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Port 23

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Daniel Meier

Dec 29, 2002, 3:31:02 PM12/29/02
Ich benutze einen alten Rechner als Samba-Fileserver. Diesen habe ich bisher
mit einem Tera Term Pro - Makro heruntergefahren und administriert. Tera
Term Pro greift über den Port 23 auf den Server zu.

Seit gut einem Monat funktioniert dies leider nicht mehr. Der Fileserver
funktioniert zwar bestens, aber mit Tera Term kann ich mich nicht mehr

Weiss jemand, woran dies liegen könnte? Herzlichen Dank für die Hilfe.

Maximilian Judtmann

Dec 30, 2002, 11:20:27 AM12/30/02
Daniel Meier wrote:

First of all, this is an english-speaking Newsgroup, if you want to post in
german, than use de.*
And please post only to a maximum of FOUR NGs.

@your problem:
Are there any error-messages or log-files?
Please post them!
Port 23 is afaik the telnet-port. Maybe you have installed a newer version
that requires a SAVE connection.
Good luck, Max

Robert Hull

Dec 31, 2002, 4:31:20 AM12/31/02
In message <>, Maximilian Judtmann
<> wrote

>First of all, this is an english-speaking Newsgroup,

Since you were replying to *five* different newsgroups, your comments
were inappropriate (at best) in at least four of them.

I have not looked for the charter of alt.linux but if you must play the
net cop, please be careful how you cross-post your comments.

>if you want to post in german, than use de.*

Wrong answer !

The original poster is quite at liberty to post in any newsgroup where
German is accepted *not* just in de.*

If you must play the net-Gestapo, try to get your facts right

>And please post only to a maximum of FOUR NGs.

Three points here:

1 DON'T SHOUT! It is rude and most of your readers are not deaf.

2 Whilst your limit may be common practice, it is certainly not
required by RFC 1855 - which states:

If you feel an article will be of interest to more than one
Newsgroup, be sure to crosspost the article rather than
individually post it to those groups. In general, probably only
five-to-six groups will have similar enough interests to warrant

3 The OP has made an attempt to make his post relevant to the chosen
newsgroups and has therefore complied exactly with the RFC cited

BTW, my apologies to the de.* Newsgroups for following up in English

This thread is now off topic in all quoted newsgroups, so follow-ups set
appropriately - which is another difference with Mr Judtmann's
contribution which in failing to mention that he had set follow-ups
thereby contravened RFC 1855
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Answering yourself back - first sign of schizophrenia
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I put it to a majority vote

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