[TheBat!] Neue "Beta" 6.4.2 MSI File

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Marina Schnell

Jun 1, 2014, 10:19:48 PM6/1/14
Hallo zusammen,

Eine neue "Beta" - was sich seit der letzten "Final" geändert hat:

Was hat sich geändert:

The Bat! *6.4.2 MSI (BETA)*
Please try 6.4.2 MSI files. The EXE in these MSIs is the same as for


[-] The "List index out of bounds" error when the plain text viewer
was used
[-] Minor overhaul in the PGP key view dialog
[-] (#0008) Postponed messages could be sent many times after re-editing
[-] Auto-backup didn't work in 64-bit version
[+] It is now possible to specify macros in backup archive comments
[-] (#0142) Reply-To field was filled when it was empty on editing a
stored message as new
[-] (#0479) HTML Images from files with names with non-ASCII
characters were stored with corrupted names
[+] Option to save selected attachments into a specified folder
without confirming each file
[-] The Bat! since version 6.0 didn't work with external PGP 5,6,7,8,9,10.
[*] Updating lists of seen POP messages (from ACCOUNT.M_R and
ACCOUNT.M_D) at the start of each POP session
[-] (#0483) Tag statistics were not loaded correctly when On-the-fly
ecryption was used
[+] ORFO 2014 is supported
[*] Indication of IMAP folder listing completion in the IMAP Folder
Manager to avoid confusion
[-] Split messages are automatically combined on IMAP
[-] The Bat! didn't handle properly errors in ISO-2022 (Japanese) encoding





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