PHILIPS attrocities against a researcher

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Jan 20, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/20/00
The aim of my posting is to inform and advertise in order to obtain an
investigation of my allegations.
The submission of my site to known search engines ( Yahoo) is rejected
therefore I have to stick with Usenet. Seven home pages related to this
has been
deleted (Tripod, Worldonline,DSE,fortunrcity,angelfire, etc..).
About atrocities, among them a recent assassination of a family member,
will publish them as soon as some investigations will be accomplished.

Thank you for reading my posting.

PS: if you can forward this message to relevant forums maybe we can
Philips how to make things better


This is a story about scientific misconduct in the Netherlands and 10
years ( i mean 10 years) of struggle for an honest and fair
investigation of
of scientific misconduct . During this time period I, and members of my
family, had to endure police harassment, justice accusations, and

In 1987 I worked for Philips Research Laboratories in a semiconductor
Group. My starting salary as post-doc was 1000 $ monthly. I feel that
this was intellectual abuse, for the reason that my activities were
investigations of unknown devices. (See Philips report). I got a
minimum information at the end of my stay to write down a report !!!
Scientifically speaking a report about my activities was nonsense. A
French professor, who introduced me there, got a copy of this report,
and this was the beginning of a nightmare in the Netherlands. I should
pay for this including my family members. The youngest of them were
kicked out from their schools and the adults from their jobs.
Recently they murdered a family member.

In 1988 I started another post-doc job for two years at University of
Twente to develop an integrated angle detector, and was paid 1200$
monthly. I didn't know that after a year unemployment that this was a
trick of Philips researchers. The majority of the electrical faculty at
this university were ex-Philips workers and still depend on this
Philips. During two years, I have been subjected to harassment and work
intimidatons (a computer for wordprocessing was not available, a visit
to a scientific congres was not possible, and PHILIPS succeed to
introduce a japanese dirty task manager in my working room ) . For
1200$ monthly, the university had the intention of exploiting me and
to publish my work under someone else's name.

-In May 1990, i complained to the faculty director that without my
knowledge, they treated my wafers with a NH3 plasma. My complaints were
not investigated among them work abuse complaints. The University
administration refused to investigate my case.

-In 1991 i contacted the first lawyer who claimed information about
their illegal treatment of wafers of my research and their
publications. The university refused any cooperation and the lawyer was
unable to continue the case. A Philips researcher Dr.D.R Wolters,
ex-colleague, did contact the lawyer and maybe intimidate hem.

-In 1993 and later in 1994 I discovered for the first time their
patent applications about a new method using NH3 plasma treatment of
wafer (first they treated my wafers with NH3 plasma without my
with the aim to introduce hydrogene and nitrogen in SiO2/Si at 300C,
they realized that their method doesn't work, they treat Silicon with
HF at
room.temperature, and nitridized SiO2 at higher temperature to justify
exactitude of their patent claims) and an US-patent about PECVD
machine. I
contacted the second lawyer which advised me to come with an expert
from an independent scientist. It took me 2 more
years to understand that I was alone in my efforts, and the scientific
community refused to assist me. A third lawyer refused to contact a
consultant to discuss the needed expert report. In all this period I
contacted scientists and scientific organizations in the Netherlands and
from many parts of the world. Even the Dutch academy of science refused
assist me by providing an expert report about my case. A huge number of
lawyers has been contacted and they refused to help me giving the excuse
that a legal case against a university is not possible. They didn't even
mention Philips.
In 1996, a new complaint of allegations of scientific fraud by the
university was ignored.
The position of the university was that my case was investigated by my
superiors and Professor Popma. Popma was a colleague and couldn't stand
independent investigator. Further I didn't have any technical discussion
with them about the matter. Even a national consul found that the
of the university was right even that they
got a notification from the Dutch academy of science. In this
the Dutch scientific community required investigation of all
allegations of
scientific misconduct by an independent scientific commission.
Recently I got a document were Philips had attacked me personally by the
university administration. I am now waiting for a print out of an expert
report. I contacted the expert 4 years ago, and paid him 14 months ago
his agreed to assist me.
I can justify my allegations by the fact that the university requested a
grant follow-up of my research and encouraged me to send a publication
abstract based on erroneous data. At the same time a second ( secret)
request for a grant follow-up for the benefit of another guy ( a dutch
native) has been deposited and honored even that the whole project has
scientific interest.
The problem is that the university refused to investigate the case,
neglecting the Dutch academy of science notification about how to deal
allegations of scientific misconduct. Further besides technical data
about a
scientific fraud you find at: (in order to protect my home
against Philips hackers, in this page you will find the URL ) some
of intellectual abuse and exploitation. The serious atrocities will be
published after some investigations.

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