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GrayMist -Bravo Fleet Intel/Counter Intel Task Force

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FAdm. Bremer - Bravo Fleet CO

Jan 3, 2002, 11:02:39 PM1/3/02
GrayMist is an Intel/Counter Intel Task Force. GrayMist is based at Avalon
Fleet Yards in the Raeya system in Beta Quadrent. Near Klingon, Romulan,
Krazzle and Borg space. This Starfleet Shipyard and R&D facility is bound to
be at the center of the action.

There are 26 ships in Task Force 44, GrayMist. The USS New Jersey and USS
Vincennes are looking for COs while the USS Melbourn and USS Aquarius have
new, yet experenced COs, but need good crews.

GrayMist's duties include Intel and Counter Intel, exloration of Beta
Quardent, responding to hostile incusions into Federation space, as well as
scientific missions and more, not to mention policing the Secret Section31!
Currently, all ships in the team are accepting applications.

If you're interested in adventure and fun, awarded for your hard work with
Hall of Honor Medals and Ribbons, as well as promotions, stop by and apply now!


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