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Ann: HAC v.0.1

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May 14, 2022, 9:06:10 AM5/14/22
HAC (HAC Ada Compiler) is a quick, small, open-source Ada
compiler, covering a subset of the Ada language.
HAC is itself fully programmed in Ada.

Web site:
From there, links to sources and an executable for Windows.

Source repositories:
#1 svn:
#2 git:

* Main improvements since v.0.0996:

- packages and subpackages are now supported
- modularity: packages, procedures and functions can be standalone
library units, stored in individual files with
GNAT's naming convention, and accessed from other units
via the WITH clause
- validity checks were added for a better detection of
uninitialized variables.

Package examples and modularity tests have been added.
Particularly, a new PDF producer package with a few demos
is located in the ./exm/pdf directory.


PS: for Windows, there is an integrated editor that embeds HAC:
PPS: HAC will be shown at the Ada-Europe conference (presentation + tutorial)
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