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Nov 1, 2002, 1:28:57 PM11/1/02
jeff rense:

US Goes After al-Qaida Sleeper Cells In Major Cities
... A former very senior U.S. intelligence official explained: "The
members of cells don't think of themselves as raiding parties, but as the
front end of an invasion," he said. "If they can attack, blow things up
and disrupt society, they believe there will be mass defections to Islam
and society will collapse. They can then set up an Islamic state."
The cells, these sources said, are made up of U.S.-born Moslems and well
as young male Muslims from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf
states, Yemen, Somalia and Indonesia, among others. Most are thought to
have entered the country some time ago, singly or in pairs, and to be now
deeply entrenched in their communities, working or running small
businesses that may act as a cover for their activities. ...

RJ Reynolds Accused Of Money Laundering

Ex-Enron Executive Indicted On 78 Counts

The Story of Zacarias Moussaoui
... September 11, 2001: Zacarias Moussaoui watches the 9/11 attack on TV
inside a prison, where he is being held on immigration charges. He cheers
the attacks. [BBC, 12/12/01] Within an hour of the attacks, the Minnesota
FBI use a memo written to FBI headquarters shortly after Moussaoui's
arrest to ask permission from a judge for the search warrant they have
been desperately seeking. Even after the attacks, FBI headquarters is
still attempting to block the search of Moussaoui's computer,
characterizing the WTC attacks as a mere coincidence with suspicions about
Moussaoui (the person still trying to block the search is later promoted).
[Time, 5/21/02] However, A federal judge approves the warrant that
afternoon. [New Yorker, 9/30/02] Minnesota FBI agent Coleen Rowley notes
that this very memo was previously deemed insufficient by FBI headquarters
to get a search warrant, and the fact that they are immediately granted
one when finally allowed to ask shows "the missing piece of probable cause
was only the [FBI headquarters'] failure to appreciate that such an event
could occur."
[Time, 5/21/02] The search uncovers information suggesting Moussaoui may
have been planning an attack using crop dusters, but it doesn't turn up
any direct connection to the 9/11 hijackers....

Complete 911 Timelines By Category
... There's no such thing as a truly objective news source; everyone has a
point of view consciously or subconsciously. As much as I've tried to keep
my point of view out of this, the very act of choosing some articles to
include and others to leave out is very subjective. So what's my take on
all of this? I believe the Bush Administration is guilty of one of the
greatest crimes in history. They were either 1) criminally negligent and
deserve impeachment, or 2) had foreknowledge of 9/11 and did nothing to
stop it, or 3) actively manipulated events to make sure 9/11 happened just
the way they wanted it. I
believe the last is most likely, with elements of all three being true
for different actors. But if any of the three are true, we as inhabitants
of this Earth need to make our voices heard soon or we will inevitably
see more of the same in the future. I frankly don't know if bin Laden is
still a CIA asset or was duped, or if the role of Israel was
observational or active or what. But clearly there are more elements
involved than just al-Qaeda (the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency,
for one). As for Clinton, it looks like elements within the government
prevented him from eliminating bin Laden. The military and intelligence
agencies had lacked a unifying enemy since the end of the Cold War. That's
just one reason why certain factions within government would see bin Laden
more valuable alive and free even before Bush came to power. I am sure
that within both the Clinton and Bush Administrations a majority of
government officials in all governmental agencies were doing and continue
to do good work with the best of motives, but it only takes a small
number of higher ups to foil that work (look at what happened to the
Minnesota FBI office for a blatant example of this)....

Ignored 911 Warning Witness Gets Second Look
... A Central Florida man who last year was shunned by FBI agents when he
tried to warn them about impending terrorist attacks
has been interviewed as a material witness in both the attacks of Sept. 11
and in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.
Federal authorities close to the Sept. 11 investigation confirm that Walid
Arkeh, 35, of Altamonte Springs, had knowledge during
the summer of 2001 that terrorist mastermind Osama bin
Laden was planning a spectacular attack on America that involved the
World Trade Center in New York and government buildings in Washington,

Why America Lost The 'Civil War'

How Very Convenient...
... How very convenient. How very damned convenient. ~ L. Neil Smith, 1995

L. Neil wrote these bitterly sarcastic words in response to the 1995
bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, but they seem to resonate
more strongly every day, as calamities pile up, seemingly always in the
furtherance of State power. So, with the recent death of Minnesota's
Senator Wellstone, it's my turn to say it:
How very convenient...
...that Democratic anti-war Senator Wellstone died, to the advantage of
his Republican adversary, whose ascension to the Senate will give a
majority to the Republican Party....
... Comment
All of this sounds feasible. Indeed, the coincidences do add up. But
Bottoms failed to enter into his story the fact that within 2 hours after
the crash a group of democrats, lead by the clintons, had already chosen
Mondale to replace Wellstone. Or, perhaps Mondale had been chosen before
the crash. Also, doesn't it seem more than odd--sickening, actually--that
the little gathering in Wellstone's memory was nothing more than a
well-planned political convention filled with one-liners, podium pounding,
grinning and laughter-filled democrats and not a single tear to be shed,
and all under the nauseating banner of "Wellstone would have wanted it
that way"? I think we need to look at all possibilities in this case. It
is too important an issue for us to only see the most popular possibility.
History dictates that in almost every situation such as this one that
which is the most obvious is never reality.

China, Jemin And Bush 43
President Bush is very open and forceful telling Jiang Zemin and the rest
of the world what he (the US) wants and expects from Iraq to Taiwan.
Similar to his father, Bush 41, who misread the Japanese for years, Bush
43 seems to have this inability to read Jiang Zemin as a man we say
already has declared war against the USA....
Zemin's opinion of Bush is so low as both a person and a man that Zemin
knows that open conflict can't be too long in the making; to wit: Iraq.
China must stop Bush from attacking Iraq or if Bush does attack Iraq, he
must assure that Bush is not successful.... Simply put, this allowed us on
October 3rd to interpret that China would send a message of terrorism
domestically which China has done. We must interject that the news media
is at a historical low point not even suggesting that it will convey
anything of meaning, substance or intelligence to the American people. The
questions concerning the two suspects are compelling; including the
changed behavior in the sniper(s) post 9-11 to wit: killing nine the first
eleven. Once they got to Ashland, all of a sudden the communications, the
language, the interaction, the overall behavior patterns perceived and
witnessed were inconsistent with the discipline and training we first
noted and witnessed prior to Ashland. Moreover, the "duck in a noose"
reference is a Chinese sponsored message, a metaphor seemingly deviant
from the behavior and lifestyle of the two
suspects, who conveniently, as though somehow staged, were asleep at the
wheel of the car to allow police to surround and capture them
(knowing that a massive manhunt was in operation) in compliance with the
mandated metaphor (seemingly cast aside by the media from introspection
and commentary)....
Zemin kept the punctual Bush waiting for 30 minutes. ...
... During this very time, Senator Wellstone's plane crashed (Friday
10:00-10:30 AM). The Chinese of course can only look at this death the
same way we do. First, how convenient and coincidental to its strategic
importance regarding the elections. Second, as to how Bush may have sent
his own message to not only Zemin but to others thinking of abandoning the
new world order agenda. While it is sheer speculation, and as many like to
say, putative paranoia, Zemin is probably saying that from all the
Senators whom could have experienced airplane problems during the campaign
period, it is odd who did and what day he did and moreover the time
Zemin would not shake Bush's hands when Bush offered it after speaking
about Iraq. This confirms our firm belief that Zemin knows he will have to
engage the US big time first through surrogates. Bush on the other hand
knows that he needs control of Congress to do what he plans on doing when
the UN doesn't give him the resolution he seeks, which we long interpreted
would be the case, and this includes what he needs to do to his mind after
attacking Iraq....
... This is a truly worrisome time. While China was going to abstain from
the US UN resolution, letting France and Russia do the dirty work, China
keeping up its attempt to keep a neutral world image, it may join France
and Russia in voting against it. This will signal that China is expecting
to take an open conflict position with the US regarding Iraq....
If we see this then China may utilize the strategy we defined: to
themselves move to replace Saddam and undertake to guarantee the removal
of all WMD from Iraq (no doubt through Saudi efforts, Saudi Arabia not
being foolish enough to exclude themselves from the Bush regime agenda).
This is a winning strategy and we believe that Zemin has already taken
steps in this regard since it avoids war, decreases Bush and the US, and
thrusts forth China to the international stage (not to discount giving
China a direct oil connection for its own growing domestic needs). ..
Otherwise, if China cannot accomplish it or is not willing or is otherwise
unable to pursue this course and option, then we have to assume it is
preparing for the US military attack on Iraq. In that case, we are fairly
certain that there will be a devastating attack against US naval forces,
one way or another, prior to the actual launch. This will allow the US
another chance to assess what it is doing in the region, but again it will
not in our opinion change the president's mind and that is why he is
desperate to have control over the Congress (Which Senator would have been
a major leader declaring Bush out of his mind (the media has really
avoided comments made in such regard by the most recent Secretary
of State) to the Senate -- Wellstone)?....
To expound further, why do we believe the attack will be against naval
ships? They represent dynamically the United States -- isolated -- between
two bodies of water. Thus, our interpretation will be for a viral attack
of some nature where all those on board are dead within hours (after all
Saddam by the US's own argument has WMD including biological agents). If
you think the Montgomery County sniper(s) immobilized the country, the
message with such a deed will immobilize both the United States and
Israel, who will find the message equally painful (just imagine the
preparations to enter onto the naval vessels to
contain the virus not knowing the breadth of its character). Who will the
US blame? It will have by its own design no one to blame other than Saddam
Hussein who it is ready to or will have initiated its attack against (it
will be interesting to see which country first develops an antidote for
it, however)....
Of course, our purpose in detailing all this, as we have been doing, is
that al roads lead to devastating death and destruction....
If President Bush moves against Iraq, then there is nothing more to say
than that the world will dramatically change far more than it has done
since 9-11; where the world did receive a message from the collapse of the
two world trade center buildings: that it better seek a leadership that
truly knows the road to peace,...
Bush 43's initial strategies to gain needed footholds post 9-11 did not
materialize and moreover Bush 43 was given every reason to understand that
China is now no longer a player in the new world order agenda and is
against unipolar world government. ..
Faced with the collapse of its 30 year investment in China and its
material gains during the 90s, the oil cartel faction aligned with Bush 43
has pushed ahead to capture Middle Eastern oil, refusing the face the new
realities it must accept: China in opposition to its plan, with the new
reality that despite its massive military complex and control thereof, it
no longer is perceived as a threat to China or anyone else since the US is
vulnerable to offsetting equally devastating consequences from biotoxin
attacks. However, it is apparent that the oil cartel faction of the new
world order facing the consequences, especially to it, of the collapse of
the new world order is willing to take the risks involved, because they
believe that once they capture and control Middle East oil, effectively
controlling OPEC, that it has the leverage to cause China to bow and bend
to the new world order agenda.
China understands this, and moreover, quietly during the Clinton tenure
reached strong relationships with those very same Middle East oil
producers. Moreover, it understands the consequences of allowing the new
world order to colonize the Middle East (well knowing that Israel has been
successfully infiltrated and colonized and in effective control of the new
world order already).
Thereby, the major battle converges upon Iraq and since the US is aware of
China's new posture and power in the Middle East, Bush 43 allowed the
issuance of the National Security Strategy declaring the new world order
agenda openly to the world, formalizing its unipolar dynamic....
This incredible error of historic and global proportion has unified China,
the Islamic nations, and all other countries and peoples opposed to it.
It, however, has identified any pockets in the European arena still
opposed to it and the intent now is to prevail over all those opposed. In
recent weeks it has become apparent that infiltration by the new world
order includes the Congress, and thus the American people must face the
dire consequences of this battle, little knowing that those who bring
death and destruction to them, will sit watching it unfold from the safety
of their bunkers, these elitists (aristocrats, new and old) subconsciously
rationalizing the consequences with the thought that a reduction to the
world population serves the natural order....

Al Qaeda Message Traffic Back Up To Pre-911 Rate
... Fears have grown that Germany might become an al Qaeda target because
the country is holding the world's first trial of a suspect
accused of aiding last year's suicide hijacking attacks on the United
States that killed more than 3,000 people.
Germany is also taking part in the U.S.-led fight against Islamic
extremists, agreeing last year to dispatch up to 4,000 troops, including
some elite troops from its "KSK" unit which are believed to have been
involved in combat in Afghanistan. ...

Experiment Could Reveal 'Extra Dimensions'
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Physicists have devised a new experiment that will
be used in the quest for exotic forces in nature and "additional spatial
The researchers have demonstrated an innovative way to measure a
phenomenon known as the Casimir effect -- findings that also could have
implications for the design of microscopic machines that contain tiny
parts on the size scale of nanometers -- or billionths of a meter.
The scientists are taking their theoretical findings a step further by
conducting an experiment to prove that the theory works, said Ephraim
Fischbach, a professor of physics at Purdue
A paper that describes the theory for the experiment will appear in the
Nov. 4 issue of Physical Review Letters, a journal published by the
American Physical Society. The paper was written by Fischbach and Dennis
E. Krause, a professor of physics at Wabash College, in Crawfordsville,
Ind. ...
Because the plates made of nickel 58 and 64 have the same number of
electrons, the Casimir forces acting on both sets of plates will be nearly
identical. That means any measurable difference in force between the two
sets of plates must be attributed to some entirely new, as-yet
undiscovered force acting on the respective nuclei....
... "A new kind of gravity-like force would be the fingerprint of the fact
that we may really live in a world that is more than three spatial
dimensions," Fischbach said. "You wouldn't see this force over large
distances, but you could see it over small distances." ...
... Researchers have theorized that the universe contains additional
dimensions beyond the three spatial dimensions observed in the everyday
world. Theory also has suggested that, of the four known fundamental
forces of nature, all but one -- gravity -- are confined to three
dimensions. This could help to explain why gravity is weaker than the
other forces.
"In a sense, gravity gets dissipated by being spread out over more
dimensions, and that's why gravity looks weak compared to the other
forces," Fischbach said. "Gravity might sense and interact with these
extra dimensions in such a way as to reveal their presence. ...
Previous research by Fischbach has suggested the existence of a so-called
"fifth force" of nature. If other dimensions do exist, a gravity-like
"fifth force" might be used to study and communicate with those
dimensions, Fischbach said....

Pascagoula UFO Abduction Case Withstands Test Of Time
GAUTIER ? Charles Hickson has no proof.
No photograph he can pull from his wallet, no papers certifying his story.
Just his word that 29 years ago this month he and a fishing buddy were
abducted by a UFO, examined by a machine resembling a giant eyeball, then
released physically unharmed.
He has told his story under hypnosis, told it to Johnny Carson on national
Recently, while sipping coffee in his modest home in Gautier, he told the
story to a Clarion-Ledger reporter.
His account of that night never changes. He has passed numerous
lie-detector tests.
What Hickson hasn't talked about publicly, until now, is that he believes
whatever ? or whoever ? was on that craft has kept
track of him ...

Chinese Mapped World Centuries Before Columbus

NASA Challenged On Data Integrity
... The Enterprise Mission (Richard Hoagland; science consultant, author),
Keith Laney (image analyst), Francis C. P. Knize (producer) has today
submitted a "Correction of Data" request to NASA, under the authority of
the newly instigated "Data Quality Act". This will be the first challenge
ever of its kind. NASA will have to answer concerning a mysterious
download from the Mars Odyssey probe, which seems to contain images of
building and transportation structures underground the Mars Cydonia
region. At the very least, an inconsistency of data has occurred within
NASA which must officially be looked into and
... The reason for this became apparent when I went back to the THEMIS
site on August 26th. I found that the image now there is very different
from the one I downloaded on July 25th. I could not believe it. This image
was much "prettier." This was obviously not the same one that Noel just
described as having blocks....

Was Wellstone Assassinated?
... "Some Democrats and progressive Americans are asking the unthinkable
about an administration they increasingly believe to be ruled by thugs and
renegades," writes nationally syndicated cartoonist and commentator Ted
Rall. "Did government gangsters murder the United States' most liberal
... Ronald Reagan may have been a hard-line conservative, but had
Wellstone died during his watch you wouldn't have heard liberals asking
whether the Gipper had had him offed. Bush is different. Asking mailmen to
spy on ordinary Americans, creating military tribunals for anyone deemed
an "enemy combatant," locking prisoners of war in dog cages, spending a
decade's worth of savings in six months, allowing journalists to die
rather than provide them with help in a war zone, smearing Democratic
politicians as anti-American, invading sovereign nations without excuse -
these are acts that transgress essential American reasonableness. A man
capable of these things seems, by definition, capable of anything. ...
... In a partisan commentary entitled "Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?,"
Niman wrote his initial reaction to the news of the senator's death was
"surprise that Wellstone had lived this long."...

Usually Reliable Sources?

Sniper Rifle Tacoma Gunshop Records Missing
.. First a startling discovery: Published reports that the shop's owner
cannot account for more than 300 guns sent to his store....

Rumsfeld Predicts Early Overthrow Of Iranian government
... WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has predicted
an early violent overthrow of the Iranian government, or its collapse amid
mounting problems and internal strife....

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Nov 4, 2002, 11:22:51 AM11/4/02
jeff rense:

The American Empire On Its Deathbed
... All the various moves you are seeing now are not the moves of someone
"in control". They are the moves of a group of people that have suddenly
discovered they have lost control. And are desperately trying to get it

Saudi Says Will Not Help Any US War On Iraq

Holloman AFB UFO Landing Film Revisited
... The controversy began 30 years ago, when Emenegger and producer Alan
Sandler were approached by a military officer about the possibility of
airing footage of an actual alien spacecraft landing at Holloman Air Force
Base in New Mexico. Today, Emenegger's story has become the gold standard
as evidence of a government disinformation program surrounding UFOs. ...

108 Earthquakes Over 5.0 In The Last 30 Days

Carrier USS Constellation Heads For Persian Gulf

China To Launch Final Unmanned Spacecraft

The Bush Double Double Cross
This is going to be a very deep and scary analysis and interpretation on
top of the ones we have already issued concerning
President Bush and his administration. Those with a nexus to the putative
amoral creation of requisite moral outrage for the war against terrorism
really may have exceeded all bounds of decency in planning out new world
order world domination and control....
... Israel no doubt immediately recognized what we ourselves concluded:
simple serious acts of terrorism would undermine the entire Saudi
initiative. Thus the Bush administration in our respectful opinion sold
the Israeli government on the absolute need to eliminate all Arab/Islamic
regimes who would ultimately undermine or uproot the planned peace to wit:
Iraq, Syria and Iran. Sharon was told to go into the West Bank and Gaza
and eliminate every known terrorist (after the platform was created with
the lives of innocents including children), and once doing so that the
United States would then proceed against Iraq as a prelude for the US and
Israel to effectuate regime change in Syria and Iran.
It all looked good to Israel. The United States would be in control of all
enemy states and Israel could only be a major beneficiary of the US
What Israel never saw was that it fell into the Chinese trap and design
when it went into the West Bank to reoccupy it in punishment for the
terrorism (as a mask to undertake elimination of all terrorist cells).
What Israel could not itself see even with all its intelligence and
analytic brilliance was that the US strategic design of having Israel
suffer from Palestinian terrorism to predicate its incursion into the West
Bank and Gaza to eliminate local terrorists cells, put them into a reality
of economic malaise approaching economic collapse (foreseen by Chinese
intelligence working in parallel with the Arab/Islamic nations, the
Chinese urging the Arab/Islamic nations not to trust the US when it came
to Israel...
Israel lost its vital tourism industry and compounded the financial
implosion by pulling out reservists from the already damaged and sinking
economy. ...
... Israel already in the abyss had to endure the reality of the National
Security Strategy, which announced that President Bush and his
administration was out for world domination and control. What must have
petrified the Israeli government was what we immediately concluded:
President Bush deliberately went out to unify the Arab/Islamic world and
China against not only the United States, but Israel as well. Why was
President Bush so openly brazen about it? ...

US Carve-Up Of Vast Oil Riches Begins

Does A Satanic Cult Rule The World?
"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce
and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power
somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so
complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when
they speak in condemnation of it." Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913)
The "Maryland Sniper" is on everyone's mind.
In March, Svali, an ex-Illuminati mind controller wrote:
"There is a lot more going on in the suburbs around Washington, DC than
most people realize," She described how the Illuminati cult brainwashed
and trained people to become assassins.
Has the mainstream media suggested a possible link to this cult? Do I need
to ask?...
We need to see current events in a new way. The conflict is NOT between
countries or religions or "civilizations."
The conflict is between the people and most of our "leaders" --
government, media, religion, education and business who owe their position
to this extremely powerful and evil cult. They are traitors....
... The Illuminati was behind the revolutionary movements of the 18th --
20th Century as well as their respective reigns of terror. The bankers
used their power to spread their Satanic convictions. They had finagled a
monopoly on credit (usurping the government's right to create money) and
they needed to control the world in order to protect this prize. ...
+Freemasonry is a religion that believes Lucifer is the "God of light and
God of good, struggling for humanity against Adonay, God of darkness and
+It is a secret society that demands adherents swear blind obedience on
pain of death before they even know what it represents.
+It practises deception. It reserves its truths for the adept; the
initiate is "intentionally mislead by false interpretations."
+It preaches "tolerance" and the universality of all religions in order to
negate them all. Christianity is especially abjured. "Universality does
not mean Christianity." (Quotes from Masonic Texts from Gary Kah, En Route
to Global Occupation pp.120-140)...

Secret Talks - US Giving UK 'Non-Lethal' Weapons Technology

Legally Drugging Our Children Just Got Easier

Cousin - Sniper Suspect Acted Strangely

Wellstone Witness Sees Flash Of Light Near Tail Of Plane
... There was at least one witness, a blond haired man who said he saw a
flash of light at the rear of the plane. This was on CNN. Saw him once and
that was it. Have you seen this? And it may have gone the way the New
Mexican explosives expert went when he retracted what he said about the
WTC towers' collapse-looked like an implosion. ...
... Note - This is the same thing we saw in the JFK, Jr assassination. At
least one witness on the beach saw a flash in the sky and heard an
explosion at the time the plane went down. That witness was a journalist
on the local paper.
Not a single follow-up report appeared after the one initial mention of
his observation. There were a couple others on the shore who also reported
seeing a 'flash' or hearing a 'boom' in the sky. ...

Euro-Warning - Killer Flu Is Coming
... This "superflu" is caused by an influenza virus, but its fatality rate
is more reminiscent of lethal haemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. ...

UK Police Probe New Israeli Defense Minister For War Crimes

Rumsfeld Commits 130,000 US Troops For Iraq

Defense Secretary Reveals Earthquake, Volcano Weapons
... ; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of
insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an
eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
(ist auch neu, dass sowas offiziell gesagt wird, h.)

Russian-Saudi Alliance Against Terror And Bushonomics
... The talks aimed at agreement on the following two, interconnected
points: First, that Russia would strengthen its opposition, not only
against the Iraq war, but against the entire Bush plan for "restructuring"
the Middle East. Second, in return for Russian strategic support, a large
sum of Saudi capital would be transferred from the United States and
Western Europe, into Russia. Something on the order of $50-70 billion
would be invested into Russia over the next two years, permitting Russia
to "restart its economy" through infrastructure and other projects.
According to the Russian report, these talks had reached a crucial stage,
in the days immediately preceding the attack. ...

US Orders Large Volume Of Ammunition Shipped To Gulf

Should We Go To War Just Because We Can?


Nov 5, 2002, 11:45:44 AM11/5/02
jeff rense:

Massive Military Cargo Ships Leave US Ports
LONDON (Reuters) - Three enormous U.S.-military owned cargo ships capable
of carrying tanks have left U.S. shores in recent days, a U.S. navy
official said on Monday, amid mounting evidence Washington is building up
firepower to attack Iraq....
(den bringt niemand mehr davon ab.)

Alaska Quake Triggers Multiple Yellowstone Quakes, Too
(klasse. wenn die blase unterm yellowstone losgeht, dann froehliche
... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A big earthquake that cracked roads and closed
an oil pipeline in rural Alaska has spawned shudders thousands of miles
south in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, researchers said on Monday.

More than 200 small earthquakes have been detected throughout the park,
the team at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations said....
... This "confirms what we are beginning to see worldwide -- that
earthquakes can be triggered by other earthquakes at great distances, more
so than we had though before," Robert Smith, a University of Utah
professor of geology and geophysics, said in a statement....

Sharon Demands US Attack Iran The Day Iraq War Ends
(was die israelis nicht gehindert hat, huebsche geschaefte mit iran zu

Lincoln's Favorite Tune
... Question: If Abraham Lincoln could enjoy "Dixie" played by a Yankee
Army band in the immediate aftermath of a bloody war, why can't
high-school or college bands play the tune in the year 2002? ...

US Missile Kills Al Qaeda Suspects In Yemen
... The U.S. official, who asked not to be identified, said the American
military was not involved in Sunday's attack.
"As I understand it, it was an agency drone" that conducted the strike,
said the U.S. official, who did not give details.
The CIA previously has used remote-controlled "Predator" drones to fire
missiles at suspected al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
The Defense Department and CIA refused to comment. ...

Bin Laden's Son May Be In US Custody
... "We are very pleased with the level of cooperation we have with Saudi
Arabia and Pakistan and we will continue working with them," the official,
who works at the U.S. State Department, told United Press International.

Earthquake Information Being Swept Under the Rug
... Here is a powerful/massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake that happened over
the weekend, which I did not find on the USGS list. Guess the USGS simply
overlooked it. 02Nov2002 01:26 HRS UT 7.1 MALAY PENINSULA Location: 6.7N
Here is a powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake that happened over the
weekend, which I did not find on the USGS list. Guess the USGS was asleep
when this one happened. 02Nov2002 01:27 HRS UT 6.6 AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN
BORDER Location: 36.2N 71.5E
Here is a powerful/massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake that happened on
Friday, which I did not find on the USGS list. Guess the USGS simply
overlooked this one too. 01Nov2002 13:41 HRS UT 7.7 VANUATU ISLANDS
Location: 17.8S 166.5E
6+ List and Waveforms ...
... More and more proof is mounting that the USGS, like NASA and many
other US government agencies, are simply sweeping data under the rug in
hopes the public, and especially the mainstream media will not see the
Anyone beginning to feel like a mushroom yet? [For those that are not
aware - this is a joke about mushrooms that are grown in the dark and fed
poop - crap - excretment.]
The funny thing here, and it really is funny [at least from my
perspective], is that the biggest mushrooms are the mainstream media here
in the US. What an insult to the time honored institution of Freedom of
the Press and journalism. ...

Amnesty Accuses Israel Of War Crimes In West Bank
... "The relationship of the conflict to the deteriorating human rights
situation has led to a growing understanding that there can be no peace in
the region until human rights are respected," Amnesty International said
in a 76-page report.
The report detailed what Amnesty called unlawful killings and abusive
treatment of detainees in two West Bank cities where Palestinian militants
put up the fiercest resistance to the army crackdown on their two-year-old
uprising for statehood.
Cases described included a paralyzed detainee beaten by soldiers,
demolitions of homes in which a family of eight and a wheelchair-bound man
died, and a woman in labor struggling to walk to hospital after troops
stopped her ambulance. ...

Nanotech Smart Paint Creates Chameleon Tanks
... Tanks that can repair themselves and change colour on the battlefield
are being developed in the US.
A team of researchers based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology,
along with the US Army's Armament Research and Development Center are
working on the smart machines. ...

7.5 Quake Hits Ascension Island Half-Hour After Alaska Quake

Quake Hits Southern Japan - No Damage Reported

Quito Covered In Ash By Volcanic Eruption


Nov 6, 2002, 11:55:59 AM11/6/02
jeff rense:

Rumsfeld Planning To Encourage Deadly Terror Attacks On US
... This column stands foursquare with the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, U.S.
Defense Secretary, when he warns that there will be more terrorist
attacks against the American people and civilization at large. We know, as
does the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Defense Secretary, that this
statement is an incontrovertible fact, a matter
of scientific certainty. And how can we and the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld,
U.S. Defense Secretary, be so sure that there will be more terrorist
attacks against the American people and civilization at large?
Because these attacks will be instigated at the order of the Honorable
Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Defense Secretary.
This astonishing admission was buried deep in a story, which was itself
submerged by mounds of gray newsprint and glossy underwear ads in last
Sunday's Los Angeles Times. There -- in an article by military analyst
William Arkin detailing the vast expansion of the secret armies being
massed by the former Nixon bureaucrat now lording it over the Pentagon --
came the revelation of Rumsfeld's plan to create "a super-Intelligence
Support Activity" that will "bring together CIA and military covert
action, information warfare,
intelligence and cover and deception."
According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense
Science Board, the new organization -- the "Proactive, Preemptive
Operations Group (P2OG)" -- will carry out secret missions designed to
"stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into
committing violent acts which would then expose
them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces. ...

Charges Of Computer Vote Fraud In Florida
... The religious orders who control through their proxy intelligence
agencies here in America have instituted completely computerized touch
screen voting machines in many counties now - Severing once and for all
the last remaining connection between a vote and any physical evidence of
that vote. In the past, we at least had piles of real hard evidence in the
form of physical ballots to fight over - now there is nothing. Just a US
intelligence agency, CIA, to assure us that everything is all right and
going as planned. ...

US Corp Bigshots Roll In Money While Thousands Get Ax
... Merrill Lynch axed 17,400 employees and kept a stable of analysts who
allegedly misled investors. The reward for CEO David Komansky: A $42
million payday - not to mention the $110 million-plus in options he has
yet to cash out...

US Army Laser Hits Artillery Shell In Flight
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A U.S. Army chemical laser destroyed a 2-foot long
artillery shell in flight during a test in New Mexico Tuesday, marking the
first time such a small target has been shot down, the service announced

Super Volcano At Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Is A Super Volcano Overdue For Eruption
... A super volcano is the most destructive force on this planet. Only a
few exist in the world and when they erupt they do so with a force tens of
thousands of times greater than other eruptions. They lie dormant for
hundreds of thousands of years as a vast reservoir of magma builds up
inside them before finally they unleash their
apocalyptic force, capable of obliterating continents. They threaten the
survival of mankind....
... The last eruption of a super volcano was in Toba, Sumatra, 75,000
years ago. It had 10,000 times the explosive force of Mount St. Helens and
changed life on Earth forever. Thousands of cubic kilometres of ash was
thrown into the atmosphere - so much that it blocked out light from the
sun all over the world. 2,500 miles away 35
centimetres of ash coated the ground. Global temperatures plummeted by 21
degrees. The rain would have been so poisoned by the gasses that it would
have turned black and strongly acidic. Man was pushed to the edge of
extinction, the population forced down to just a couple of thousand.
Three quarters of all plants in the northern hemisphere were killed. ...
... Scientist have discovered that the ground in Yellowstone if 74cm
higher than in was in 1923 - indicating a massive swelling underneath the
park. The reservoir is filling with magma at an alarming rate. The volcano
erupts with a near-clockwork cycle of every 600,000 years. The last
eruption was more than 640,000 years ago - we
are overdue for annihilation....

Secret American Space Planes To Dominate Planet Earth
... The USA has been working on secret, new-generation space planes In the
beginning of the 1990s, Russian intelligence uncovered the fact that the
USA was testing a super-secret plane at one of its airbases. Russian
agents attempted to see the new object with their own eyes and take
pictures of it, but all attempts failed. The
Americans provided incredible security for their secret weapon, and they
tested the plane only at night. However, Russian agents managed to get
some information about the new plane, which the USA calls Aurora, in honor
of the Goddess of the Dawn.
The mystery aircraft is capable of flying very high, at a height of 40 and
more kilometers. Even the latest pursuit planes cannot fly so high. The
Aurora plane also possesses fantastic supersonic speed, the so-called 6M
speed, as scientists call it. One M is equal to 340 meters a second. In
other words, Aurora can fly at a speed of two
kilometers a second, and this is not the limit. This speed is achieved due
to extremely powerful engines and the special design of the plane's hull
and wings....
.. X-33: This supersonic aircraft was designed based upon up-to-date
titanic alloys. It is equipped with oxygen-hydrogen jet engines. This
plane can reach speeds up to 4,420 meters per second. Graphite and ceramic
(thermostable) technologies are used in its engines. Some of this
technology was either bought or stolen from
Russia. The maximum flight height is 120 kilometers.
X-34: A more modern supersonic aircraft. It is equipped with unique
electronic devices and has a special heat-shielding coating. One of its
peculiar features is the fact that the plane takes off from an
aircraft-carrier, which is also a plane, not a vessel. The X-34 can reach
speeds up to 5,440 meters a second. The maximum
height is up to 150 kilometers.
Supersonic aircraft of the X class can be both unmanned and piloted
planes, with vertical and horizontal takeoffs. It was officially reported
that such planes are meant to considerably reduce the amount of money
spent on delivering cargo into space. At the present moment, one such
delivery costs 22 thousand dollars per one kilo
of cargo. These new aircraft will definitely serve defense purposes, such
as launching military satellites into orbit. Supersonic space planes can
also be equipped with super-powerful telescopes and other equipment.
Scientists and engineers are developing ways to equip these planes with
missiles, laser weapons, and so on....

What Did You Do In The Internet War, Daddy?
I worry about my child and the Internet all the time, even though she's
too young to have logged on yet. Here's what I worry about. I worry that
10 or 15 years from now, she will come to me and say 'Daddy, where were
you when they took freedom of the press away from the Internet?'
----Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation
And many are wondering where I am right now. My web site
( is down and my email accounts have all been
suspended. My (soon-to-be-ex) domain hosting ISP,,
refuses even to talk to me about it.
Things finally got too hot for them, you see. Saturday night, I posted
to my web site after sending it out to this list. Included in it was a
link to a video showing Israeli soldiers dragging an unarmed Palestinian
out of a shop, then shooting him in the back as he attempted to walk away.
I uploaded the full video clip, all 2mb of it, to my site since it had
been sent to me via email. Within 24 hours, my web site was taken down....
... Did you see where Irv Rubin is allegedly brain dead, lying in a prison
hospital bed after having attempted suicide yesterday morning by slashing
his own throat (!), then jumping over a railing and landing some eighteen
feet down onto a concrete floor? Yeah, right. And, this on the morning of
the day he was to stand trial for attempting to
blow up Islamic mosques...

JDL's Irv Rubin Brain Dead After Suicide Attempt
... LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jewish Defense League Chairman Irv Rubin,
jailed for allegedly plotting to bomb a mosque and the offices of a
Arab-American congressman, was left brain dead and on life support on
Monday after slitting his throat in a suicide attempt. ...
... Rubin, 57, had been taken from his cell at the federal Metropolitan
Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles at about 5 a.m. PST (8 a.m. EST)
on Monday when he slashed his throat with a razor blade and then jumped or
fell over a railing....

US 'Mood-Altering' Weapons Program Claimed Abandoned
(AFP) -- The United States made an attempt to develop mood-altering
weapons similar to the gas used in a recent hostage crisis in Moscow but
abandoned the program because it was difficult to reconcile with
international law. ...
... The council urged the Pentagon to take another look at them now that
US forces face a greater chance to get involved in urban combat as part of
the war on terror.
According to the document, research into mood-altering weapons was
sponsored by the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command, at the Army's
Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, 10 to 15 years ago and involved
fentanyl-based chemicals known as "calmatives".
The council described the program as "significant" but stopped short of
revealing its details because they remain classified....

FL Computers Caught Registering McBride Votes For Bush
"I voted for McBride, but the machine counted it as Bush. It did this
three times. The polling worker finally said, 'We have to reprogram this
machine. Another person was having the same trouble while I was there.'"
So claimed a caller to Southern Florida's WQAM-AM and the highly-rated
radio talkmatch, NEIL ROGERS SHOW.
"I pushed the screen for McBride and it marked Bush. They called over a
technician, he reset it," claimed a second caller.
"I'll tell you right now, this election is fixed!" roared Rogers, who has
been in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale market for more than 25 years. "Based on
a few early calls, it is going to be a wild, wild time."...
... Developing....
Filed By Matt Drudge
Reports are moved when circumstances warrant for updates

Union Members Said ENTERING Polling Booths With Voters

Israel Reportedly Helping Prep US For Iraq War

The Left vs Right Charade
... As far back in time as anyone can trace the practice of "politics,"
writers and social commentators have held one view in common, that being,
that politics is more of a game of charades than anything else, designed
to serve the elite and power hungry, at the expense of the citizenry, for
the purpose of increasing their elitist stature
and social station, their power and control, relegating the citizenry to
nothing more than serfdom. The real coup d`etat in this pursuit, is to
make the serfs willing participants in their own slavery, by brainwashing
and hoodwinking them into believing that they are exercising personal
sovereignty and participating in self-betterment
and the good of all. ...
... The labels make no difference, whether it be Republican or Democrat.
Both are equally evil, equally deceptive and dishonest, and equally
participating in the destruction of the United States of America and its
It doesn't take a lot of research to soon learn, that the Democrats and
Republicans have long been bedfellows, while trying to maintain the
illusion of being totally at odds with each other. Both parties are equal
participants in the creation of a New World Order, via the destruction of
the Old World Order....
... One of the great smoke and mirrors charades of American politics, is
that the President of the United States is "in-charge" and running the
country. This nation has been run by external political forces since
November 22, 1963, and no president since then has had any real,
Constitutional power or control, but merely the
illusion of it....
... During the past 35 years, there has been a serious revival of the
independent political party system in America, with limited, but growing
success. Unfortunately, many of these independent upstarts, are little
more than minor league teams helping out their major league sponsors, the
Democrats and Republicans. And, while this is not an
endorsement, one of the few truly successful independent parties, is the
Libertarians, whose primary political planks is "less government, less
taxes, more freedom and more citizen sovereignty." Outside of that, the
Libertarian party has some "unofficial" platforms, (which many people do
not support) but out of respect for individual political freedoms and
ideas, these planks are not imposed upon anyone as qualifications for
party membership. Even "membership" is not a requirement to be a
member of the Libertarian party. Just the desire for freedom and less
government, a restitution of the basic, old world order, which includes
"free nterprise!"...

Embattled SEC Chairman Pitt Resigns
... He came under heavy fire this week for failing to tell SEC
commissioners -- and the White House -- that his choice to head a new
accounting board, William Webster, was a director and audit committee
chairman of a company facing accusations of fraud in lawsuits....

British Warships Move Into Persian Gulf
SUEZ, Egypt (UPI) -- Five British warships passed through the Suez Canal
Tuesday on their way to the Persian Gulf in an apparent move to reinforce
British and U.S. forces in the region.
Sources at the strategic waterway that links the Mediterranean and the Red
Sea said the vessels were four minesweepers and a supply ship. The vessels
entered the Red Sea early Tuesday. ...

Ukraine Fails to Prove Innocence on Iraq Charges
From Frances - Canada
What kind of idiots run the US and UK anyhow?? Don't they know you can't
prove a negative??? If you didn't do something, you can't prove it - only
if you DID do it, might you be able to prove it.
The US should have to prove that Ukraine did it and if Ukraine has no
other explanation or alibi (as in court) only then is it possible they are
By Pavel Polityuk
KIEV (Reuters) - U.S. and British experts have criticized Ukraine for
failing to provide conclusive proof it did not sell an aircraft detection
system to Iraq in breach of U.N. sanctions, Ukrainian officials said on
A spokesman for Ukraine's parliamentary speaker, Volodymyr Lytvyn, said he
had seen a report on the U.S. charges that Ukraine had sold Iraq a
"Kolchuga" early warning system that concluded the ex-Soviet state had not
proved its innocence.
The report was quickly criticized as "impertinent" by one parliamentarian.

Once-warm relations between the West and the government of President
Leonid Kuchma have slumped since Washington said it had authenticated part
of a tape of conversations in which the veteran leader is heard
authorizing the system's sale.
Ukrainian officials have cast doubt on the tapes, saying they had checked
copies and concluded they had been edited....

Heroism In The Real World
.. Accurately defining the REAL WORLD requires a sense of "where one is"
in terms of space, time, culture, and indeed, it requires a sense of
For Americans, in general, this plainly requires far too much effort.
The "party line" is far too easy, far too practical, far too hedonistic,
and offers far too available an explanation for almost any of us to
dispute...even when it is our duty to do so.
That we enjoy all the things to which we have become accustomed,
erroneously attributed to some undefined "right" to luxury, has become the
water shed of our time. Indeed, they who authored the constitution would
not have felt the need to mention the "obvious" if that which was
mentioned had, in fact, been so obvious. ...
... Americans have become so pampered that the loss of basic freedoms is
beyond our ability to comprehend because to do so would disturb our
"comfort" zone. Americans fear losing "comfort" so much, that to risk the
loss of freedom is nearly perceived as acceptable, as long as it doesn't
mean we'll sacrifice "comfort" to defend the
freedom required to insure that that comfort zone is not threatened.
This is neither moral nor is it logical. It is pathetic.
Heroism in this REAL WORLD, in America, requires vigilance and dedication.
Not dedication to "comfort" and to luxury, but to freedom and to liberty.

US Public Support For War On Iraq Fading
... A poll conducted by the Pew Research Centre for the People and the
Press from Oct 17 to Oct 27 found that 55 per cent of Americans support an
attack on Iraq, down from 62 per cent earlier in the month and 64 per cent
in August.
The poll found that a large percentage of Americans are concerned about
possible consequences of an attack, including the deployment of chemical
or biological weapons against US forces, heavy military casualties and
increased terrorist attacks on America. ...

Another Quake - This One A 5.0 In Guerrero, Mexico

Earthquake Shakes Tanzanian Capital

New Tremors Hit Southern Italy, People Flee Homes

Quito Declares Emergency After Volcano Erupts

John Pilger Interveiw - What You Can't Often Hear In US !!
... Corporate journalism in the United States preaches "objectivity" and
scorns those who take the side of the dispossessed and disenfranchised.
But the mainstream media in Britain makes a few allowances. John Pilger,
the Australian-born, London-based journalist and filmmaker, is one.
"I grew up in Sydney in a very political household," Pilger told me,
"where we were all for the underdog." His father was a Wobbly, a member
of the Industrial Workers of the World. Like Orwell, whom he admires,
Pilger has a direct style. For example, he uses the term "imperialism" and
does not hesitate to attach it to the adjective "American."
He was a featured speaker at the mass peace rally in London on September
28. He told the crowd, estimated at between 150,000 and 350,000, "Today a
taboo has been broken. We are the moderates. Bush and Blair are the
extremists. The danger for all of us is not in Baghdad but in
Washington." And he applauded the protesters. "Democracy," he told them,
"is not one obsessed man using the power of kings to attack another
country in our name. Democracy is not siding with Ariel Sharon, a war
criminal, in order to crush Palestinians. Democracy is this great event
today representing the majority of the people of Great Britain....


Nov 7, 2002, 11:29:25 AM11/7/02
jeff rense:

Michael Ruppert On The 2002 Midterm Elections
... (FTW) -- There are a multitude of dangling questions about Tuesday's
election results. Widespread anecdotal accounts of voting irregularities,
disenfranchised voters and absolutely accurate and, in many cases,
understated criticisms of abysmal leadership from Tom Daschle and the
Democratic Party are not difficult to find.
While pundits are trying to spin that the Republicans don't have a blank
check, the fact is that they do and will now use every ounce of leverage
they can squeeze onto it. I totally agree with James Carville -- a less
than likeable, ruthless, crusty, hard-ball operative from the Clinton
years -- who said last night, "The American people just don't have a clue
as to what's coming."...
As I write, the biggest transport ships operated by the Navy have already
or are now setting sail for the Middle East, laden with main battle tanks
and all the equipment necessary for invasion. At Ft. Hood, Texas elements
of the III Armored Corps and the 1st Air Cavalry are quietly leaving in
small detachments.
I have no doubt that the Homeland Security bill will be passed -- by any
means necessary -- during the lame duck session of Congress which
commences on Nov. 12. At that moment the government will enshrine a $37
billion bureaucracy that will have no other mission -- for the rest of its
life -- than to find and destroy enemies of the state. For that reason
alone -- a law of bureaucratic existence -- the list of enemies of the
Homeland is compelled to forever grow as the definition of "enemies" is
revised, and new evidence is found to justify
their destruction. How else does a bureaucracy justify bigger budgets? ...
The Democratic Party is a shameful and laughable disgrace. In a world of
hope the Green Party would seize this opportunity to enshrine and claim as
its own all of the issues which the Democrats left unaddressed and laying
in the dust of this election. I will not hold my breath.
The fear that exists in Washington must also be addressed. Sens. Leahy and
Daschle got anthrax letters. Many, including this writer, believe that
Paul Wellstone was murdered. Cynthia McKinney was removed in a well
orchestrated conspiracy which will be addressed in my forthcoming book,
"Across the Rubicon."...
On Aug. 27 I published an essay titled "No Way Out" in which I wrote, "And
most of the American people, with their bankrupt and corrupt economy,
will welcome cheap oil, while it lasts, and they will engage in a
multitude of psychological and sickening rationales that will, in the end,
amount to nothing more than saying, 'I don't care how many women and
children you kill. Just let me keep my standard of living.'" As the Empire
embarks on the occupation of the Middle East, to control the largest
reserves of oil remaining on a planet that is coming to grips with the
fact that oil is finite and depleting, the American people are on the
threshold of getting a taste of what real sacrifice means.
The military occupation of Iraq (and Saudi Arabia) may come fairly quickly
and be hailed as successes. But the prices that will be paid in
casualties, economic expense and global hostility will be bitter and
permanent pills for this Empire and its people. Homeland Security will
provide Caesar with the means to permanently suppress any restlessness at
There was one other great message from this election. On Wednesday morning
I watched a crawl on the bottom of the CNN news screen. It said,
"Proprietary software may make inspection of electronic voting systems
impossible." It was the final and absolute coronation of corporate rights
over democracy; of money over truth; and of
man's self-destructive fears over the best parts of the human heart....
I note with irony the fact that much of the new software to resolve voting
issues is either created by Microsoft and/or the companies that own and
sell the voting machines, including one with investments from the
Rothschild family. These are the same firms connected to the election
debacle of 2000. Some even have Bush family
connections. And here we see the final purpose of the 2000 Florida voting
scandals: In order to prevent the same kind of hanging-chad confusion, we
now have electronic machines so the problem won't occur again, and the
results have been forever totally removed from public scrutiny. ...

Japan Investors Lose 1.16 Quadrillion Yen In Deflation
A white paper released Tuesday estimates that asset deflation has caused
1.16 quadrillion yen in capital losses and calls for implementation of
structural reform to bolster the economy.
The report comes at a time when the economy is struggling under the weight
of massive bad loans and excessive corporate debts. ...

100,000 Votes Go Missing In Broward County, FL

Rumsfeld Wants Educators To Support Bush's War

The Morning After - No Need To Watch A Movie...
When Senators Byrd and Kennedy spoke about the National Security Strategy
and giving President Bush unfettered war powers in contravention to the
Constitution, with the NSS document, in reality referring to the
Constitution as antiquated, it was surreal that President Bush succeeded
in getting the powers he enlisted.
It was further surreal when he told the American people and the world that
he would do as he pleases regardless of the Congress and the UN. Now,
seeing the House and Senate under his control, we wake up with the sinking
realization that checks and balances are no longer an element of
We would never imagine what we saw happen at the Congress and we never
could imagine that the American people would not act to provide themselves
with a check and balance in the government after seeing a President make
the public declarations this President has made.
Perhaps we must accept the reality that the vast majority of Americans
have been denied meaningful discussion, have no idea at all about the
National Security Strategy, and we have to further question for ourselves
the odd reality that the exit polling mechanism was deemed inoperative for
these important Congressional elections. ...

World Braces For 'Triumphant' Bush

Three Discs Sighted Near Milan
(mit pic)
... The UFOs were disc-shaped, black, no lights, no sound. The discs had
little wings, no reflective surfaces and were seen before dark. The flying
objects were rotating and moved slowly and horizontally, with a particular
tremor from west to east. ...
Suddenly, two of the UFOs vanished. The remaining disc hovered motionless
in the sky over the eyewitnesses for ten minutes while it continued to
rotate. It appeared to be dark metallic, at a height of about 1000 metres.

Lincoln, Roosevelt And Kennedy Warn Of Bush

Psychic Made Stunning, Documented Sniper Predictions

US Masses For War On Iraq
On November 2, some 8,000 sailors and Marines set sail for the Persian
Gulf from San Diego with the seven-ship battle group of the aircraft
carrier Constellation. The battle group carries 72 Navy and Marine Corps
warplanes, which would be used in the round-the-clock bombardment of
Baghdad and other Iraqi cities that is expected to precede a ground
invasion. It also includes a guided-missile destroyer and two
guided-missile cruisers that would be used to launch cruise missiles at
Iraqi targets.
The USS Harry S. Truman, another carrier, has been the centerpiece of a
huge war game off the North Carolina coast involving some 15,000 US
military personnel. The scenario for the exercise is modeled on an
invasion of Iraq. The nuclear-powered Truman's battle group includes up to
12 surface ships and submarines as well as eight aircraft squadrons. It
also carries the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is slated for use
in a ground war against Iraq. Soon after the conclusion of the war game,
this group too will prepare to head for the Persian Gulf and is expected
to arrive there in late December or early January.
While these carriers are ostensibly being sent to relieve two others-the
USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS George Washington, which are in the
Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea respectively-it is widely expected that
the four will remain in striking distance of Iraq, awaiting an order to
attack. Pentagon planners have set January or early February as the
optimum period for launching a war in the region because of cooler
temperatures and longer nights. ...

Putin' - More Evidence Western Royalty Is All Related
... A book on the Tver region mentions the name of Putyanin, a clan of
Russian princes. This clan gave Russian many outstanding military leaders,
as well as artists, politicians, and priests. This is one of the oldest
clans in Russian history. If President Putin is a descendant of the
Putyatin clan, this means that Vladimir Putin is related to nearly all the
royal families of Europe. ...

Volcano Monitoring At Yellowstone National Park
A major, magnitude-7.9 earthquake that rocked Alaska on Sunday apparently
triggered scores of earthquakes some 2,000 miles away at Yellowstone
National Park in Wyoming....

UFO Cluster Sightings Highlight A Busy Week
Filer's Files #45
NEW DELHI - Indian researchers believe they have discovered traces of
extraterrestrial life in the shape of microbes in samples they collected
outside the earth's atmosphere, the Press Trust of India reported
yesterday. Jayant Narlikar from the Indian Space Research Organization
announced during a lecture on "The Search For Extraterrestrial Life" in
Nagpur city in Maharashtra state that they had made the discovery a few
weeks ago, but were double-checking their findings. "Micro-organisms
resembling coccus, fungal and rod-like bacillus were discovered in samples
collected 41 kilometers above the earth's surface," said Narlikar.
"Biologists are now trying to verify the origin of the micro-organisms.
Whatever may be the source of life, if biologists confirm the results, it
will prove that extraterrestrial life does exist," he added. Narlikar said
Indian scientists had used a sophisticated equipment called a cryosampler
to conduct the experiment for life in space. "This is only the second
experiment of its kind in the world. The United States had conducted a
similar study where some evidences of life were found. It will open a new
line of challenge for the global scientific community," said Narlikar.
Narlikar observed that their sample could contain "microbial life coming
from debris of comets and other celestial objects." Thanks to Prashant
Solomon 1999-2002 ©


Nov 7, 2002, 11:31:36 AM11/7/02
div links:

Lone Zone - UFO/Alien Sector
SECTOR 1 - Conspiracies & Coverups
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Aliens on the Moon? - VGL Investigations
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Sean Casteel's Home Page (UFO Journalist)
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Farsight Institute Remote Viewing.

Project 1947 ( Jan Aldrich )
... PROJECT 1947 is a world-wide effort to document the origins of the
modern UFO phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era
UFO reports via the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts.
Some of the material gathered by PROJECT 1947 is on display here....

(wird vielen schon bekannt sein, ist auch bei herlu home verlinkt, aber
wg. der vielen newbies und weil sie wirklich gut ist)
UFO Folklore

Man-Made UFOs: Pentagon Space Aliens?
'Flying Saucers are MAN-MADE Electrical Machines!
"Space Aliens" are Pentagon-Created Delusions
CONGRATULATIONS! You reached this site despite a conspiracy between covert
government agencies and internet bosses (YAHOO AND THE CIA ARE LOVERS!), a
conspiracy to violate the American Bill of Rights, by violating free
speech and free press rights, by excluding from search engine listings,
those exposing the government's dissemination of false alien and
paranormal propaganda, through UFOlogists, to conceal exclusively man-made
flying saucer electric propulsion technology...'
(wenn die da mal nicht zu kurz springen, aber gut, ein ansatz zu dem


Nov 8, 2002, 11:47:32 AM11/8/02
jeff rense:

mars tubes
Within a couple of weeks of the first MOC science data images finally
being released to the world back in midyear 2000, one of the very first
important anomalous discoveries back then on Mars was a distantly seen
long object down in a long crevasse that appeared at first to be very
similar to a strange looking ribbed or segmented tube system....

The Fed's Deflation Dread

US Building A Bunker-Penetrating Nuclear Bomb

Israel Shows Off New Anti-Missile System
... Aside from a steering defect since corrected, the 23-foot-long Arrow
has passed seven tests showing it can detect, track and destroy a missile
in under three minutes at altitudes of more than 30 miles, a senior
military briefer said. ...

Skin Disease Of Unknown Origin Linked To Chemtrails?
... The most striking feature of this disease is the presence of
fiber-like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown
origin, on or within skin lesions. Many people report that they have
observed true movement of the clear filaments. The members of our
foundation are clear in their conviction that the clear filaments and
various fiber-like objects are the major clues to the cause of this skin

JP Morgan Denies Damaging Gold Loss Rumors
NEW YORK (Reuters) - J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Inc. (JPM) said on Thursday
that rumors it had suffered large losses on gold trades were ``false and
irresponsible,'' but the speculation damaged its stock price....
... ``There have been issues over JP Morgan's gold derivative business
over many months but nothing on the scale to scare the market,'' said one
London-based gold analyst. ...

US-UK Jets Attack Iraq Centers For Second Day

Stocks In Biggest Drop In 3 Weeks
... On the economic data front, productivity chugged along in the third
quarter as businesses squeezed more out of their workers instead of taking
on new hires. But a separate report suggested the labor picture is
unlikely to improve soon....

MicroChips As Small As A Flu Virus - Production Begins Soon
Engineers have crossed a symbolic barrier with a new way to make
microchips with transistors that are a thousand times
smaller than the width of a human hair or as small as a flu virus.
The 90-nanometre width is regarded as a major milestone because scientists
believe it will eventually lead to the production of transistors with
atomic level dimensions....

Is Anybody There?
... She was a remarkable individual, noted for her energy and strength of
character. I was with her when she died and what struck me at the moment
of her passing was how instantly she disappeared. ...
... estion is: where did she go? What happened to all that energy? ...
... Unsure of where to start, I turned on my computer, logged on to the
internet, typed "talking to the dead" into a search engine and hoped for
the best. Eighteen websites later, I found myself looking at a list of 563
UK-based "certified and registered mediums", each of them, apparently,
ready and willing to help me make contact with "the Spirit people". ...
... I picked the medium nearest my home address, telephoned her
(anonymously) and made an appointment for the following day. ...
... Mrs Denny offers a loose description of a fair-haired middle-aged
woman that could certainly fit my sister, adding, "Don't take this amiss,
but there's something rather masculine about her manner and appearance.
Does that make sense?" It does and it is quite disconcerting. ...
... "What about my mother?" I ask. Mrs Denny snaps open her eyes. "Your
mother isn't dead," she says, sharply. "Your mother's going to live for
years." Maybe my tone of voice betrayed the fact that it was a trick
question. Or maybe Mrs Denny is indeed a psychic.
There are no other close relations waiting to have a word, but a lady from
what Mrs Denny guesses was the court of Henry VIII turns up. "I think
she's some sort of ancestor," she explains. "And there's someone here with
a name. You don't often get people giving their names. Is it Robin? Is it
Christopher? Is it Christopher Robin?" I suppose it could be. I did know
Christopher Robin Milne. ...
Mrs Denny is on a roll now. "And there are some animals to see you," she
purrs."Several cats." Well, she could see I like cats. "And a dog." Would
a cat-lover necessarily like dogs? There has only ever been one dog in my
life: a smooth-haired fox terrier called Ross who died 28 years ago,
about whom I rarely speak and have never written.
"What kind of dog?" I ask Mrs Denny. "He's white," she says slowly,
screwing up her eyes. "What breed?" I ask. "I'm not very good at breeds,"
says Mrs Denny, "I'm getting tired." "Come on," I say. It is my turn to
sound sharp. "What breed?" She tilts her head to the side and says,
almost in a whisper, "A smooth-haired fox terrier."
As I hand over my £20 (she only asked for £10) and she helps me into my
coat, I say to her, "How do you do it?" She smiles at me, a sweet,
grandmotherly smile: "I don't know, dear. It's a blessing. It's a gift."..

US Election - The Meaning Of The Democratic Debacle
... The Republican sweep in the November 5 midterm election sets the stage
for an enormous intensification of the social and political crisis in the
United States. The attempt by the media to present the election result as
a vindication of George W. Bush and an expression of popular support for
his policies is an exercise in cynical propaganda.
Even to speak of the Republicans "winning" the campaign is misleading. The
November 5 election was not seriously contested by the nominal opposition
... The Bush administration is under no illusions as to the breadth of
popular support for its policies, but it will exploit the collapse of any
opposition within the political establishment to carry out an
unprecedented attack on the working class.
Already given the green light by the House and Senate, the White House is
expected to launch war against Iraq in the next few months, with
incalculable consequences for the peoples of the Middle East, America and
the world. ...
... Well before any invasion, the domestic implications of the US war
drive will be felt when a lame-duck session of Congress-with Republicans
in control of both houses-meets to adopt appropriations bills to fund all
government domestic and social service programs. With military spending
soaring, and tax receipts slashed by the
recession and stock market slide, the Bush administration is demanding
significant cuts in social spending. These will only be the down payment
on massive retrenchment once the full cost of war in the Persian Gulf-and
elsewhere-is felt.
The first order of business in the lame-duck session will be passage of
legislation to establish a new Department of Homeland Security, to
centralize all federal police and security forces into a single agency.
The bill was stalled by a dispute over Bush's demand to strip workers in
the new department of their civil service
protection rights and collective bargaining rights. Now it will be full
speed ahead with a measure whose premise is that American workers must
sacrifice their democratic rights in the name of the "war on
... Bush's political mentors decided to frame the Republican campaign as a
referendum on the administration's war policy, and the Democrats meekly
obliged. This, however, was not simply a tactical mistake. It was a
devastating self-exposure. ...
The Democrats rationalized their support for an unprovoked imperialist war
by claiming that to do otherwise would be political suicide, adding that
once the war question was out of the way, they could concentrate on
opposing Bush's domestic policies. They simply ignored a rash of public
opinion polls revealing widespread disquiet over the war and declining
support for Bush's militaristic agenda. ...
The Democrats' collapse was all the more significant, given the context in
which it occurred. The Republican administration is widely seen as
illegitimate, having come to power on the basis of electoral fraud and
judicial fiat, and its leading personnel are implicated in massive
corporate scandals....
The November 5 vote was a watershed election. It heralds the breakup of
the American two-party system-a system that provides no outlet for the
working class to express its interests. The two parties, the media and the
existing electoral machinery are entirely subordinated to the narrow and
selfish interests of a small and privileged elite. Mass alienation from
the political system is reflected in the dismal turnout at the polls-an
estimated 38 or 39 percent, the second lowest in history....
The very fact that the Republicans can monopolize all of the levers of
state power, despite the acknowledged fact that the electorate is evenly
divided, testifies to the undemocratic and dysfunctional character of the
political system....
... The debacle of the Democratic Party brings to an end the period when
the social concerns of the working class could be mediated within a system
of two capitalist parties. The American ruling elite cannot any longer
sustain a credible reform party of big business....

Big Brother Flexes Muscle In UK

Pilots Sight Skateboard-Like UFO In Chinese Skies
Several airline pilots have reported sighting a shining Unidentified
Flying Object (UFO) near the south-eastern Chinese city of Nanjing.
A Xiamen Airlines pilot reported the first sighting on Monday.
He said he saw a light blue object hovering past his plane.
At the same time, pilots of a Shandong airline, which was some 120
kilometres away from the Xiamen airlines plane, also reported a similar
They described the UFO as being a white and blue skateboard-shaped craft.
The UFO was believed to be some 70 kilometres above the eastern Bengbu
city in Anhui province.
In recent years, China has witnessed a surge in UFO sightings.
<>© 2002 Australian Broadcasting
Corporation ...

Federal Agents Seize Firearms On Koernke's Property

US Fails To Block New UN Treaty To Ban Torture
... UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The United States lost its battle against a new
international treaty aimed at eliminating torture and improving prison
conditions as a UN committee overwhelmingly approved the pact.
The UN General Assembly's Third Committee, which deals with human rights
questions, voted 104 to 8 with 37 abstentions to adopt the Optional
Protocol to the Convention against Torture.
The committee also soundly rejected -- 98 to 11 with 37 abstentions -- a
US amendment that would have removed funding for the treaty from the
general UN budget and forced the parties to the protocol to shoulder its
costs. ...
The votes set the stage for a showdown on the floor of the UN General
Assembly next month when all the members of the world body are to vote on
adopting the treaty that would create a regime for global prison
inspections. ...

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