaN

I think we mentioned this 17th century child 'vampire burial':

Remains of an 18th century cold bath at Bath Assembly Rooms:

More on cannibalism in 15 000 years bp funerary contexts in Northern Europe:

More on that 700 years bp Serbian coin from Bulgaria:

More on those Merovingian (?) gold foil figures from a 'pagan' temple in Norway:

More on possibly-trodden-by-Shakespeare floorboard at King's Lynn:

Overview piece on items found recently in melting ice in Norway:

... and more on the 3000 years bp arrow with quartzite tip and fletching from NorwayL

Feature on the search for old mines in Wales:

The Orangery at Blenheim Palace has been restored and reopened:

Two Brighton Dome venues are reopening after refurbishment:

Leicester Cathedral will be reopening soon:

Historic England will be 'tagging' shipwrecks to protect them from looting:!preferred/0/package/1487/pub/1487/page/9/article/NaN

Feature on metal detectorists in Italy:

Suggestion that medieval Europeans may have wiped out some whale species:
Archaeology in Europe News:

Viking Archaeology Blog:

Some Eastern Zhou Dynasty burials exhibit blending of Shanxi culture with the local indigenous culture:

A study of Northern Wei Dynasty paintings from Shanxi:

A tomb of the founding emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty:

Remains of a 1400 years bp settlement beneath a playground in Ningbo:

Feature on the Yin Ruins site and oracle bones:

... and a feature just on oracle bones:

Feature on the restoration of some of the Terracotta Warriors:

A scroll depicting a rat wedding is revealing info about cooking in medieval Japan:


Overview item on a recently-found Indus Valley burial ground in Kutch:

Feature on stepwells in India:

Kangyui-era finds from a dig in south Kazakhstan:
A midden from the 1800s near Hawke's Bay:
Those footprints found in New Mexico have now been dated to 23 000 years bp:


3000 years bp evidence of weaving from a sod house on Kodiak Island:

Remains of a 900 CE - 1600 CE Native American village in Oshkosh:

A 19th century shipwreck buried in St Augustine:

... and more:

The wreck of the Huronton has been located in Lake Superior:

Catching up with the search for remains of the Tulsa Race Massacre victims:

Heritage status for Ohio's Hopewell Earthworks:

Quagga mussel concerns for Great Lakes shipwrecks:

Feature on birch bark in the archaeological record:

Low water levels at a man-made lake in Texas are revealing an underwater cave and remains of settlements from the 19th century:

Latest on the FBI's search for some Civil War gold:

Feature on the Esopus Wars:

Review of Fergus Bordewich, *Klan War*:
A study of violence among hunter-gatherers in the Atacama Desert:

Seven 2900 years bp elite burials from the Pallawcha Pampa site in Peru:

Gas work in Peru revealed a 1000 years bp children's burial ground:

Evidence ancient Amazonians created fertile 'dark earth':

Maya Train preliminaries have revealed 1500 years bp (?) housing complexes and a possible palace in Kabah:

... and a Maya necklace made from conch shell:

... and a 1000 years bp burial:

A Palenque elite burial on the site of hotel construction near Palenque:

A painted snake carving from Tenochitlan:

A study of income inequality in the Aztec empire:

Legends of a temple on the Cerro de San Miguel are possibly confirmed:

Hyping the possibility of 10 000 pre Columbian structures in the Amazon rain forest:


Feature on excavations at a colonial site in Colombia:

Feature on the Maya and annular solar eclipse predictions:

Feature on Maya water treatment:

Feature on the San Jose shipwreck:

A study of 'mummified poop' of pre Columbian cultures of the Caribbean:
Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas Breaking News:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas lecture channels on Youtube:

Ancient MesoAmerica News:
A study of Neolithic cooking evidence in various cultures:

A study of witchcraft accusations in 16th/17th century England:

Pondering how ancient Roman and Mayan buildings are still standing:

Controversy over plans for another expedition to the Titanic:

... and now on hold:

Feature on female Fauvists:

A lost Constable painting was found:

... as was a lost Artemisia Gentileschi:

Suggestion that Vlad the Impaler may have been vegan:

Possible marginalia by the Venerable Bede:

On the history of counting:

On the history of the zipper:

... and sequins:

... and macarons:

What skeletons of 1918 flu victims reveals:

On the Neolithic revolution:

On the history of nurses:

On Leonardo learning to draw from dead bodies:

... and a secret about the Mona Lisa:


On the Mormon alphabet:

On pareidolia in early cave art:

Studying the clothing in a Van Dyck portrait:

A painting by Rosalba Carriera has been identified:

Feature on Picasso:

Restoration of a painting of Isabella de Medici:

On a medieval skeleton and the history of syphilis:


The Library of Congress digitized 230 medieval manuscripts:

Feature on six famous archaeologists:

Feature on the 'Necropolis Railway':

Feature on 'fairy mania' in Britain:

Feature on the first farmers:

On mapping sites with GPR before they disappear:

Review of Gregg Hecimovich's biography of Hannah Crafts:
In case you missed the UNESCO World Heritage sites additions:

Assorted coverage on the cutting down of the Sycamore Gap tree:

... and subsequent arrests:

... and future plans:

... and Hadrian's Wall wasn't damaged:

Flooding in Libya damaged sites and raised fears of plundering:

... but also revealed some new sites:

The earthquake in Morocco damaged cultural sites:

Saratoga Springs is rethinking its city seal:

Latest accounting of cultural damage in the Ukraine:

... and a suggestion that Russians are conducting illegal excavations in Crimea:

Sites in Kyiv and Lviv have been added to the UN threatened list:

... but Venice 'escaped':

Feature on annular eclipse traditions in various Indigenous peoples in the Americas:

... and eclipses in history:

Manet Degas:

Alexandria's Greco-Roman museum has reopened after years of renovations:

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene is getting some renovations:

Museums in Wales are missing almost 2000 items:

... while UK museums are maintaining that art theft is 'rare':

More on UNESCO's plans for a virtual museum of stolen cultural objects:
A ring associated with the Sheriff of Nottingham fetched a nice price:

Dispute with a dealer over a sale of a Gabon mask:

A study of DNA of a First Temple Israelite family:

A repeat feature on Greeks using mercenaries at Himera:

Similarly with a study of Greek origin of Philistines:

conflict antiquities:

anonymous swiss collector:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Looting Matters:

Illicit Cultural Property:


The Manhattan DA returned 19 items to Italy:

Switzerland returned a number of items to Turkiye:

... and seized a number of items to return to Libya:

France retuned an item to Libya:

A painting stolen 30 years ago was returned to a Glasgow museum:

More on the seizure of a statue of Marcus Aurelius from the Cleveland Museum of Art:

... and a related feature on the Boubon Bronzes:

Pondering when museums should return things:

I think we mentioned the return of a stolen Van Gogh:

... and the return of items to Cambodia by Lindemann's heirs:

Feature on the Dorian Cities of Rhodes:

Latest e-Sylum:

... and the one which should appear later today:

Coin Week:

Anthony Holden:

Joseph Solodow:

Victor Nuovo:

Audio News from Archaeologica:
Archaeology Magazine News Page: Archaeology:

Archaeology Briefs:

Atlas Obscura:

Heritage Daily:

Sapiens Archaeology:

Taygete Atlantis excavations blogs aggregator:

Archaeology Podcast Network:
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