[flnews] Version 1.1.0 released

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Michael Bäuerle

May 26, 2022, 5:14:04 AMMay 26
flnews 1.1.0

Bug fixes:
- CORE: Authentication without password is now rejected (reported by
Marcel Logen).
- MAIN: Potential deadlocks in thread-safe replacement functions fixed.
- GUI: State machine modified to avoid race condition when articles are
marked read while group is not completely loaded yet.

New features and improvements:
- GUI: Option to automatically check for new articles added (an interval
in minutes can be configured with the new "refresh_interval" entry in
- GUI: Checkbox "Tools->Debug mode" removed. Debug mode must be enabled
with command line option "-debug".
- NNTP: Protocol logfile is only created if debug mode was enabled (and
unlinked otherwise, if present). "Tools->Protocol console" window now
requires debug mode.
- GUI: Support for estimated article count in subscription window added
- GUI: Support for group descriptions in subscription window added
- NNTP: Support for LIST NEWSGROUPS command (RFC 3977) added
- GUI: Support for subscription proposals from server added
(offered to user after server was changed and group list is empty)
- CORE: Support for subscription proposals from server added
- NNTP: Support for LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS command (RFC 6048) added
- TLS: Support for LibreSSL 3.5 API added
- GUI: File save operations now suggest a pathname in the file selection
- GUI: File save operations now ask the user before an existing file is
- CORE: Function added to suggest a pathname (created from home
directory, program name and timestamp).
- CORE: Message-IDs are now generated with algorithm A3 (uses a modified
Base64 alphabet with "/" replaced by "-"). This allows to generate
RFC 5538 conformant "news"-URIs without percent-encoding.

Sourcecode, Documentation, etc.:

[Xpost and Fup2 news.software.readers]
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