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The Premiere RPG on the net today -Bravo Fleet

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FAdm. Bremer - Bravo Fleet CO

Nov 29, 2001, 4:03:28 AM11/29/01
The Premiere RPG on the net today, Bravo Fleet is dedicated to providing...
... a place where Star Trek Fans can Role-Play
... a place where Star Trek fans can come together to have fun
... a place where our members can experience the Star Trek universe

Proclaimed the, 'Best Star Trek RPG', by The Starfleet Collective Database,
'an excellent site, with an extremely large number of member ships!
Definately one to check out if you're into Star Trek RPG's!' by Trek Sites,
and 'The best e-Mail sim on the Net!' by JamJar's Star Trek Links, Bravo
Fleet has been dedicated to simming excellence since 1997 and now we're
looking for you!

If you're interested in adventure and fun or looking for an established,
structured, fun game with friendly members and a family atmosphere, that's
not going to disappear tomorrow, next week, or even next year, while being
awarded for your work with Hall of Honor Medals and Ribbons, as well as
promotions, beam over to,, or today and join the

Bravo Fleet is based in the current Trek timeline (2377). We have a
multi-award winning site and a fleet of 200 ships and starbases with 9 Task
Forces. There's something for everyone! With the best simm Academy,
database, and over 200MB of information, Bravo Fleet offers you everything
you need to have the adventure of a lifetime and loads of fun!


=[OOOOO]= Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer
Bravo Fleet CO
GrayMist CO
Commanding USS Pegasus-B
Bravo Fleet HQ-,,
USS Pegasus-
Task Force 44-
USS Yorktown-
Avalon Fleet Yards- -General Bravo Fleet business -Task Force 44 business -Bravo Fleet website business -General business and personal email
AIM - BF FAdmBremer ICQ - 4886622 Yahoo - BFFAdmBremer

A proud Charter Member of The Elite Force Alliance


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