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USS Belvior - An Experience for the Veteran Gamer

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Admiral Grant

Jan 7, 2002, 10:14:20 PM1/7/02
* Are you an experienced PBEM player?

* Do you seek a simulation that is
staffed and run professionally by veteran players?

* Do you find your complex and well-written plot lines buried in continual
battle or a ton of "dream sequence" posts?

* Do you have a life outside of PBEM and find yourself buried in a dozen
one-paragraph posts in an afternoon?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then come visit the
USS Belvior, the flagship of Task Force 93 in Bravo Fleet. The USS
Belvior is in a process of rebuiling its core group of players after the
ship became too large and was split in two. As the flagship of Task Force
93, the Belvior is always at the forefront of the complex issues
surrounding Task Force 93. Based out of Mannheim Station on the
Federation-Gorn border, the Belvior is always ready for action. However
the Belvior also recognizes the often-lacking time and space to really
grow a character and make it really yours. The goals of the USS Belvior

* Foster an environment where players can create and maintain
multi-dimensional characters who have real personality and depth to them.

* Make the sim accessable to those who don't spend all day in PBEM. We
recoginze that many people get buried and lost in a crush of posts on
"fast action" sims. Our missions are an average of 2 months and posting
is 5-7 posts per day. That way people who can't be on for a day aren't
buried after a single day's absence.

* Encourage other types of missions besides the basic battle and "evil new
race" plots. The Belvior has discovered new races, uncovered technical
information about the Borg, mediated a civil war, saved an inhabited
planet that was being sucked into a parallel dimension, performed covert
operations against the Gorn, sat in a bar and socialized for a week,
played pranks on the members of Mannheim Base and much much much more.

* Encourage everyone to be involved. Just becuase you're the 2nd
assistant science officer doesn't mean you can't contribute to the main
plot effectively or can't pick up a phaser with the security staff.

Try out the USS Belvior and see the difference an experienced CO can make
in handling a crew and gameplay. The CO (Admiral Grant) has 4 years of
PBEM simluation command experience and the XO (Captain Hunter) also holds
2 years of command experience on another simluation.

Come visit us at Watcher/Lurkers/Guests
are welcome but are encouraged to role-play a minor character. One
crewmember started as a lurker playing a civilian reporter and has ended
up a vitial crew member as well as branching out into command of her own

Come see us today

Admiral Alexandar Grant
Commanding Officer, USS Belvior (
Commanding Officer, TF93 - SEARCH (
JAG Counsel
Academy Instructor
AIM: BFAdmGrant
IRC: #BravoFleet

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