The world is really unstable these days......

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May 15, 2005, 7:07:27 PM5/15/05
We've got a lot to deal with these days. Terrorism, Recession, Weather and more. It's all got me concerned.

I thought I'd tell you all about this group I found where everyday people get together and try to learn how to deal with it all.
(I used to be a member, but I'm moving to an area that doesn't have internet, so I left a few days ago. Internet is off tomorrow)

Here's a bit on the group. Check it out or don't.

misc_survivalism_moderated · Survivalism and Preparedness.

This list is for those who want themselves and their loved ones to survive and prosper during hard times.

War, riots, famine, crime, drought, flooding, fire, contaminated water supplies, inflation, job loss, and many more.

Are you ready to deal with any situation?

Join us as we learn from each other how to survive.

On-topic: Food storage, firearms, canning, gardening, self-sustaining communities, back to basics, water purification, alternative power,
conservation, homesteading, first aid and more.

Off-topic: Politics, religion, current affairs, philosophy, conspiracy theories, New World Order, racism.
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