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explorator 25.18

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Aug 21, 2022, 12:36:55 PM8/21/22
explorator 25.18 August 21, 2022
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Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis,
John McMahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo,
Richard Campbell, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Bob Heuman, David Critchley,
Richard Miller, Kris Curry, Rick Heli, Richard C. Griffiths, Frank MacKay,
Don Buck, mata kimasitayo, and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses this week
(as always hoping I have left no one out).

Review of Peter Bellwood, *The Five-Million-Year Odyssey:
Possible 400 000 years bp evidence of a human presence/settlement in Iran:

A study of homo sapiens presence in the Kalahari coinciding with periods of water availability:

More on evidence that Howard Carter 'stole' Tutankhamun's treasure:

Egypt is renewing calls for the return of the Rosetta Stone to Egypt:

... some background:

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization has received some xray equipment:

Feature on sunken antiquities off Alexandria:

Feature on the restoration of the Golden Shrine of the temple at Medinet Habu:

Feature on the apparent return of Egyptomania:

Overviewish thing on work being done at the Elymais/Parthian site at Hung-e Ashdar site in Iran:

[this one has the same photo as the previous?] 5th-3rd millennium BCE finds from Tepe Parandak:

Evidence of iron smelting in Masuleh in the 5th-7th centuries AH:

Coverage of a dig at the 5th-8th century AH site of a 'governmental castle' in Ojan:

A team is 'tasked' with determining the 'legal boundary' of the Sialk Mound:

A project to preserve the Sasanian Kartir inscription/relief:

More on the possible decipherment of Elamite:


Feature on some Persian-era engraved gems:

Assorted Abbasid-era finds from Najaf (Iraq):

A 5000 years bp 'goddess idol' (apparently) from Izmir:

Coverage of a paper presented suggesting there's evidence of ritual sacrifice at Jabal Khashabiyah (Jordan?):

... and on research into the Jaya Palace:

Controversy over a Bar Ilan University dig at multiple sites in Nabi Saleh:

... not sure if this is related:

Construction concerns for Second Temple period artifacts near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron:

More on the latest evidence identifying a site as the Bethsaida associated with Peter:

Feature on the search for the 'lost tabernacle' at Shiloh somewhere:

Suggestion that soil deposition might provide evidence of the earthquake associated with Jesus' crucifixion:

Overviewish on the finds over the past while at AlUla and Khaybar (Saudi Arabia):

Plans for an underwater survey between Umluj and Ras Sheikh Humaid on the Red Sea:

This Week in the Ancient Near East Podcast:

A Bronze Age cremation urn from Vulci (Italian):

Evidence of third style wall decorations at the Roman temple of Cupra:

A 1st/2nd century statue of Hermes from Falerii Novi (Italian):

Evidence of a Roman glass production facility at a housing development site in Bristol:

Another temple find from Peperikon:

Remains of a 2200 years bp fountain from Assos:

Plenty of interest in the find of a collection of inscribed astragaloi in the Maresha-Bet Guvrin National Park:

Analysis of plant and animal remains (among other things) is helping to date the destruction of Tel Iztabba (a Greek town) destroyed by the Hasmoneans:

More on the remains of a Roman bridge found on the via Tiburtina:

... and the one associated with Nero:

More on the possibility of gladiator burials at Anavarza:

More on the finds relating to the monumental tumulus at Laona (Cyprus):

In case you missed the possible identification of Natounia in Iraq:

In case you missed the coverage of evidence relating to the Roman breaching of the walls of Jerusalem:

In case you missed the Greco-Roman era tomb complex from Aswan:

Plans for more digs in th area of the Roman temple found at Caistor St Edmund:

... related:

Plans for a shelter for the Villa of Theseus site at Nea Paphos continue:

Ten sites (mostly ancient) identified on the planned route of a Bulgarian railway line:

Concerns for the Appian Way:

An Etruscan mirror find (?) in a New Jersey antique store:

A Roman boat replica is wending its way on the Danube:

Marking the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Riace Bronzes:

Mary Beard on assorted ancient horses:

... and on 'free speech' in ancient Rome:

Adrienne Mayor on ancient 'acoustic weapons':

Feature on Carleton's (Minn.) involvement digging at Pompeii:

More coverage of the UCincinnati dig at Tharros:

Interesting followup to that Pius zodiac coin find a few weeks ago:

On the influence of stoicism on music:

Feature on the technology being used in the Antikythera shipwreck dig:

Feature on the Bassae frieze:

Feature on crucifixion:

Feature on Marcus Aurelius and persecution of Christians:

Feature on Theophrastus:

Feature on the 'biblical origins' of the Etruscans (sort of):

Feature on a digital recreation of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus:

Feature on five 'crazy' imperial accessions:

Feature on the ancient use of wreaths:

Feature on a polychrome version of the Prima Porta Augustus:

Feature on Commodus:

Feature on Evia's 'dragon houses':

Feature on Peristeria:

Feature on the Diolkos:

The Parthenon Sculptures saga this week seems mostly focused on calls to change UK law:

... while a robot created a 'perfect copy' of 'Selene's Stallion':
Roman Archaeology Blog:

A massive megalithic site of more than 500 standing stones from Helva (Spain):

Low water levels in a dam reservoir have exposed the Dolmen of Guadalperal (the 'Spanish Stonehenge'):

Latest finds from the Ness of Brodgar site:

Report on excavations at an early Bronze Age cemetery at Mokrin (Serbia):

Evidence of several burial mounds around a site associated with the Czech founding myth at Mount Rip:

A number of burial mounds and other sites found in western Latvia:

Melting ice in Norway revealed a 1500 years bp arrow:

A medieval double burial in a circular ditch in Kirchheim am Neckar (Germany):

A study of remains of monks/friars from Cambridge revealed they were 'riddled with parasites':

I think we mentioned this 17th century wooden figurehead 'caught' by Dutch shrimp fishermen:

The heat in Europe has also revealed evidence of 250 years bp gardens at Lydiard:

A long-delayed dig at Dulverton Weir and Leat in search of a cobbled floor has finally been completed:

Finds from various periods from a site near the Danube in Germany:

Latest finds from the Glenlivet dig we've mentioned a few times over the past couple of months:

The wreck of the USS Jacob Jones has been located off the southwest coast of England:

Overview of all sorts of site being revealed and emerging because of drought in Europe:

... in a similar vein:

More on that trove of gold rings from a Tiszapolgar culture burial from Romania:

More on prehistoric Britons marking burials sites with crystals:

An archaeologist is wondering where remains from a Sligo site excavated in the 1920s have gone to:

Anglo-Saxon artefacts are on display at Exeter Cathedral:

Mosaics in the Florence Baptistery have been restored:

A medieval map may show the location of the 'Welsh Atlantis':

Controversy over plans to build a hotel on a 300 years bp footpath in Salford:

Archaeology in Europe News:

Viking Archaeology Blog:

A 'pignosed dragon' bronze is the latest find from the Sanxingdui excavations:

I think we mentioned these six Eastern Han burials from Xi'an:

Remains of a Sui/Tang Dynasty temple from Gansu:

Receding waters of the Yangtze have reveal a trio of 600 years bp Buddhist statues:

Feature on Grand Canal culture and associated excavations:

More on the 'formula' for ancient Chinese bronze:

Feature on Ayodhya:

Study suggests boomerangs were used to shape/retouch lithic tools:
Assorted finds from the Colonial Michilimackinac dig:

Seven burials at a dig at an African Burial Ground in Kingston NY:

Overviewish on a dig at a Jesuit plantation site in Southern Maryland:

A dig is underway at the Nels and Lilian Anderson Homestead in Bend, Oregon:

More on preservation concerns for the wreck of the Endeavour off Rhode Island:

More on 12 000 years bp footprints in the Utah desert:

More on DNA and the Chincoteague ponies:

Culvert replacement near Kent City (MI) revealed a skeleton of a Mastodon:

Feature on Native American mound builders:

Feature on the Watson Brake earthwork site:

Feature on the USS Constitution:

Plans to commemorate the Battle of Plattsburgh:

Review of Lucy Sante, *Nineteen Reservoirs*:

Study links collapse of Mayapan to drought:

Study suggests the Amazon region was densely populated in the past and shaped by human activity:

More on those Olmec 'contortionist' reliefs:

More on burials as a source for Mayan pelota balls:

Latest LiDAR-located 'lost city' in the Amazon:

Feature on the Aztec Empire:

Feature on Caral:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas Breaking News:

Mike Ruggeri's Ancient Americas lecture channels on Youtube:

Ancient MesoAmerica News:
Feature on items identified as toys in various ancient cultural contexts:

Feature on how 'big data' could transform archaeology (with a Chinese archaeology focus):

Feature on Lady Eliza Burroughs:

Study suggests a Galileo manuscript is a forgery:

Feature on 'medieval carpenters' working on the restoration of Notre Dame:

What assorted tests reveal about some Vermeers:

Feature on De La Tour's Magdalen With the Smoking Flame:

Feature on Proust:

Feature/Review on John Donne:

Feature on the use of mummies to make paint:

Betelgeuse apparently appeared a different colour to ancient astronomers:

Someone has recorded the Hymn to Nikkal:

Feature on tattoos:

Feature on Delft tiles:

A study of documents to figure out early printing presses:

Cambridge is digitizing a pile of medieval medical manuscripts:


Not sure if we mentioned this study suggesting human brains didn't get smaller 3000 years bp:

Feature on 21 major epidemics of the past:

Review of Orlando Figes, *The Story of Russia*:
Latest 'glue protest' involved activists gluing themselves to the Laocoon:

Applying lessons from the Crimean war to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict:
Feature on cats in various ancient civilizations:

Feature on chile pepper use throughout history:
Open Horizons (Greek):

Vincent Meets Rembrandt:

U2 Spy Plane Photos of sites:

Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs:

Discovered - Defamed - Celebrated (Expressionist):


Pondering/questioning the colours of the Chroma exhibition at the Met:

Afghanistan's national museum has reopened:

Feature on three palace museums in China:

Feature on the history of the Egyptian Museum:

Indigenous South Americans have visited Oxford to identify some colonial-era looted (probably) items:
Latest facial reconstruction is of the 5000 years bp 'Penang Woman':

Feature on a 'haptic robot' being used to explore deep sea shipwrecks:
Overviewish piece on all the things being revealed by drought in Europe:

Study warning against over-interpretation of climate connection to decline of societies in Pre-Columbian Peru:
Record numbers of tourists are visiting Knossos:

Latest tourists-behaving-badly were riding motorized surfboards in Venice:
Feature on Joseph Boulogne:

On rewriting Black women into film history:

Review of The Legend of Molly Johnson:

97 coins seized at the Luxor Airport:

An antiquities bust in the West Bank:

Followup to the 'heist of the century' from the National Gallery in Athens a decade ago:

A magazine article photo was apparently altered to conceal some questionable Cambodian antiquities:

More on a stolen Picasso turning up in a drug raid in Iraq:

Feature on our 'obsession' with art heists:
conflict antiquities:

anonymous swiss collector:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Looting Matters:

Illicit Cultural Property:


Cambodia has identified items at the Met it says were illegally acquired and wants back:

The Met returned a pair of items to Nepal:

A somewhat strange view on the Benin Bronzes:

More on Horniman Museum returns of Benin Bronzes:

More on Getty returns to Italy:

More on Sudan seeking items from assorted UK institutions:

More on assorted US returns to Cambodia:
Feature on 'erotic' ancient coins:

Feature on coins depicting Octavia Minor:

Feature on coins of Philip II:

Feature on currency in the time of Cleopatra VII:

Latest e-Sylum:

... and the one which should appear later today:

Coin Week:

Joseph Aviram:

John Madison Cooper:

Katharine MacDonald:

Kamoya Kimeu:

Deborah Nichols:

Rudolph Larios:

Regge Wiseman:

Audio News from Archaeologica:

Archaeology Magazine News Page: Archaeology:

Archaeology Briefs:

Atlas Obscura:

Heritage Daily:

Sapiens Archaeology:

Taygete Atlantis excavations blogs aggregator:

Archaeology Podcast Network:
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