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FRP mu seeks creative coders, imagineers

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Oct 8, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/8/00

Are you interested in joining a small team of mature, creative
individuals who are bringing novelty and inspiration to the
creation of text-based multi-user FRP environments?

If so, read on - and get in touch, we'd like a chance to chat...

We are Mue activists at heart, believing in the magic of multi-user
environments in ways that challenge the definition of 'game'. We think
that the social interactions and personal experience of Mue-worlds can,
in some cases not only fail to be harmful - but be nourishing, exciting,
and magical. About two years ago we began to compose a small team to
explore the possibilities of creating a significant, if somewhat
modestly-sized, role-playing and development community.

We are seeking talented, skillful individuals for the following
staff positions:

Webmaster: Code, support and evolve our website.
Docmaster: Write and track help, imagineeer plots & history.
Coders: Three positions open: C/C++, linux exp preferred.
Imagineers: Be literate, original, detail-oriented and creative.
Playetesters: Fine role-players wanted for testing.

Our work is the creation of a place that really supports and
encourages exploration and role-playing in an atmosphere that's
mature, intricate, and exciting. Something rewarding enough to keep
adults fascinated, and give them a place to really -explore- the
possibilities of text-based online role playing. Something
that utilizes parts of the MUD paradigm that really work, and
also innovates dramatically, improving the novelty and depth
of the play experience.

We are building a place like that; a place that is magical, and
intricate, and fascinating. A place that doesn't grow old, but
grows. A place where people can interact with the mythical
fantasy world in a way that's rewarding and fun.

We are seeking creative, inspired staff to innovate with us.
We have been at work on this project for about two years,
and have a stable development environment, majordomo, web
servers, and mud running on an Intel i686 linux box. We have good
support, great documentation, a friendly, worldwide team, and
lots of other neat stuff.

Our project sustains useable paradigms from other MU environments
while adding innovations and inspirations that create an exciting,
and vital roleplaying experience.

A good imagination, a sense of teamwork,and the ability to work a
minimum of about 4 hrs/week on the project are the min req's. Our
project is currently 'hobbyist' class, so we're all volunteers.

Come join an inspired and inspiring team and help us to grow a
fantasy-based role-playing environment that is rich, rewarding,
and fun to be a part of.

Hrielith: port 4045 (telnet or mudclient)
Organelle web:

Email us with questions!:

orchaeus (@)

(remove spaces and parenthesis to use address)

Roleplaying nourishes the imagination!


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