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XFree86 on Amiga BVissionPPC (Permedia2) and Debian 2.2r5 Screen Refresh Problem

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Feb 12, 2002, 1:08:57 AM2/12/02
The other day I received my Debian 2.2r5 PPC discs. I have been wanting to
run Linux on my PPC Amiga for a while now and decided to buy the discs and
install it.
After some figuring-out I installed the base and then after a reboot
installed some packages from the "Simple" option. Debian started fine. I
checked the networking and it worked. Beeps were coming through my speaker
so I guess sound worked too. Text was displaying on my screen and I thought
this wasn't that hard after all. Upon trying to run X I got a mouse error.
After some poking around I found the problem and in my XF86Config changed
the /dev/mouse to /dev/amigamouse. X started but something was amiss. The
screen would leave all it's junk on it. Every menu, every window. I cant see
what I'm doing. I spent the better part of next day searching through the
APUS site and the FAQ. Luckily there were some links pointing to what looked
like solutions, UN-luckily none of the links point to actual files. Long
gone free/university sites with only a 404 to smile at me and my misery.

I hope somebody will be able to help me.



Charlie Ebert

Feb 26, 2002, 6:00:37 PM2/26/02

I would repost this in it's entirety to the MK68 Linux groups.
Your in the wrong group here.


Wouter Verhelst

Feb 27, 2002, 3:45:04 AM2/27/02
In article <>,

Charlie Ebert <> writes:
> I would repost this in it's entirety to the MK68 Linux groups.
> Your in the wrong group here.

He did that. It was a *very* wide crosspost.

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