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Oct 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/16/00
. Dark Risings
. telnet:// 1313
There's a roleplaying game on the net that never stops, is totally
free, and there are always people playing it. There are no catches,
it's run by roleplayers for roleplayers. It's text based, so you can
play from any computer with internet access. The theme is Dark...
Vampires and Werecreatures abound.. Each player has an equal
chance of being a werecreature. Serve a vampire well, and he may
bring you into his brood.
A RP/PK modified ROM with a White Wolf/AD&D theme. Featuring:
. * 5% chance that any character will be a werecreature
. * No eating/no drinking required
. * Same regen rate when resting as when sleeping
. * No eq level limits
. * No eq repop limits
. * No alignment
. * Time doesn't affect experience gains
. * Full set of leveling eq for new characters
Dark Risings is mostly populated by old-school mudders who
are still hanging around and were looking for a hassle-free
mudding experience. In the spirit of ditching "renting",
Dark Risings takes the next step by getting rid of most of the
silly things in stock ROM and establishing a decent environment
for serious roleplayers. Limited PK is allowed.
. telnet:// 1313

Marc Bowden

Oct 18, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/18/00
In article <>, (VI) wrote:

> Dark Risings is mostly populated by old-school mudders

WHICH old school?

> A RP/PK modified ROM with a White Wolf/AD&D theme.

Oooooh. That.

You know this particular school isn't THAT old, right?

That reminds me of the area I've been meaning to make poking fun at WW,
"Houghton by Moonlight."

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